Apple On New iPad’s Heat Output: Chill Out


iPad too hot to hold?

In a response to reports that the new iPad can get pretty toasty when compared with the iPad 2’s heat output, Apple has responded with an official comment telling everyone to take a chill pill. According to Apple, the new iPad operates “well within our thermal specification” and there shouldn’t be a cause for concern.

Full response from Apple:

“The new iPad delivers a stunning Retina display, A5X chip, support for 4G LTE plus 10 hours of battery life, all while operating well within our thermal specifications. If customers have any concerns they should contact AppleCare.”

Some sites were reporting that the new iPad could output roughly 10 degrees (Fahrenheit) more heat than its predecessor. When you consider the tablet’s beefed up internals, a slight increase in heat is to be expected.

I’ve been using my iPad with LTE turned on running intensive games, iPhoto, etc. and I’ve haven’t noticed a heat issue yet. If you’ve got the iPad sitting on a thick comforter when it’s 80 degrees outside, it’ll probably get a little hot. Otherwise, this should be a lesson in learning not to create an issue where there isn’t one.

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  • RyleyLamarsh

    No doubt. Relax people. Anyone with a basic understanding of computers will realize this.

  • joewaylo

    It depends on your environment and how long you have been playing with the iPad too. I’ve received the heat warning on my iPhone 3GS and 4 when it came to driving with GPS on and placing the iPhone hooked up to the windshield in 80 degree weather.

    The one way to cool it off is to have cold air blowing at the device. Place a fan directly in front of you with the iPad receiving most of the cool air being blown onto the iPad. This lowers the heat generated by a few degrees.

  • Skywaytraffic

    Option 1: Quit being a bitch a hold it like a normal human being.

    … There is no option 2.

  • prof_peabody

    The 18% figure has been roundly debunked.  

    The actual difference based on the Belgian tests is 1.8% hotter.

  • Jasen Bartlett

    More anxiety stricken bobo’s trying to cause a ruckus. 

  • janet

    Hmmm… the new iPad has been measured at 92 degrees Farenheit.  The human body averages 98.6 degrees… which means that, when you’re holding it, the iPad is still sucking heat out of YOU.

  • Callwing

    New iPad reached 116 degree temperature according to Consumer Reports

  • sir1jaguar



    So. You are just holding and using it wrong…


  • Sean Smith

    I haven’t noticed this at all with mine and I’ve played Infinity Blade 2 for a good amount of time in a sitting before.

  • harrel

    There is an odd phenomena developing in American culture.  A sincere desire by many Americans to see the largest company in America fail in some way. If it doesn’t they may go ahead and make something up.

  • Juan Sebulba

    Devices should be 99ºF…less is like holding a dead corpse.

  • lrd

    Wow! I must of lucked out. I’ve used mine to watch an hour and half movie and it didn’t even feel warm. Got lucky I guess.

    Or maybe, just maybe, this is all BS.

  • sir1jaguar

    Dear ifans, iturds, imorons, izombies & istupids,

    Theres no problem on the new ipad…

    You are just simply holding/using it wrong…


    Steve Jobs

  • mrweid

    why r u all fucking take apple side. u fucking like me paying ur damn money for that shit, so u shoud fucking shout it out when there is a issue. it’s fucking $550 and up, this thing isn’t fucking cheap u know. u fucking made me laugh as most u bitch here have pre ordered or waited in line to buy the thing when it was announced. u bitches bitching each other is fun. lol then again, u should fucking lay off and try to get new apple product whenever they are released so u won’t be  fucking bitching about whatever issues u may encounter with it.  it just repeats every year, u fucking early adopter of apple products aways bitching about this and that about your new apple product. it’s fun to read your fucking post and also fucking annoying at the same time. LOL

  • rockarollr

    Nope. Not BS at all. I just returned my pre-ordered, launch day “new iPad” to the local Apple retail store to have it exchanged because it got way too hot. I’m talking HOT, not unusually warm. Even though the iPad that I received in exchange does get a little warm under heavy use, it doesn’t get anywhere near as hot as the one that I returned. This is a real issue for a few of these new iPads… at least. Expect to hear more from this.

  • rockarollr

    “Fuckindee fuck, fuck, fuck.”

    Wow. Your intelligence just abounds.

  • Vasu Sharma

    rockarollr, your a liar. I have had iPAD2 and iPAD3 and neither get hot at all. some people cry like babies over stupid shxt. sad!

  • rockarollr

     First, I don’t appreciate being called a liar. My honesty is the one thing I take pride in most, second only to my children. I most certainly am not lying. This particular “iPad 3” (as you call it) that I had in my possession had a thermal problem in the lower left-hand corner. It was verified by the Genius Bar in Richmond, Virginia – near where I live. They told me that my returned unit was to be flagged, documented and sent separately back to corporate to be studied. They had absolutely no arguments with replacing my iPad with a brand-new one still in the box – with profuse apologies.

    Just because you’ve had a different experience than me does not make me a liar. Maybe YOU are the liar here, hmm?

  • Vasu Sharma

    Every apple release there are people like you complaining about different things, like no product has imperfections. grow up, they all do! It’s been well documented that “the new ipad (ipad 3)” is running at 93 degrees. Your body is 98 degrees. Any of my electronics run hot, or maybe you never had a piece of electronic equipment before? SMH. You people just get on the blogs and whine, and tired of this BS. Buy another product if your gonna whine or grow up! Better yet, like the ancient IT joke, return the iPAD, and package it up, because your too f**kin dumb to use it!

  • rockarollr

     Look, assbucket – I’ve worked in the computer field as a hardware technician (CompTIA certified, in fact) since 1994, probably longer than you’ve been on this Earth (or maybe just in this country). Don’t sit there and act like you know better than me what an overheating product does or doesn’t feel like. Just like a proper scientific experiment, I had a hypothesis and a control to compare it to – while in the presence of Apple employees that know the difference as well. I walked away with an iPad THAT WAS JUST FINE. But only after it was exchanged for a NEW ONE.

    In comparison to your statements about “whiners”, there is always someone like you that gets their kicks from making comments about Apple customers, much like your two previous ones to me. They are commonly referred to as TROLLS. I think maybe YOU need to “grow up” and accept the fact that while there are some “whiners” out there (I do agree with that) there are also some people that have a legitimate story and are simply trying to contribute, in a productive way, to the conversation at hand. I happen to fall into that latter category. Believe me or not, that’s your choice. However, I have nothing to prove to you nor do I care to.

    So, in light of those FACTS, if you have a problem understanding any of what I just said, please, don’t respond – just get a translator.

  • Skywaytraffic



  • Souvik De

    souvik, I don’t understand why people are having a such hard time to believe what rockarollr is saying.  Rockarollr, has no reason to lie he bought the damn thing and its over heating. Any hardware can overheat, irrespective of who produced the item. And especially with iPad 3,  packed with huge battery pack, huge pixel display, its quite possible the it can overheat, especially some more than others.  I am getting an iPAD 3 and I hope it doesn’t overheat too much. 

    Lets a constructive discussion, rather can cursing or invoking prejudicial comments.

  • McRCN

    I would not say the iPad runs hot, but maybe warm at times.  My Dell laptop runs too hot to sit on my lap.  There is a big difference between hot and warm. 

  • Vasu Sharma

    First of all rockarollr as pointed out today consumer reports indicates it runs hot when playing games up to 116 degrees, which isn’t even as hot as my old macbook pro’s which burnt my legs at 125-130 degrees or higher. 

    You indicate your an A+ certified hardware technician (PS they should revoke it!). You don’t seem like the game type, and doubt you had an overheating problem, just probably made up a story to get attention on the blogs.

    Yes “TROLLS” are what are commonly referred to as YOU. someone that looks for sensationalism and runs with it, to get ATTENTION.

    I don’t post here at all, but since your FOS (full of sh*t) I found it necessary.

    Are you trying to insult me, by saying I need a translator, or was that an ethnic slur? either way rockarollr a.ka. TROLL I hope i made myself clear.