Gorgeous Wallpapers For Your New iPad’s Retina Display [Gallery]


Apple's default wallpaper not cutting it? Try the wallpapers we've found.
Apple's default wallpaper not cutting it? Try these wallpapers instead.

You’ve finally got your hands on the new iPad, now you need some beautiful wallpapers. Apple’s newest tablet sports a gigantic 2048×1536 resolution display, so your old iPad wallpapers won’t look as good as they once did. You need higher resolution images for your new baby.

We’ve gathered some gorgeous, free wallpapers that are all optimized for the new iPad’s Retina display. We tried to include different designs and styles for everyone. Check them out and see if one catches your eye!

We have previews of each wallpaper with full-res versions linked under each image. Click or tap the link under each wallpaper for the full size version.

Credit: MacRumors forum member "wy2sl0"

[Full-res version]

Dan Matutina made this design for multiple screen sizes, including the new iPad's Retina display.

[Full-res version]

Credit: MacRumors forum member "TexasChemE"

[Full-res version]

"Manarola, Cinque Terre - Take II" by lmborlenghi

[Full-res version]

Credit: MacRumors forum member "Lukeyy19"

[Full-res version]

"SHARD" by RazorianFly

[Full-res version]

Credit: MacRumors forum member "Lukeyy19"

[Full-res version]

Credit: MacRumors forum member "Nightprowler"

[Full-res version]

"newborn grass"

[Full-res version]

Can anyone say "linen?" Credit: MacRumors forum member "Lukeyy19"

[Full-res version]

"lakeside Aurora Borealis"

[Full-res version]

"rainbow water drops"

[Full-res version]

"Raise" by PerfectHue

[Full-res version]

There are plenty of other places to find great wallpapers. InterfaceLIFT’s third-gen iPad section has dozens of incredible wallpapers that are already optimized for the iPad’s Retina display. Dribble is also a great place to look for interesting designs. You can follow @RetinaiPadWallpapers on Twitter for more free downloads.

Let us know what wallpaper you went with in the comments below! Have you found a great wallpaper for your new iPad? Share it with us!

[teaser-top]Apple’s default wallpaper not cutting it? Try these wallpapers instead.[/teaser-top]

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29 responses to “Gorgeous Wallpapers For Your New iPad’s Retina Display [Gallery]”

  1. Skywaytraffic says:

    Coolest one says file not found. Fail.

  2. andrei paraipan says:

    They look so good on the retina display! Thanks Cult of Mac 

  3. alexheath says:

    Which one are you talking about?

  4. Angelica Garcia Salazar says:

    The beautiful one of Cinque Terre. I wanted that one too! :(

  5. Vasu Sharma says:

    The url is here http://interfacelift.com/wallp

  6. Gregory D Foster says:

    The link for manarola isn’t working. *sadface*

  7. Toby_Wong says:

    gorg.. what?

  8. alexheath says:


  9. Danny says:

    “Manarola, Cinque Terre – Take II” still not working.

  10. alexheath says:

    It’s the site server’s getting hammered, not our link

  11. Danny says:

    I don’t think it’s the server being hammered Alex, the link pulls up a 404 page, most likely the link got moved.

    Here’s a great one on the site though: http://interfacelift.com/wallp

  12. Danny says:

    404 page does not mean their server is getting hammered.

  13. tornacious says:

    Got ’em all, thanks!

  14. Benjamin Hahn says:

    some more here: http://bennihahn.com/dunkelkam… (made by me)

  15. Bob_Zimmerman says:

    Just goto interface lift.com, they have hundreds of wallpapers that are new iPad ready!

  16. Brandon says:

    Wow.  I was just about to comment about InterfaceLift, but I see you have that covered.  Love that site!!!

  17. iLikeLemons says:

    Here’s the Manrola link, there’s also a mac resolution

  18. Wudien says:

    Shard does not work. Or the one Above it

  19. Clay Greenberg says:

    Yeah. Cinque Terre doesn’t work, and it’s not because the server is hammered. 404 means no such file exists (at least not in the specified location).

  20. therealgonzo says:

    found it while “walking” through the pictures….

  21. themorra says:

    Here are some nice ipad retina wallpapers skywalkergraphics.com/2048×204…

  22. Patrick Gavin says:

    Here are 60 more iPad Retina wallpapers

  23. jordanclark1993 says:

    Nope not fixed.

  24. will haine says:

    Nice, I especially like the Carbon one. Thanks so much for compiling them Alex.

    I also get my wallpapers from mobile9, which offers quite a lot of wallpapers for the retina iPad. :) http://gallery.mobile9.com/c/a

  25. joewaylo says:

    Right click it on your desktop and do “Save picture as” or hold the image on your iPad to bring up save in camera reel.

  26. SpitFire says:

    Thanks for the nice collection of wallpapers. Btw check out this site also http://ipadwallpaperworld.com they are having over 400+ of new ipad wallpapers.

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