IPad Lines Already Dwindling To Nothing, Plenty Of Stock Remains


Want a new iPad today? Head to your local Apple Store. There's probably plenty still there
Want a new iPad today? Head to your local Apple Store. There's probably plenty still there

Just 15 minutes after the in-store launch of the new iPad, lines in many Apple Stores have dwindled to nothing. And it’s not a case of Apple’s excellent employees being so efficient that they managed to move all the opening day stock in a quarter of an hour. It just seems there’s not so much demand for it.

According to UK blog Pocket Lint, London’s Regent Street Apple Store was clear by 10:15 AM this morning, with plenty of stock (only the 16GB Wi-Fi 4G model was sold old, which nobody should buy anyway). And Cult of Mac’s own line-waiter Brittany Morford tweeted from the Apple Store in Boston, MA: “Within fifteen minutes, the line has dissipated.” You can see her photo above.

Why would this be? The demand for the new iPad is clearly off the charts. Pre-orders melted Apple’s servers last week, and shipping dates have been quickly slipping to weeks instead of days.

My guess is that people either pre-ordered, or the just went somewhere else. In the U.S, Best Buy is selling the new iPad already, and in the UK most high-street electronics and department stores have stocks, too. Why wait in line with the dorks when you can just buy one from the store next to your office?

We won’t know for sure until Apple releases its launch-day numbers, but it looks like there might actually be stock to cope with demand. And if that’s the case, I am pretty optimistic that I will be able to secure one of my own when they come to sunny Spain next Friday.

  • ErinsDad

    Perhaps people have lives after all.

  • Dionte

    I’m patiently waiting for FedEx whIle enjoying the apple tv 3.

  • FriarNurgle

    We have all the other Apple products. My kids have iPod. I have an iPhone. We use Macs and enjoy our Apple TV. I honestly can’t see any reason to get an iPad… besides my insatiable desire for more gadgets… but my will is strong and my wallet thin at the moment.

  • OptyCTCP

    “Not so much demand for it” = “Lots of online pre-ordering”

  • KinG

    You can’t have a crazy world wide launch every time you release a device. Apple numbers are crazy already, they had a ton of success, it won’t stay or grow into infinite . They say they sold more iPads that Macs ever!!!
    thats crazy enough ! the demand WILL slow down

  • Adam Jefferson

    Yep, pre-orders definitely take the pressure off. Lots of us sitting comfortably at home waiting for delivery. :)

  • strider0

    I don’t care what Apple says…there is less demand because there was not killer reason to buy. sure the display may be better but not everybody is into gaming. You could see this coming when you could still have the device delivered on the first day even when ordering days after launch. there should have been “one more thing” to compel people to buy one. All that said, I am waiting for mine to be delivered and I am pschyed!!!

  • Luis Dominguez

    Honestly, I have a iPad and it just sits and collects dust.  It’s the first one and I am really not compelled to buy any other tablet anytime soon as I hardly use the one I have now.  I use my macbook pro for everything and then my iPhone 4s for everything else.  I really don’t see the point on why you would purchase a new iPad if you already have the two but that’s just my opinion.  

  • Teche21

    I would like to point-out how wrong you are, I just got my new iPad and my old iPad 2 looks like crap next to it. The display itself is bigger the “One more thing”. when you get your new iPad you will see, I can promise that. I haven’t seen such an excellent display on a computer ever.

  • AnupR

    Ditto !

  • steffenjobbs

    I suspected that there wasn’t much of a crowd turnout for the iPad when I noticed Apple stock was on the skids.  Wall Street picked up on the sparse crowds and investors decided it was time to drop Apple stock like a hot potato.  Time for Apple shares to retrace down to $550.  Apple had a great run while it lasted but I guess it’s back to reality.

  • AnupR

    Don’t forget that another factor plays here in dwindling lines… I am sure lot of people have work and are discouraged by the hype ! I myself  didn’t believe that I would stand a chance to get my hands on one if I went and stood in the line today. Hence I struggled with pre-order and won the battle there. It would be heart breaking to stand in the line for hours, take a day off and come home empty handed. I feel this would be a major factor in dwindling lines. Once people realize that there is plenty of stock and no folks, people will definitely go. So we can expect blobs of mob rather than a huge lie. This is good for both…. apple stores and the people. However, I will add that this make those idiots camping one week in advance look like retards :)

  • ThatsLogical

    Apple is also using their Personal Pickup service for the first time during a launch. I’m sure this attributed to the speed of the line.

  • morgan3nelson

    Wall Street is a fickle bitch that NEVER trades on reality.  Apple has reduced the lines by having a significant pre-order.  Their first week numbers will be staggering and Wall Street will swing back the other way.

  • Ferb2

    Apple is expensive and over-rated. Wow  you have the “new” IPad – big deal. What does the “new” IPad do for you that the prior IPad could not do that is soooo important you have to have it now, right away. Saps for spending so much!!

  • Shaun Green

    Maybe a lot of people are just starting to get a little fed up with all the constant hype surrounding new Apple products. I’m sure the geeks love it but the rest of us just move on and buy stuff as we need it rather than waiting in line to get it the day it’s launched. I don’t feel in anyway excited about the new iPad. The most excited people seem to be the journalists. Maybe they’ve all got Apple stock and want to see it keep going up and up lol.

    I’m not upgrading for one simple reason. I have a 64GB iPad 2, I wanted a 128GB iPad 3. I’m not going to buy another 64GB version, what’s the point.

  • markbyrn

    If they had sold out, CoM would be crying that Apple was artificially creating a shortage; if they had still have plenty of stock, they’re not selling any and the launch is a fail.  

  • Lars Pallesen

    As of this moment AAPL is at $585,00 – exactly where it opened this morning. So much for your little doom & gloom theory, buddy.

  • Shaunathan Sprocket

    ^^^ This ^^^

  • MarkS2002

    It’s the iTards and iSheep who line up at Apple. The geeks are over at the kiosk in the mall, looking at the Androids. (You can always spot an Android dealer…no lines!)

  • baleara

    The answer is in the amount of stock Apple actually brought in to meet demand.  All the people I spoke to at the NYC stores, while of course they couldn’t give me any real numbers, told me they had far more stock for this iPad than for the iPad 2, which is as it should be, really. iPad 2s sold out so fast, it’s only smart to bring in way more stock for this one so people won’t walk in and be disappointed. They planned this to be a much longer launch “event” as well, i think, as the NYC stores I tried to make a Genius Bar appointment for didn’t have any availability for at least two days.

  • masterkenobi

    If anything, getting the iPad 2 now would be a better deal than getting the new iPad. I think also people that already have the iPad2 don’t see a reason to upgrade.

  • Phoebus2000

    No, I agree with strider. I have played with the new iPad and while the display is nice, I think I’ll hold onto my iPad 2 until the 4th version is released. 

    This is for Charlie, but why should ‘no one’ buy the 4G wifi 16GB model? And did the employee who said the queue had ‘dissipated’ used it intentionally with its double meaning or not.