UK Deliveries Of New iPad Delayed, Even As U.S. iPads Start Shipping


Expect delays.

Are you a Brit who ordered a new iPad on Wednesday? Check your email: Apple might have just welched on their deal with you to get it delivered by March 16th.

According to reports coming from several customers in the UK, people who ordered the new iPad soon after launch are starting to get “Sorry!” emails from Apple, pushing delivery bach to March 20-21.

Despite our best efforts and those of our shipping partners to get your order to you on time, we want to inform you that it will not arrive on its originally scheduled delivery date.
Your new delivery date is 20/03/2012.

Once you receive your Shipment Notification email, you can check the delivery status of your order by clicking the Track Shipment button, or by visiting the Apple Store and clicking Account.

We regret the delay and apologise for the inconvenience.

Kind regards,
Apple Online Store

This is a bummer for numerous reasons, not least of which being that those in the UK only got to start preordering their iPads after customers in the States. Meanwhile, individuals in the States are already getting shipping notices for the new iPad, and most iPads are still available for preorder with a delivery estimate of March 16. You Ess Ay! You Ess Ay!