The New iPad Has Already Been Jailbroken!



In what may just be the speediest jailbreak ever, Dev Team uberlord MuscleNerd has confirmed that he has already jailbroken the iPad 2 and Apple A5X SoC.

On his Twitter stream, MuscleNerd just wrote:

jailbroken iPad3: (Just a first step, still lots of work to do! No ETA!)

It’s likely that the A5X was jailbroken using the same iOS 5.1 exploits already being worked on for the A5 CPU used by the iPad 2. They do, after all, share the same processor, if not graphics.

Jailbreaks take a long time from proof of concept to an app that anyone can run on their own tablet, so be patient. Still, jailbreakers should take heart: the iPad 3 is not impenetrable, and a jailbreak should be out within a matter of weeks or months.

  • ClickMe

    Professor Peabody in 3….2….1…….?

  • SolarSaves

    I think that: “has already jailbroken the iPad 2 and Apple A5X SoC”

    wants to say “new iPad” or “3rd gen iPad”

  • Andy Murdock

    I truly hate when people post “Who Cares?” on internet forums. It shows a lack of any creativity and it’s not a comment that inspires conversation of any sort. 
    But, really, who cares? 

  • iDaBoss

     LMAO, I’m waiting for the squawking to begin as well

  • Robert X

     I came here to say that exactly.  :)

  • Ed_Kel

    What a way to ruin a shiny new piece of equipment … in record time!

  • Skywaytraffic

    “Ruin”? That’s not how you spell “improve”. Weird…

  • iDaBoss

    LMAO, I’m also waiting for his squawking to start

  • walk0080

    Sweet. Walked into Best Buy and got me a new iPad with no line up and come home to find the jailbreak is well on it’s way to being completed. What a Friday!

  • Alex

    Just to make you happy Andy 

    “Who Cares?”Even thought I’m not sure why I would care or not care , but here you go …

  • tornacious

    Go crawl back under your sandboxed, non-jailbroken rock, and enjoy the closed system that is iOS. While the rest of us revel in JB tweaks and apps that make it a complete computer.

  • rockarollr

     You, Sir, are a dick. Go someplace else.