New iPad Shipping Times Slip To 2-3 Weeks For U.K. [Update]



If you live in the U.K. and you haven’t pre-ordered your new iPad yet, you’ll need to prepare yourself for a lengthy wait. You will no longer get the new tablet on launch day, March 16, with shipping times slipping to 2-3 weeks for all models.

Of course, this is hardly a surprise. Like many new Apple products, the new iPad is going to continue to sell out quickly in the weeks following its launch. In fact, here at Cult of Mac, we were surprised that it’s taken this long for shipping times to slip. It seemed to happen a lot sooner with the iPad 2 last year.

If you’re in the U.S., you still have the chance to get your new iPad on launch day. But you’ll probably want to hurry up and pre-order it before shipping times slip stateside, too.

Did you get your order in on time? How are shipping times where you live?

UPDATE: Shipping times have also slipped in Canada and Europe, with Apple’s website now showing “Available: by March 19” for these countries.

  • Timorteus

    Yep, preordered mine yesterday morning. I was kind of expecting to miss out on launch day, but it says it will deliver for the 16th. I was a bit surprised they took the money out of my account about 30 mins after I ordered. Was under the impression they would wait until it was dispatched. Although maybe it has already?

  • Dániel Simai

    I have to wait until April to get my money from the bank. I wanted to get my “The new iPad” at the launch day, I can’t wait to get mine. :)

  • RavenReef

    Unable to order on Wednesday. Got the Oops site page…. However Thursday morning at 4 AM EST the site was up and running and delivery is scheduled for the 16th here in the Florida Keys.