iPhone-Sized Box Makes All Networked Printers AirPrint-Ready


Just plug this into your network, and your iPad will see all the printers in your office
Just plug this into your network, and your iPad will see all the printers in your office

You have an office full of cubicle jockeys, and you have a network full of printers. And a lot of your workers come to the office with iPads and iPhones. Now, I hate printers, but even I realize that people need to put things on paper from time to time. And even a printer lover doesn’t want to re-equip the whole office with AirPrint-ready machines.

Thankfully, you don’t have to. The Lantronix xPrintServer will convert the whole network for you.

The xPrintServer
is an iPhone-sized box with an Ethernet port on the end. Plug it into the same network as your printers and you’re done. Seriously. With the xPrintServer on the network, all supported printers
now show up in the iOS print dialog box, letting any of your office monkeys destroy a few more trees.

I figure that Lantronix is going to sell a stack of these to businesses. A few weeks back at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, I noticed the racks and racks of printers in the press lounge. I checked my iPad to see if it could print to any of them and the answer was no. With this $150 box, the organizers could fix that in a second. Not that I’d print anything anyway.

The xPrintServer is available now. Lantronix recommends one box for every 7-10 printers on each subnet.

  • Dean Traiger

    Or you can get Airprint Activator and do it for free!  Well, it’s donation-ware actually…  

  • rsbell

    Printopia works exceedingly well, too.


  • Zeteboy

    That’s what I use on my home network. It works just fine.

  • DrM47145

    Now the Airprint Activator says it needs iOS 4.2.1, does it still work under iOS 5.1?

  • Zeteboy

    No problem at all.

  • Brittp2

    AirPrint Activator???? where do you find it? I looked at both app stores and found none. is it for jailbreak iOS?

  • Bd7349

    Or FingerPrint. It’s free and works with Mac and Windows.