The New Third-Generation iPad [Review]


The new iPad. Parakeet to scale.

When Apple first announced the new third-generation iPad, there were people — and, I suppose, still are people — who were disappointed. Why they were disappointed is inexplicable; what they envisioned is hard to imagine. The flying car of tablets, one supposes: they called the new iPad an “incremental update” when what Apple had just handed them may as well have come spiraling through a time vortex from the future. It’s that good.

Let’s face facts. In the last year, Android makers haven’t even been able to ship a viable competitor to the iPad 2. The new iPad, with its Retina Display and LTE technology, is unlike anything else on the market. No one is even close to making a tablet as fast, as beautiful, as vivid, as thin or as long-lasting as this, and if history is any guide, when the fourth-generation iPad comes out, they’ll still be trying to catch up.

Make no mistake. If the new iPad isn’t a “beefy” enough upgrade for you, you’re not just spoiled. You’re not just completely out of touch with the state of the tech landscape today. No, you’re bonkers. This is the most advanced piece of consumer mobile electronics tech available today.

The Retina Display

The new iPad (left) vs. iPad 2 (right). Notice that even from a distance, the new iPad's colors are more vibrant.

First thing’s first. The 2048 x 1536 Retina Display is something to behold, and if you can pick up a new iPad without. It’s crispness makes fonts look like they’ve been sliced with razors out of the page. It’s colors are beautiful without being lurid. High-resolution photos on the new iPad are so crisp, so full of detail, it’s like being sucked into the photograph. As many people before me have noted, it’s like having an astigmatism corrected. One second, everything is blurry and gray, then all of a sudden, it’s in focus.

Well, with Retina Display optimized apps, at least. If an app hasn’t been optimized to use the Retina Display, it looks a little fuzzy again. That’s not to say bad, and it still looks better than on the iPad 2, but it’s slightly jarring, and makes switching between Retina-optimized and unoptimized apps like constantly getting a lash in your eye.

One surprising thing about the Retina Display is that even apps without native iPad versions look incredible. Except for the keyboard and aspect ratio, they look almost native now: they have a less blocky, less pixellated look that makes iPhone apps without a native iPad version or universal binary much less of an annoyance than they were before. In fact, if not for the crappy iPhone virtual keyboard, they’d almost be acceptable to use.

iPhoto really shows off the quality of the new iPad's vastly improved display.

There’s only one real drawback to the Retina Display: app bloat. Video killed the radio star, and the Retina Display is going to kill 16GB as a sustainable option for most iPhones and iPads. Retina Display optimized graphics can bloat apps to quadruple their original size or more, and since most apps run as universal binaries, even if you don’t have a new iPad, your apps are going to quadruple in size due to the snowball effect. If you have a 16GB iPhone or iPad, then, the new iPad might actually be your worst enemy, as it’s opening the door to your device becoming a lot less capacious than it was before. Individuals who buy a 16GB new iPad are likely to be constantly worrying about space on their device in short order.

Is the Retina Display all that? It’s certainly impressive, but there’s more to a display than mere pixel density. Luckily, Apple seems to have kept all of the strengths of the iPad 2’s display for the new iPad’s Retina Display, then shored up its weaknesses while they were at it. The new iPad’s colors are more vibrant than they were before; the blacks blacker, the whites whiter. It is a slam dunk in every respect.


Our 3G speeds improved by 10x when using LTE on our new iPad!

The new iPad comes with support for LTE networks in the United States and Canada. In the United States, AT&T and Verizon both have LTE, but Verizon’s LTE network is much better deployed than AT&T’s. Even so, if you don’t live in a big city, chances are you don’t live within an LTE coverage area of either carrier, making the whole point moot.

If you do happen to live within the invisible web of LTE coverage, LTE is fast. In fact, it might just be faster than your home internet connection. We tested the Verizon iPad Wi-Fi + 4G, and in our speed tests, we got 21.10Mbps download speeds in our LTE test, compared to just 2.0Mbps in our 3G test. That’s a fantastic improvement — a speed boost of ten times 3G s and helps contribute to the new iPad’s all-around feeling of snappiness, but we’re interested in seeing how this plays out over a longer period of time. We tested Verizon’s LTE network before there were many new iPads out in the wild, but if history is any guide, nothing crushes a new network like the first iOS device to support it.

New Camera

Pardon the mess, it's a bird seed party.

A big deal has been made of the new iPad’s camera, and it’s certainly better than the piece of junk included in the iPad 2. In fact, it’s a pretty good 5MP camera, and in good light conditions, it takes some pretty excellent pics. In low light, though, it’s typically terrible, lacking the iPhone 4S’s LED flash and wideraperture.

That’s not the only way the new iPad’s camera fails to live up to the one in the iPhone 4S, but where the iPad has the 4S beat as a whole is the options available you after the footage has been slurped in. Now that is has cameras that are finally up to snuff, the new iPad has become the ultimate photography and video editing terminal. There’s simply nothing like taking a 5MP photo and making sophisticated edits to it in iPhoto on the same device, or shooting a 1080p video and editing it without ever pulling out a transfer cable. And if you prefer to shoot on your iPhone 4S’s technically superior camera, the combination of iCloud Photo Stream and iPhoto beaming makes a new iPad and an iPhone 4S a killer combo for the street photog. (If Instagram doesn’t finally come out with an iPad version of their app within a couple of months, I’ll consume a haberdasher’s inventory).


For what it's worth, the iPad 2 is on top, but can you really tell?

The new iPad’s extra weight and thickness is really insignificant. On paper, it’s already a tiny disction: 660 grams to the iPad 2’s 610 grams, and 9.4mm thick to the iPad 2’s thickness of 8.8mm. Apple doesn’t like to make a device thicker than its predecessor, but this isn’t the first time they’ve done so: the iPhone 3G, for example, was thicker than the original iPhone.

Either way, though, the extra thickness is unnoticeable in the hand, and indeed, even most of the most exacting cases and back cover should still fit the new iPad just fine (we had great luck with all of the cases floating around our review offices, and we get a lot of cases to review). As for the extra weight, it is noticeably heavier than the iPad 2, but the device has been weighted beautifully to actually feel better holding than the last-generation model.

Most of the extra weight of the new iPad comes from its greatly increased battery capacity, which is needed to power the more electricity-hungry Retina Display and LTE modems. We haven’t played with our new iPad long enough to tell you whether the battery life has changed, but we can speak to the fact that charging times seem significantly longer than with the iPad 2. That makes sense: Apple’s just packed more battery into a tighter space, and is not using a new battery tech. Still, be advised that charging an iPad to full is now an all-night affair.

Finally, just a word about Siri dictation. Whatever Apple’s reasons for not including Siri proper on the new iPad, Siri Dictation is a solid addition that adds reliable voice-to-text transcription anywhere you can enter text. The execution is as slick as Cupertino makes it: you simply press a tiny key to the left of the keyboard and an attractive mic overlay pops-up, oscillating and filling with purple as it records your voice. In our experience, Siri Dictation worked well, although perhaps a little less reliably than the same functionality in the iPhone 4S in a busy room.


The new iPad is the best iPad yet, but at this point, that goes without saying. What’s more important to note is that it’s the most futuristic iPad to date. If the first-gen iPad was a couple years ahead of the competition, the Retina Display, battery life and LTE speeds of the new iPad seem five years ahead of the curve. The new iPad is like having a FiOS connection, a top-of-the-line 2K HDTV, and an infinitely extensible portal to the internet in your bag: all in the same device, and all at a price that anyone can afford. If there are people out there who would scoff at that achievement simply because the processor didn’t go up a couple of cores, or the physical appearance of the design, well, enjoy your Android tablets, guys. The rest of us will be using the only tablet that matters.

Pro: The new Retina display really is that good, LTE is decadent, the camera’s have been greatly improved, etc. How many pros are in “nearly perfect?”

Con: Takes longer to charge than the iPad 2.

Unboxing Pics:

The boxes of the new iPad (left) and iPad 2 are almost identical, inside and out.

[teaser-top]The most futuristic iPad yet.[/teaser-top]
[teaser-featured]The most futuristic iPad yet.[/teaser-featured]

  • ClickMe

    A co-worker brought his in, and I sat it next to my iPad 2. It’s nice, but *yawn* I’ll wait for the next one. I wasn’t impressed.

  • makebeatz

    Aren’t you cool

  • ClickMe

     I can see iPad 1 owners upgrading. But iPad 2 owners? The screen is nice and all but not worthy an upgrade. The next one will be better. It’ll deliver a much faster CPU worthy of video editing.

    This one is nice for photos. But to be a real post-PC device it’ll have to have enough juice to edit and process HD video.

    And besides, they didn’t upgrade the worst part of the iPad 2 – the front facing camera. Still sucks. Rear camera is useless. Anyone who takes pics with their iPad is an idiot.

  • ilikebikes

    your english skills are horrible.  i had trouble reading that review.  i do love the new ipad though.

  • ClickMe

    Have fun with 3 hours on LTE. Ha hA

  • makebeatz

    Agreed, valid points, that’s why I forced myself to exhibit great will and hold out for a retina iPad. It was tough lol

  • Aaron Watkins

    Seriously? Your reading skills must be horrible. There’s nothing wrong with that review. 

  • MercuryFumes

    Something tells me you have no job or no friends, or both.

  • Shameer Mulji

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but with iMovie for iOS you can edit HD video on the iPad as long as it’s in H.264 format.  Granted the app doesn’t have all the features but it does show it can be done.

  • joewaylo

    9 hours actually from what I recall, 3 hours if you’re using loads of features at once like Internet Navigation or Internet 3D Games.

  • joewaylo

    I also didn’t see a purpose to spend my $499 on this either nor $829. It’s a minor upgrade, but I’m not willing to spend $829 a year every single upgraded device like I have with the iPhone and Mac Mini.

  • JoshObra

    Your typing skills are horrible.

    Joke. But no problem reading the article here. Maybe you just thought it was boring.

  • TheMacAdvocate

    I find it amusing when an Android tablet comparison is applied to the iPad. Try tripling that 3, amigo.

    I will say “watch your data cap” with LTE, however. You could blow through it on one charge.  

  • ClickMe

     yes, but it’s slow and doesn’t have power features (yet). I’m sure the next iPad will.

  • ClickMe

     Trust me – it won’t last more than 3 or 4 hours on straight LTE. Nothing does. LTE is a pig

  • Hugodra

    where can i find that wallpaper???

  • ilikebikes

    double the resolution is hardly a minor upgrade.  add to that 1gb of ram, a quad core gpu, and LTE capability, you have one helluva tablet.  it’s comparable to upgrading to an iphone 4/s from an iphone 3g/s

  • ilikebikes

    apple implemented new battery technology, it’ll last 9 hours with brightness set at 50%.  buy one and test it out.  then you can take your foot outta your mouth.

  • ClickMe

     The correct word to use was ‘neither’.

    Something tells me you have no education. Go back to class.

  • ClickMe

     It still lacks the power to be a true post-PC device as they claim it can be (to the minority of people of course). For the average person this one is more than enough.

    It’s great, don’t misquote me, I’m just saying it’s not worthy for iPad 2 owners to upgrade. I’m going to guess that the next one (or further in the future) will process HD video like nobody’s business.

    They’re so far ahead of everything and everyone right now there’s no need for it yet.

  • ClickMe

     Umm, no. It’s not new battery technology, it’s simply a much bigger battery.

    Don’t confuse size with the word technology.

  • ClickMe

     Ha, yes. I know (data cap). And no one’s comparing it to an Android tablet. Android tablets aren’t even sharing ether with this iPad right now.

  • Phil

    mmmmm . . . Scotch eggs.

  • ilikebikes

    if it’s not new tech, how’d they pack over 11,666 mah into a battery that’s roughly the same size?

  • Shaun Green

    “Make no mistake. If the new iPad isn’t a “beefy” enough upgrade for you,
    you’re not just spoiled. You’re not just completely out of touch with
    the state of the tech landscape today. No, you’re bonkers”.

    Why do you feel the need to insult people who question whether or not to upgrade? Frankly I didn’t read past this statement. You are a pathetic excuse for a journalist.

  • Lars Pallesen

    I believe “English” is spelled with a capital E? Also it should be a capital “I” for first person singular, not lower case “i” like you’ve written. Oh, and it’s spelled iPad with a capital P.

    PS: I’m Danish, what are you?

  • ilikebikes

    “I believe English is spelled with a capital S ?”


    i’m korean.  danish people must not have a sense of humor.

  • Luis Dominguez

    I really don’t care for the way he approches journalism as well.  If you have ever read any of his other stuff you will see this more and more.  I’m no journalist but isn’t the point to stay neutral on your subject matter?

  • ilikebikes

    no tablet can replace a laptop right now.

    the screen alone is the reason i ditched my ipad 2 for the new ipad.  i only paid 150 to upgrade, well worth it to me.

  • Lars Pallesen

    I don’t trust you unless you have tested that claim yourself. The official press reviewers of the new iPad all agree that Apple’s stated battery life for the new iPad is true.
    I tend to trust them more than you, since they’ve actually, you know, tested the thing.

  • brownlee

    I swear, you people.

    I didn’t “insult” people questioning whether to upgrade, I insulted people who claimed this wasn’t a big upgrade. It is, in every way.

    Second of all, this is a review. You guys realize reviews are the OPPOSITE of neutral, right?

  • Luis Dominguez

    I am not talking about this article specifically but you have to agree that your writing style is more in your face.  In most of your articles there is some group or person that you say something that could offend them. I will admit though that recently you haven’t done this so much.

  • Lars Pallesen

    Really? Cause most people who have actually compared their old iPad 2 to the new iPad says the old screen suddenly looks like crap?
    But of course you wouldn’t be jealous or anything. Or try hard to convince yourself that you don’t want the new Retina display iPad. Nooo, you wouldn’t do that, would you? 

  • MN

    I would say that this is only a big upgrade if you need the LTE or are coming from an Ipad 1.
    It is a nice upgrade from the ipad 2 if you do not need LTE, but not amazing — remember it will also be bulkier and heavier, and almost double the amount of charge time.

  • ClickMe

     Of course I’m a little green with envy, but it’s just a screen. It doesn’t make the device any faster or different to use.

    Anything that makes a device different in functionality is a huge upgrade.

  • tornacious

    I love it when John offends people! It always separates the babies from the adults. Keep up the great work, Mr. Brownlee.

  • prof_peabody

    I hate posts like this where someone’s personal opinion is smugly posted with the assumption that of course everyone will agree with them and have the same needs/wants for their devices as the poster.  

    The screen is “not worthy (of) an upgrade …” for *you* 

    You are also dead wrong on the “enough juice to edit and process HD video” comment.  The iPad does indeed do exactly that.  

    Finally, your grammar is so atrocious I wouldn’t waste time correcting everyone else’s (as you do below), and throwing in childish comments like “Anyone who takes pictures with their iPad is an idiot” just makes you look like the juvenile egomaniac you probably are.  

  • prof_peabody

    Again, you don’t know what you are talking about here even as you pose like someone so knowledgeable that you are actually *lowering* yourself to our level.  

    LTE on iPad 3 has been tested and all reviews say it’s 9 hours, not 3.  

    The size of the battery has indeed been increased but the increase in power is much higher than the increase in volume would allow for.  Ergo, there has been a advancement in the technology as well . 

    Why are you filling up this thread with your comments when you don’t seem to even know the basics about the device and don’t have one yourself?

  • stueee123

    As for apps taking up more space, Infinity blade 2 went from 1.06 GB before iPad retina support to 936.7 mb on my iPad 1 with the new update that supports the new iPads retina display.

  • ClickMe

     So you owned a 64GB 3G iPad 2?

  • ClickMe

     Ah, Professor Peabrain. I guess it was only a matter of time until the party pooper showed up.

  • ClickMe

    Umm, so everyone else here does?? o_0

    It’s a bigger battery is all. I applaud the efforts but let’s not jump to the conclusion that the technology has progressed because I can assure you it hasn’t.

    Better battery technology would allow better or the same results with LESS battery power. Educate YOURSELF before claiming to be a Professor.


  • ClickMe

     Ha, I’m the egomaniac?

  • ClickMe

    9 Hours? never.

    Just wait until you have one that’s somewhere near an area that borders between a 3G and LTE area. Your battery will go nucking futs.

    Trust me, I test LTE networks every single day. It’s part of my job. Verizon’s LTE network suffers from authentication issues – which drain battery, and unless you’re in a 100% pure LTE area (which is like 9% of the US) your device will struggle trying to keep authenticating on the LTE network.

    Just wait and see. And since when do YOU (of all people) believe everything you read?

  • ClickMe

    iPad 2: 10 Hours battery life with a 25Whr Battery

    New iPad: 10 Hours battery life with a 42.5 Whr Battery

    That’s not better battery technology

  • ClickMe

     iPad 2: 10 Hours battery life with a 25Whr Battery

    New iPad: 10 Hours battery life with a 42.5 Whr Battery

    That’s not better battery technology

  • ClickMe

    I work on LTE networks. Trust me.
    There isn’t much I DO know, but LTE is one of them.

  • atimoshenko

    My just-bought computer is not too different in functionality from the one I bought in 1995. All the upgrades between then and now have pretty much been about faster processors/graphics, more memory, bigger hard drive, nicer screen, better connection to the Internet, and a nicer OS. The new iPad hits everything but storage and, being a device that is 90%+ display, features a never-seen-before display quality.

    Upgrades are evolutionary, revolutions are new product launches

  • prof_peabody

    This post is so dumb it’s not even worth responding to.  

    And you are calling me ignorant?  And saying I should be more careful or accurate in what I say?  Holy crap.  

    Your just making things up wholesale.  

    I try to stay away from insults but since you’ve already insulted me several times I must say that you sound like a spoiled little boy here.

  • prof_peabody

    This post is so dumb it’s not even worth responding to.  

    And you are calling me ignorant?  And saying I should be more careful or accurate in what I say?  Holy crap.  

    Your just making things up wholesale.  

    I try to stay away from insults but since you’ve already insulted me several times I must say that you sound like a spoiled little boy here.

  • Broadminded

    In my humble opinion, I really don’t find this article as a technical review but more as an opinionated rant/review.  It is peppered throughout with barbs toward iPad 2 owners who within the past 12 months have shelled out their hard earned money to buy one.  I happen to like my iPad 2 very much and cannot afford to rush out and buy the new iPad.  I’m not trashing the new one either.  It’s just that after owning my iPad 2 for little more than 8 months, I cannot rationalize going into debt to own the latest and greatest tech.  The original iPad, iPad 2, and new iPad are all wonderous technological feats unto themselves, and should be reviewed independently.  Using phrases like “If the new iPad isn’t a “beefy” enough upgrade for you, you’re not just spoiled. You’re not just completely out of touch with the state of the tech landscape today. No, you’re bonkers.”, “…and it’s certainly better than the piece of junk included in the iPad 2.” is off putting to loyal Apple fans.  Although some of John Brownlee’s points are well taken, it sounds more like an Op Ed piece rather than a review.

  • gregbraddock

    ignore that Professor person, even though I don’t agree with some of what you said, it’s like that “person” makes it his/her business to be unjustifiably ridiculous whenever he/she disagrees. Pain in the arse he/she is…

  • Stephen Chappell

    I’m in the process of restoring my iPad 2 backup to my iPad 3. I work with images as part of my job and my hobbies, and watch a *lot* of video on the iPad, so I’m looking forward to the new retina display. That alone was worth the upgrade for me. Some extra speed ain’t so bad, either. Finally got it in white – very ‘Space 1999’.  :)

  • JoshObra

    My first iPad, just got it an hour ago. I love it. I felt like I bought a new car.

    So far no buyers remorse. Now I’m getting my debit card ready to buy some retina display applications for the weekend!

  • Stephen Chappell

    Ignoring the guy who’s got you all going (he must be having the time of his life), I gotta say, one thing I completely forgot about was what the retina display would do to *text*. OMG. I read all of my books – and, yeah, I read at least two a week – on the iPad Kindle app, and the difference from the iPad 2 is nothing short of mind-blowing. I’m looking at the same book page on the iPad 2 and iPad 3, side by side, right now. I couldn’t even think of going back to the iPad 2 now. The new iPad’s text is so sharp that printed pages can’t even touch it. I have a bit of damage to my left eye, and this had just made that issue SO much less of a big deal for me. What a relief.

  • chicgeek4sure

    The New iPad I bought for my husband’s birthday gift just arrived;
    I am upgrading him from the first iPad. I have the iPad 2, I can’t wait to get
    home and compare them.

  • Toby_Wong

    “The screen is nice”
    The screen is not just nice. My eyes hurts when i compare my good old iPhone 3G with 4s.

  • ctt1wbw

    Must be nice to have the cash to be so meh about it.  I’d strip for money to get one of those and you’re not impressed.

  • Shaun Green

    A review is NOT the opposite of neutral. That’s my point. You set out with the sole aim of proving how good the iPad 3 is. It was not a fair and balanced review which is what I would expect from a professional
    journalist. Your review was pure PROPOGANDA and as much is totally WORTHLESS. Your review could have been written by Apple’s PR department.

  • Zoddy13

    Well i have the ipad 2 64gb 3g and there isn’t 4g in my country yet,so i see no good reason to splash $800 for an upgrade…i am already waiting for the iphone 5,cos i didn’t see any good reason to upgrade my iphone 4.I think with Apple you have to skip a generation of their devices.

  • Alfiejr

    well i went down to the store and checked it out to see for myself if the screen was that great. well, it is great. but otherwise … my iPad 2 3G works fine for me when i need it out of the home (and where it don’t there is no 4G either). and the new iPad doesn’t do anything special my iPad 2 can’t (dictation excepted, but that is non-essential for sure). and the 4G data plan would cost more too.

    so i don’t see a compelling reason to upgrade. will wait for next year’s newest and greatest (i’d really like better speakers). however … my wife wants her own now. she only uses it around the house, so i think i’ll buy her the new wifi model instead of passing along my old one to her (this will score big points). then i can borrow it sometimes … maybe.

  • SD011

    I do not agree with this: “…anyone can afford.” I live in a small town in Hungary and here you don’t get a lot of money, even for a full time job.
    So don’t say that “…anyone can afford.”, because this is not true. I tried to save up for an iPad, and I cannot do it in this f****** town.

    Nice review by the way! :)

  • Ilikestuff

    its only $800 if you keep your current iPad, you can turn a pretty penny for such a high end devices if you sold it on eBay

  • Ilikestuff

    I have finally met my less generic username buddy. My life is complete.

  • wong jun jet

     “iPad 2: 10 Hours battery life with a 25Whr Battery
    New iPad: 10 Hours battery life with a 42.5 Whr Battery
    That’s not better battery technology”

    the new ipad’s resolution=4 iPad 2s. 3 times more the resolution to handle by the batt. and with its stated 10 hours life with a 42.5 Whr battery i seriously don’t understand at all what the hell you’re trying to say. 

  • lowtolerance

    A review SHOULD absolutely be neutral. It is not meant to be an opinion piece. A review is SUPPOSED to be objective, not blatantly, unapologetically partial.

    It’s bullshit tech “journalists” like you that have distorted the purpose of a review into pieces of controversial writing. A proper product review measures a product based on a predefined set of characteristics, and details how the product rates for each of these characteristics. They’re meant to let the reviewer understand the product without having physical access to one, not to bully them with lines like 

    “Make no mistake. If the new iPad isn’t a “beefy” enough upgrade for you, you’re not just spoiled. You’re not just completely out of touch with the state of the tech landscape today. No, you’re bonkers.”

    You’re not a journalist, John. You’re a linkbait generating pollutant.

  • ClickMe

    The new iPad is great, that screen is gorgeous. But I hardly think this is a worthwhile upgrade for iPad 2 owners. Brownlee your insults make me wonder how you got a job in journalism.

  • ClickMe

    why do you and everyone else confuse the word bigger with better?

    It’s a larger (capacity) battery. Sure it’s nice, but it does not represent better battery TECHNOLOGY.

  • ClickMe

    it was so dumb yet you couldn’t stay away eh?

    You’re no better than anyone else, stop pretending to be.

    Professor Peabrain

  • ClickMe

    “Everything but storage”? Umm, no.

    Better display? You bet. Faster? No. It might render graphics better but faster is debatable. Yes, upgrades are evolutionary. Which is why no one (outside this site) really cares all that much for it. NO big lines this time, coincidence? Nope.

    Apple needs a new revolutionary product in the next year or so or say bye bye to that insanely bloated stock price.

  • ClickMe

    I guess I can see the 3G but the 4s? Retina vs Retina? 

  • ClickMe

    My comment gets flagged because I said I compared the new iPad to my iPad 2 side by side and wasn’t blown away? What did I say that was so terrible? I love my iPad 2.

  • atimoshenko

    Faster? No. It might render graphics better but faster is debatable.

    Everything is prettier, but you still do not have to wait for anything. Therefore, faster.

    Yes, upgrades are evolutionary. Which is why no one (outside this site) really cares all that much for it.

    Just like for the iPhone 4S… What exactly do the perennial ‘disappointeds’ want from their upgrades? A superficial alteration to the outside case it seems like… “Looks the same, therefore the same” is often heard.

    say bye bye to that insanely bloated stock price

    By what financial metric is Apple’s stock price bloated? Or does it just ‘feel’ that way?

  • angermeans

    I think your wrong. The retina display alone is worth the upgrade and so is LTE. Not to mention they added both and was the first to retain the industry highest battery life. The people that say apple didn’t innovate to accomplish this have no idea what they are talking about. Apple not only almost doubled the battery with a screen with 4x the pixel density and added LTE they also almost doubled the battery, RAM, and graphic capabilities and still kept really close to the same size and weight as the last (which no manufacture has been able to match in over a year since the ipad2). This is huge and innovation at its finest. Just because it looks the same (if it isn’t broke why fix it? Not only that but they were so far ahead of the competition with the ipad2 let’s be honest they didn’t have to do much, but they did the opposite), and has somewhat the same processor means nothing. What’s more is that they have been able to keep the A5 dual core (which brings up the question does iOS really need a quad core or more? As a geek, sure I would love more, but I haven’t seem one slight hiccup and it’s been on almost the whole time since receiving it 22 hrs ago and I still haven’t had to charge the thing and still have 37% battery left!) without losing any feel for the OS, in fact it feels even faster than the iPad2. Maybe some think that is no big deal, but to quadruple the amount of pixels that need to be pushed and still feel faster than it’s predecessor? That is amazing and is a huge deal. Not to mention the A5X is no slouch and still outperforms the Tegra 3 in most if not all tests and iOS looks and performs light years ahead of anything on Android. This whole argument that people keep saying really makes me roll my eyes. Look at what this tablet has been able to do? Tell yourself what you have to, wether its to justify your purchase (or non purchase of the new iPad), or if you have an android tablet and refuse to see that the ipad is way ahead, but this tablet is a huge upgrade to the iPad 2 and most will agree.

  • angermeans

    The only ones complaining or arguing the benefits (or lack thereof) are either people that want to justify not purchasing the new iPad or android tablet owners that refuse to see that the iPad is years ahead of them in tablets. Either way anyone that has seen the new iPad has to admit that it is a huge upgrade to the last and has cemented apple as the top of tablets for at least another year. The argument that the retina display doesn’t add much is silly as the device is 98% screen and that screen is the best display arguably on any Mobil device. It adds a bunch to the overall look and feel of the OS. it might not now have any added benefits outside of browsing and how things look but it will as developers take advantage of this display and the quad core powervr GPU on this A5X SoC

  • angermeans

    It actually lasts much longer and I’m getting over even 9 hrs on LTE but thanks for making an assumption on a product you definitely seem bitter you don’t have. I’ve easily gotten at least 10 hrs of use in the last 23 hrs and still have 35% battery life and it has been no where near the charger since initially charged it to 100%. Good assumption though. I don’t know why I’ve spent time responding to your ignorant comments as you just come off as bitter and ignorant. I don’t know if you have an iPad 2 or another tablet but just be happy with what you have. If you have the iPad 2 you still have one of the best tablets on the market and if you don’t see the many advantages to upgrading then just leave it alone you don’t have to spend hours coming off as an ignorant ass hole

  • Brandon Dillon

    I do not agree with Prof. Peabody on most things, and think he is the most anti-American asshole around, but I agree with every thing he has said to and in response to you. You are a fool.