Your New iPad Might Be ‘Out For Delivery’ In U.K., But Here’s Why It Won’t Arrive Early


He won't be arriving at your door today.

I’ve been obsessing over my iPad pre-order so much since I placed it that I’m checking it tracking status almost hourly. I know it’s not going to arrive early, but I can’t help myself.

If you’re like me and you live in the U.K., you may have noticed that your iPad is listed as “out for delivery” today. But here’s why it won’t be arriving on your doorstep early.

When you place your iPad pre-order and Foxconn sends out your shiny new tablet, it gets delivered to a company called Syncreon in the U.K. You may never have heard of it, but visit its website and type in your tracking number and you’ll be able to keep an eye on how your parcel is doing. (You need to enter your “tracking number” from Apple’s website in the “order number” box, and your “additional order number” in the “sales order number” box.)

Early this morning, its tracking status should have changed to “out for delivery,” but the thing is, Syncreon isn’t a delivery company. Which is why you’ve probably never heard of it.

You see, to ensure that your iPad isn’t delivered before its launch date, Apple has it sent to Syncreon for safekeeping until the courier company is ready to take over. The day before its release (today!), Syncreon hands over your parcel. So although it’s “out for delivery,” it’s not being delivered to your house; it’s simply being delivered to the courier company.

However, once your tracking status changes to “arrive terminal,” you should be able to use your tracking number on the courier’s website to track it from their. Apple uses DHL, TNT, UPS, and UKMail in the U.K., so try entering it on these websites to find your parcel.

You may already know about Syncreon and this arrangement from previous Apple pre-orders, but we figured this information would be helpful (and probably disappointing) to those who are pre-ordering for the first time.

  • DCM

    I think it must be the same way in the States. My tracking showed my iPad sitting in Nashville, Tennessee, this morning it started moving to Memphis (FedEx’s home base) and that it will arrive in Colorado (where I live) tomorrow. I was hoping it’d be early, but no dice.

  • David Hemming

    Thanks for that, I am in the UK and I was wondering who Syncreon were.

  • Boback

    That site for UK is amazingly slow. And keeps giving errors saying “All our agents are busy”. WTF?

  • KJ

    Wonder if the Apple TV has the same embargo…because FedEx is saying that my AppleTV is “On FedEx vehicle for delivery” this morning with my town as the location (a dinky town north of San Diego).  I’m leaving the pre-signature on the door today, just in case!

  • joewaylo

    Just be sure you don’t have an iron fence with a gate blocking the UPS or FedEx driver. I remembered watching videos where they tossed their expensive packages over the fence.

  • joewaylo

    I generally call it up to schedule for a FedEx/UPS office pickup. It’s safer and sort of convenient if you live in the nearby office. The last thing I’d do is sign a $700 package to be left at my doorstep and pray to god nobody takes it away.

  • Bash Ba?h

    Mine went from BIRMINGHAM GB ARRIVE TERMINAL back to HINCKLEY GB OUT FOR DELIVERY plus the dates changed to 16th :/

  • Athren Glory

    In the US, my iPad arrived at a location 2 hours away from me only to leave that facility to be out for delivery…dun dun dun and has arrived today in New Jersey! Which is about 5 hours away from me…so I can only assume this some sort of strategy of making sure it doesn’t arrive early.

    The thought of that sounds funny but in a sad way.

  • Jacob L. Newell

    I live in Atlanta, Georgia. Pre-ordered my new iPad on the first day of pre-orders being taken, and my iPad is sitting in Nashville, Tennessee for the past 3 days “on future delivery terms” for tomorrow by 3pm EST. Hell yea for Apple orchestrating this crazy “release day” for delivery AND in store patrons.

  • jonathanlking


  • James Watts

     Glad it’s not just me:
    Interestingly, There has been some action in the future!?

    16th March 2012 @ 07:27:12

    15th March 2012 @ 15:36:48

    15th March 2012 @ 07:26:16

    13th March 2012 @ 18:00:00

    10th March 2012 @ 01:06:22

  • KJ

    Yeah, but in my neighborhood, they leave it alone (and it’s the $99 AppleTV – NOT the iPad!  Dunno if I’d be brave enough to do that with an iPhone or iPad.)

    And all’s well that ends well: my AppleTV was waiting for me on my porch when I got home just now.  :-)