How To Make Your Own iPhone Macro Lens



Why spend $20 on a good-quality, purpose-made macro lens for your iPhone when you could spend $10 on 3-D printing your own holder and another $4 for a glass lens to put inside it? That, my friends, is a saving of six whole dollars. Six American dollars that Appsman — the maker of this clever lens — is doubtless frittering away on a night of frenzied celebration. And if you, too, want to make yourself six bucks richer, then read on.

Appsman’s cool lens consists of two parts. The plastic, 3-D printed mount (the plans for which he thoughtfully uploaded to Shapeways) clips over the end of the phone and holds the little lens in place over the iPhone’s camera. It is similar in intent to the Olloclip, only it features just one lens and doesn’t cost $70.

At the top of this post I teased about the meager cost savings, but I love a homemade solution. In fact, this custom job would be great even if it cost more than the $20 Photojojo lens, and Appsman gets double points for making it so easy for the rest of us to copy him.

  • skestes

    I see it not as just saving $6 but a design that can be modified as needed.

    Have an Otterbox, Griffin, InCase, etc? No problem!  Just tweak the design and you have a macro lens solution without having to remove your case.

  • christian .ryan

    with such a simple design, it’s just a matter of time before someone uploads a 3D model to Thingiverse so those of us with 3D printers can print one out ourselves.

  • snailtek

    where can i get that white thingy and how do u call it?

  • Hermes Yu

    Hi! Guys! We have new cool macro lens case for iPhone 4/4s.