Apple Begins Using ‘iSight’ Name For iPhone 4 And iPhone 4S Rear Cameras



When Apple unveiled its new iPad yesterday, the Cupertino company labeled its 5-megapixel rear-facing camera an “iSight camera.” The iSight name has been used for years to label the cameras built into the Mac, but the new iPad is the first time we’d heard it used for an iOS device.

Apple has now extended that name to the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S, updating its website to advertise iSight cameras for both.

Apple actually seemed to be killing off the iSight name, using the “FaceTime” name instead to label the cameras in its latest Macs. But it seems it has now been resurrected. MacRumors notes the new iPad, the iPhone 4, and the iPhone 4S all have an iSight camera now, according to Apple’s website.

The iSight camera just might be the best camera ever on a phone. And with all-new optics, it just might be the only camera you need.

The iSight camera gives you 8 megapixels — that’s 60 percent more pixels than the camera on iPhone 4.

The name hasn’t meandered down to the iPhone 3GS or the iPod touch yet, but it may be on its way. We’ll keep an eye on Apple’s website.

I’m actually a fan of the iSight name, so I’m glad Apple has brought it back.

  • joewaylo

    Won’t last for long though if “iSIGHT is a trademark of Engineous Software, Inc” wins over Apple just as Proview won over the trademark iPad.

  • CharliK

    Proview hasn’t won yet. 

    Also trademarks are market specific so it is very possible that there is no conflict with the use of iSight by Apple. Just like there wasn’t when they started using the term years ago for the computer cameras

  • Xe997

    The iPhone camera has always been called iSight. The Mac cameras have always been called iSight and not FaceTime. We have always been at war with Eastasia.

  • Mitch Clendening

    In the tech specs they refer to the front-facing camera as a “FaceTime” camera, so they are making a distinction between the two.

  • prof_peabody

    Exactly.  If there was a problem with the iSight name then Apple couldn’t have been using it these last 10 years or so.  

  • Jordan Clay

    Keep on blending iOS and OSX, eventually it will be the same OS. 

  • Len Williams

    I still use my original standalone iSight camera magnetically attached to the top of my 30″ Cinema Display. It works great for Skype and Facetime calls. It seems that Apple is differentiating the 2 cameras: the front facing is a Facetime camera (for Facetime calls) and the rear facing is an iSight. I have no idea why this strategy is being employed, but we may be seeing some new product or products coming up the line soon. Maybe Apple is planning on getting back into high-end digital photography and giving Nikon and Canon a run for their money. Maybe they’re coming out with one of those new light wave cameras and revolutionizing yet another consumer/prosumer product.

  • tomtomkinson

    I’m curious as to Apples intent here.  They take away the iPad name extension (2,3, hd, whatever) yet add a name for something that doesn’t really need it.

  • recyclops117

    I really don’t ever see that happening. Anyone who knows anything about computers what’s the point of having a limited mobile/desktop OS on PC??? You get more and more limitations, and that is the only reason people still use PC’s! Thats the horrible mistake microsoft did with windows 8. What apple is doing now in mountain lion is giving the mac features that everybody loves on ipad to the mac such ad reminders/notes/notification center. And as for an iOS/OS X hybrid on an iPad? Yes I can see that happening. On an iPhone? No MacBook? No iMac? No.

  • Jordan Worley

    They are just lifting the iPad to the same distinction as their mac line. (I know it is actually a post-pc device). Do we have an iMac HD? or a Macbook Pro 4? Nope.  Just, the new iMac, the new Macbook Pro.  How do we know the difference between them? Launch cycle (spring 2012, Fall 2011.) I could see apple potentially doing this with the iPad as well, and you heard them mention at the end of the keynote that they had many more exciting things planned for iOS this year.  This is probably the same reason that iLife and iWork are more and more equal to or surpassing their desktop counterparts and why Mountain Lion bridges the gap even closer. They want to make the designation between their products, either OS X or iOS, seem like less of a difference to the average consumer.  This is just my opinion and I could easily be wrong.  

  • Jordan Worley

    Same with the iSight cameras, conventionally part of the Mac nomenclature. 

  • thehayhorse

    in a few years we’ll have iOSX!

  • ipadforever

    i don’t think you are wrong!

  • Aaren Browns

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