Learn All About The New Apple TV On Apple’s Updated Page



The new Apple TV didn’t get a lot of discussion time during the keynote today, and you might have missed a few new features. The new interface looks great, and we’ve been dying for 1080p support for years. Apple just updated the Apple TV page on their website, so you can now dig into all the detail of the new device and bust out your credit card once the store comes back online.

  • MacHead84

    The new layout feels very app friendly….it could be in the works

  • B066Y

    Will the ATV2 be updated to the new software version?

  • John Alice

    All I want to know is, can I mirror my desktop mac on my hdtv with Apple TV?  Say I want to watch a movie that I have stored on my desktop mac using VLC player, is it possible to watch the movie on my tv?

  • Dante Fiero

    There may be a workaround out there, but officially the answer is no. However, they are building that functionality into Mountain Lion.