Wi-Fi Issues On Your New iPad? Try This Simple Fix [iOS Tips]


Some new iPad owners are finding its Wi-Fi performance to be poor at best.
Your new iPad's Wi-Fi issues may not be hardware-related, and this simple fix could solve your issue.

This morning we reported that a number of new iPad owners are suffering from poor Wi-Fi performance on their new tablet. If you’re one of the unlucky few, then this simply fix might just solve the issue, and in turn save you a visit to the Genius Bar.

Open up the Settings app on your device and tap on the ‘General’ tab, then tap ‘Network’ and then ‘Wi-Fi’. Find the Wi-Fi network you’re currently connected to, and then tap on the blue arrow next to its name.

Now tap the ‘Forget this Network button’, and then ‘Forget’.

Now reconnect to the same network and if it worked, according to OS X Daily, you’ll get full Wi-Fi reception just like that. If it didn’t work, there’s another fix you can try.

Go back to the Settings app and under the ‘General’ tab, tap ‘Reset’ then ‘Reset Network Settings’. You will lose all of your Wi-Fi passwords by doing this, but it’s well worth it if it works. Once the process is complete, reboot your iPad and connect to your Wi-Fi network again.

If neither of these tips fixes your Wi-Fi issues, then unfortunately, a trip to the Genius Bar may be your only option.

  • Alex Stewart

    I haven’t had any issues regarding the WiFi connection, nor the notorious overheating issue. I must be the lucky 1% :)

  • Gordon_Keenan

    I am the same, not noticed my hand bursting into flames nor the Internet dropping offline!

  • Sean Smith

     Same here

  • Alberto Hernandez

    You mean the lucky 99%

  • TerryYoung Bleh

    Mine is also fine. Im quite enjoying it!

  • Kevin Niven

    Mine gets hot as hell when playing games

  • Dyspareunia

    Those tips are great for any generation iPad with network related issues. I’ve not had any issues with either of one of my Verizon or AT&T gen 3 iPads with regards to tint, heat or Wi-Fi. I think people, after following the tips above, need to take a hard look at their routers… yeah, 10 year old budget level router might not cut it any more.  Now if only I could get Verizon or AT&T to put up a decent LTE tower where I’m at, I’d be golden…

  • steph f.

    I have this issue on my new iPad.  However, when I follow the directions here, I find I don’t have a “Forget this network” button, just a “Manage this network” button.  It is on the iPad 2 in the household but not on either of the new iPads.

  • W.M.M. M

    I was having weak wifi reception and tried the first tip “Forget This Network.”  I went to the fringe area of wifi reception where I was losing all connectivity and tried the tip.  As soon I logged back into my network I received three bars/rings–full signal strength.  Great tip for those experiencing weak signals.  Thanks!

  • Vincent

    Perhaps this is just you are reassociating to the closest/strongest AP.

    Typically offices and even some homes have more than one AP on same SSID.  No WiFi device breaks it’s assocation with the AP it first attached to, until the signal becomes so weak it’s broken and MUST do so.  This is a generic “gotcha” with nearly all WiFi devices.  So they’ve moved to another part of the structure hey it’s really weak but not zero and thus the “fix” is to force a reassociation.  I’m not saying it explains everyone’s situation, but perhaps some.

  • Rick Kohlschmidt

    Yes!   Since I bought mine 3-16…..I have been very disappointed with my wireless connection….to say the least!    I just couldn’t figure it out!   WHY??? My OLD laptop can get a SIGNAL way in the far bedroom…..BUT I have to practically sit on top of my ROUTER at the other end of the house with my NEW IPAD…..and the CONN… is spotty!!  I can barely move w/o it going from 3 bars to 1 BAR!!!   Ohhhh!!   So, I was HOPEFUL to see this fix!  Unfortunately I AM NOT one of the LUCKY ones!  I tried it many times….both fixes…….ZERO LUCK!!!   Now what???  I probably can’t get through to call the APPLE HOTLINE!?!?!?!   (or maybe on a long HOLD…..may be worth it….??)

     (NOTE: To my fellow IPAD owner above with the POST…that said he can’t see FORGET THIS NETWORK…..U have to CONNECT first…then it will come back.   It caught me off guard for a min. also!)

  • Peter Thomas

    I’ve tried this and I’m sad to say that didn’t solve my problem; the wifi range is still very poor/limited. After looking for a solution to this issue for quite some of time, I was just about to give up, and RMA the iPad. Right when I lost all hope, I came across WIRED magazine and found a review of Pong Research cases, After seeing the great feedback on their products, I bought one and it finally solve the <a href=”http://www.pongresearch.com/new-ipad.html”>new iPad 3 wifi issues</a> . The back cover has a built-in antenna in between its layers, which redirects and boosts the signals and range, allowing me to getting connected from much further away.