Why I Love The Skech Porter Case For iPad [Review]



I’ll come out and say this right at the beginning: I don’t like to put my Apple gear into cases. I went for years with an iPod Touch bareback in my jeans pocket, but with the iPad there was just too much easy-to-scratch screen on there. All the cases I tried were bulky or inelegant or just plain junk. I settled on Apple’s case, although that was a little like putting a supermodel in a wetsuit.

With the iPad 2, I have used the Smart Cover exclusively, with a rear skin sometimes. But now, I’m totally gaga over this hot little number from Skech. And here’s why.

The case is called the Porter, and it’s a kind of skeleton of a folio-style case. Here are the specs: The faux-leather cover is very stiff and light (278 grams on my kitchen scale, or 9.8 ounces), has a magnet to sleep-wake the iPad within, has a microfiber lining, can be used as a three-position stand and even has a little elasticated sleeve to tuck your hand into for easy holding. Finally, there is a hole so you can use the iPad’s camera.

Open. Here you see the hand-grip, which is surprisingly useful when reading and drinking beer at the same time

I like it because it stays out of the way. The Porter grabs the iPad by its corners, along with a couple fingers that hook over the screen a third of the way across. The cover also hooks closed with a clasp, which is way more secure than the Smart Cover. If I had bought this case a year ago, I wouldn’t have so many scratches on the iPad’s screen.

These little fingers grip the iPad as if their lives depended on it

So the case stays closed, wakes the iPad when you open it and grips so hard it will never fall off. This would be enough, but the clever stand makes it even better.

To use it, you unhook the two claws at the top and bottom left. The back of the case folds away, allowing the edge of the iPad to be rested in one of two grooves. This is way more stable than the Smart Cover, as the base is as big as the iPad itself. You can watch movies in bed without the thing falling over every five minutes.

In stand mode, the Porter is super stable
Nifty, huh?

But there’s more. Allow the iPad to swing past these grooves and it tucks into the little hook that also keeps the case closed. In this position the angle is perfect for typing.

Perfect for typing, even on your lap

So would I recommend it? Totally. Even at around $60 it’s less than a Smart Cover and rear cover together, and has drawn way more comments that even my Moleskine-style cases. I love that it provides just enough protection and yet still lets me steal glimpses of the nude iPad underneath.

And I’m very impressed by the clever stand system which doesn’t rely on adding extra flaps or kickstands.

But the best news? Skech has already announced a version compatible with the new iPad.

Pros Light, tough, good looking. Packs many functions without adding bulk. The ladies love it.

Cons Doesn’t make you coffee. That’s about it.

[xrr rating=99%]

  • Tim Meesseman

    I’m confused… this is identical in EVERY way to the Marware CEO Hybrid, except for the stitching on the cover. Everything else, without a doubt, is the same product with a different brand name.


    I have the Marware case, and it’s excellent. But my gut tells me that this is a rebranded item, so Marware should be given the credit here.

  • Mark Andersen

    cool, I like it.  So where can I buy it?

  • Corey L. Robertson

    This looks EXACTLY like the CEO Hybrid from Marware, which I pre-ordered when it came out for the iPad 2. If this one is new, I wonder if they ripped off the design? And my Marware case doesn’t always hold the iPad in the propped up position, but otherwise I love it.

  • macfoxpro

    Yeah it would be nice if they sold them. Or even gave people a possible inkling on where to buy. 

  • AndyDrum

    Basically the same as the Switcheasy Canvas to me. Except that I’d prefer the Canvas, which is $10 cheaper anyway.

  • Chas Lum

    Where can I buy it?!?!?!?!?! HELLOOOOOOO

  • Radtech51


    My only questions is, will it work just fine with the New iPad?

  • Radtech51

    Being that the New iPad is just slightly thicker will this case work out ok?

  • Staplekid

    If anyone finds out a UK seller, would they let us know ? 

    Skech’s website (skechit.com/en/shop/category/i… confirms it will fit iPad 3, but isn’t very helpful with sales.

  • Len Williams

    Click on the Porter link in the third paragraph and it will take you to the site that sells them. 

  • Cathy Pierce

    Is it really that hard for you guys to do on of the following options:
    1) click the Porter link in the article
    2) google it

  • Staplekid

    Re: AndyDrum – read the reviews of the Switcheasy Canvas on Amazon UK ? Seems like they have a lot of customers unhappy with the product, reporting cracks in the material and faulty clasps.

    Put me right off, I’m afraid…

  • Staplekid

    My last post was held for moderation because it helpfully included the URL to Skech’s web site that confirms that the new Porter case will fit iPad 3. Unfortunately their site gives no clues as to where or how to buy one. 

    If anyone in the UK finds a dealer would they let us know ? Apologies if this message ends up being duplicated.

  • Staplekid

    Not originally it didn’t ! But thanks CoM for editing it in.

  • Radtech51

    I tried to post with at link to Amazon’s website for everyone but it was also held for moderation. A search shows that you can pick one up at any Sears store though. 

  • Christopher

    If you go to the Skechit Website you can see their entire line and they are obviously pushing the new covers for the new iPad but it doesn’t appear to be on sale yet. If you search around the site and get to the covers for iPad2 you’ll see links to Amazon where you can by the cases but the cases for the new iPad aren’t on sale yet. No indication on the website when that is going to happen either.

  • Amarokada

    I agree it looks the same (I have the CEO Hybrid from Marware as well) but with one important difference.  The clip on here is in the centre instead of at the edges, and I found if I’m playing a game (like plants vs zombies) in the propped up position, my wrists would be resting on the edge clips on the Marware, which started to hurt after a while.

    I’ve looked at Skech’s new lineup and I want to get 2 of their cases, but can’t find anything about UK/EU availability, so I’ve emailed them.

  • Gordon_Keenan

    I emailed tem a few days ago asking about price and availability in the UK. So far nothing back. Clearly there is no rush to sell the thing….

  • walk0080

    Looks very nice. The first pic in the article looks very pink… is that due to your camera flash? Is it a light pink or dark red?

    Too bad no info on their site about buying the new iPad / iPad3 version.

  • radical24

    yeah I emailed them too as to wherer i can buy thier product and no answer :( so does anyone have links for the ipad3 (new ipad) for this cover where i can buy them ? appreciate it 

  • walk0080

    How easy is it to insert/remove the iPad from the case?

  • Staplekid

    I received an update from Skech today saying their covers for the iPad3 would be available in the UK in April via Amazon.

    Worth waiting for, I reckon.

  • walk0080

    I wonder how this compares to the “Icon iPad 3 Leather Click Book Pro (ASD388) – Black
    Model #: ASD388 ” that is $59 at Best Buy Canada. Might try it out as this item is available now and locally… whereas the Sketch might be available in April and likely only in the States. I am not finding the Smart Cover to be as useful as I had hoped…

  • PenelopeH

    I bought the skech cover for my new iPad (3) and love it…except the magnetic wake/sleep feature isn’t working. Has anyone else found the same to be true for their new iPad?

  • walk0080

     I tried the “icon iPad 3 Leather Click Book Pro” which is almost identical and the wake/sleep feature didn’t work either on the new iPad even though it was advertised to have that feature. I think icon just changed the packaging but not the product. Although I have no idea why the feature would not work.

    FYI the new sketch cover is not available yet for the new iPad… perhaps there is a slight difference in the old vs. new cover?

  • PenelopeH

    Thanks for the feedback. As a test case I tried my new Skech cover on an iPad2 and it did indeed work so I think your guess that there may be a difference between the magnets in the new iPad and the 2. Sadly I think I need to return my Skech and wait for the new version.

  • walk0080

     The iPad 2 and new iPad (3rd gen) are supposed to have magnets in the same place so I find it odd that two similar cases do not work. I have a Smart Cover and it is exactly the same between the 2nd gen and 3rd gen iPads. So the behaviour is very strange.

  • PenelopeH

    Getting really in the weeds here…i used a magnet on both the 2 and the 3 and the magnets on the 2 felt stronger than those on the 3.

  • Blackacex2

    The issue is with the polarity of the magnets used on the new iPad. Dodocase had to make new cases with adjusted magnets specifically because of the polarity. 

  • BigJacktheMac

    As someone posted, shame Skech don’t seem to be in any hurry to sell their cases to anyone, especially outside the US. They can’t be bothered to respond to my emails.

  • JacktheMac

    I received mine today. Gorgeous red (Charlie’s photo is pretty accurate on my iMac), great product. Best cover I’ve ever seen/used.

  • samring

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