AT&T Won’t Let You Tether Your New iPad LTE, But Verizon Will



At yesterday’s press conference, Apple made a big deal about how you could tether your new iPad to your laptop or other device, “if your carrier supports Personal Hotspot.”

Hey, guys, guess which of the two big U.S. carriers won’t support Personal Hotspot on the new iPad? Yup, the usual bastard: AT&T. But Verizon seemingly will. That means that if you’re an AT&T customer. there’s no way to tether your laptop to your iPad’s blistering LTE speeds… short, of course, of an A5X jailbreak.

It’s surprising, only in wake of Apple specifically highlighting the capability. That said, AT&T’s LTE networks is very, very young and under developed right now… it makes sense they would want to do everything in their power to prevent them from being crushed.

International carriers, of course, will probably support the feature, if not LTE 4G. And it seems likely that Verizon will include tethering, as
VZW is now telling Gotta Be Mobile that Personal Hotspot is included in their monthly data plan price.

That makes Verizon the best choice of carrier for an iPad LTE right now. We’re going to reach out to AT&T and Verizon and see if we can get more confirmation. Stay tuned.

[via App Advice]

  • K Jackson

    So how is it the best choice of carrier for the LTE iPad when there is an article on this very site that said AT&T’s version is a lot faster?  You mean it is the best choice if you plan on tethering from your iPad for LTE speeds.  I tether from my jailbroken 4S so I don’t really worry about that part.

  • Red Devil

    Another reason to jailbreak your phone. I jailbroke mine, got a tethering program and now, free tether to my ipad

  • rockarollr

    “…and burn my battery up faster in both devices instead of just the iPad!”  (LOL)

  • Brandon Dillon

    AT&T is willing to blow half of their fucking earnings on lobbyists for the T-Mobile merger, but God forbid they invest a nickel of that into improving their network.

    I’m so glad I left them for Verizon. AT&T snuck at least one bogus charge on my iPhone bill every. single. month. And don’t even get me started on the latest customer-raping move of fucking their grandfathered unlimited data users.

    May there be a hotter place in hell for those responsible for why this company is the undisputed worst cellular carrier in customer service.

    I guarantee that they are the prime inspiration as to why Steve Jobs wanted to create a cellular carrier of his own.

  • Brandon Dillon

    I frequently use Cydia tethering apps, and I haven’t seen any significant battery drainage.

  • Ryan Mahan

     Tell me about this customer-raping, sir.

  • Brandon Dillon

    I have to grab a bottle of lube to even bring myself to talk about it.

  • Daniel Lipsky

    I just called AT&T today and the woman on the phone told me it would support hotspot, but then when I asked for proof she talked to her supervisor and he said it will not as of right now, but they’ll see after the product launches.  So this information is correct, AT&T will NOT support personal hotspot on release day.  Crap, I ordered two AT&T versions, I guess I’ll have to try to swap them out in the midst of all the crowds and chaos on release day :(

  • Brett Gentry

    Aren’t you still able to use your iphone to tether to other device? Why do you need to jailbreak to do this. Isn’t the article saying that it won’t let people tether from the new ipad (not the iphone)? Just trying to understand as I am in the market.