More Evidence That The iPad 3 Will Be Called “iPad HD”


Is that an eyeball inside the artwork?
Notice anything subtly familiar?

As I’ve argued before, there’s a good chance the third-gen iPad will be called the “iPad HD.” The rumored tablet is expected to feature a pixel-packed Retina display as its flagship feature, and the “HD” suffix could help differentiate it as a newer, higher-quality device.

Two separate reports have been published today stating that Apple will indeed call Wednesday’s tablet the iPad HD.

The Verge originally introduced the idea of an iPad HD last summer when it claimed the completely redesigned iPhone 5 would launch in the fall. The iPhone 4S launched instead, and The Verge got its dates wrong. Things got quiet on the iPad HD front until Gizmodo reignited the HD rumors last week with a post referencing accessory listings from Griffin and Belkin.

Venturebeat adds fuel to the fire today:

Apple’s next-generation iPad will be called the iPad HD, not the iPad 3, a reliable source tells VentureBeat. Additionally, we’re hearing that Apple is now buying 7.1-inch screen components in preparation for a smaller iPad release later this year.

Separately, CNET reports:

A developer who’s previously provided reliable information with respect to things Apple and otherwise tells us the next iPad uses the HD moniker instead of going with “iPad 3.”

As stated above, I’ve already given my stance on the possibility of an iPad HD. Most people in the tech scene hate the name for multiple reasons, especially the fact that Apple has already engrained “Retina” as its high-quality display moniker. While that’s true for the tech-entrenched geeks who read Apple blogs and news sites, it’s certainly not true for the average consumer.

I was sitting at a table during dinner tonight with a group of people that are not tech enthusiasts. They don’t follow the Apple rumor mill and they don’t know the difference between IPO and ISO. They are the kind of people Apple markets to: average consumers who like technology that works and makes their lives better.

After reading reactions this afternoon from bloggers and Apple fans I follow on Twitter about the possibility of an iPad HD, I decided to ask the people at the table what they thought about the name. When asked whether “iPad 3” or “iPad HD” made more sense in light of the high-quality Retina display, every single one of them said they preferred iPad HD.

Why? Because it just makes sense.

The average consumer doesn’t care that a Retina display iPad is actually leagues beyond the quality of true HD. I’ve heard arguments saying “HD” iPad apps in the App Store would create confusion. Why on earth would playing Angry Birds HD on your iPad HD be confusing? The two suffixes are actually the same, therefore connecting the experience for the user. When developers update their apps for the iPad’s Retina display, buying a “HD” app would cause me to think I’m downloading an app optimized for my shiny new tablet, and I would be doing exactly that because those apps will be updated with Retina graphics.

Then there’s the chance Apple sticks to its numbering guns and calls it the iPad 3. Either option would work, and it depends entirely on how Apple wants to market the product. In my opinion, there’s nothing confusing about marketing a Retina display-equipped iPad HD to the average consumer.

Remember how people hated the idea of an “iPhone 4S?” Yeah, we all know how that turned out.

(Also, compare this post’s top image with this page on Apple’s website. See if you find any similarities.)

What do you think? iPad 3, or iPad HD?

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  • crustyjusty

    Why not iPad Pro a la the Macbook Pro

  • TimSquillo

    What about the iPad 2HD? The only upgrade may be internally with a retina display. Apple would then keep the the iPad 2 as a cheaper option to the iPad 2HD, just as they have done with the iPhone 4S.

  • JoshObra

    Sounds good. Since they haven’t really given the iPad a suffix yet.

    The iPhone 3G was named that way because of it’s “3G” feature as everyone wanted it to be.. but they didn’t really give the iPhone 4 a name for the retina display, yet the crowd doesn’t know about it.

    But we do know the crowd really wanted the retina display on an iPad, so therefore they’ll call it iPad HD.

    Either way, I’m pretty sure most people would still call it an iPad 3 because it’s a little easier to say and remember.

    So the 7-in one could be called iPad HD Mini?

  • Mike Long

    I think it’ll be called the iPad HD 3D 4G LTE.

  • Luis Dominguez

    What about the the iPad 2S, just like they do to the iPhones when they don’t physically change the look of the device.

  • ehutchins

    What was the question again?

  • steffenjobbs

    Who cares what they call it.  Most consumers don’t care what it’s called.  Forget the speculation and just release the darn thing.

  • Adao Junior

    C’mon the 7.1 display will be for the CarPad, won’t be an iPad mini.

  • recyclops117

    Being the first apple device to have 4G (if it does end up having it) it should be called the iPad 4G or iPad LTE

  • Teresahswan

     Thanks for sharing knowledge..

  • David Casey

     And what about the wifi only version considering these probably sale a hell of a lot more??

  • recyclops117

    Right after I hit enter I was like wait…damn it!! Haha

  • Artoo

    Apple, here are my suggestions (probably too late)

    iPad PJ (post-Jobs)

    iPad 2BB (but better)

    iPad X (for OSX)

    iPad R2D2 (retina to display 2)

    iPad ADHD (for people constantly switching to new HD content)

  • Cold_dead_fingers

    There’s only one version of the iPad, so why have the “Pro”?

  • Terry Jones

    hope they don’t bring in smaller screen, us oldies like ‘big’ !

  • baby_Twitty

    How about… iPad Trilogy: Revenge Of The HD???

  • TauZer0

    Well, I for one, don’t like messing around with newer names for devices that already have a perfect name.

    I thought naming the “4S” that way was strange because it was the 5th-gen iPhone. They should have taken the opportunity to match the generations with the names (fourth gen = iPhone4, fifth gen = iPhone 5).Whatever it is called, its gonna be the “2012 iPad” and I want it! :D

  • Otak

    it’s gonna be high def all after this iPad, so why have the “HD”? It’s all gonna be High-Def after all..

  • Forest Walker

    omg lol wtf

  • taylerz

    Recall the days the name “iPad” was being made fun of… good to know we’ve moved on to other things

  • SamDS

    like the iPad 2 kind of is, i think that it will just be simply called iPad. sure, when its announced they’ll call it something but even one thereafter will refer to it as iPad. HD/3 will only last a short while.

  • Don Pope

    This makes a lot of sense.

  • crustyjusty

    Guess I assume they’ll keep the old one around for $299 or so.

  • RAGordy

    The real news is the 1080 support for Apple TV.

  • Tim Lanfair

    so I had a crazy thought last night i thought i would share,,, what if the ….and touch part of the invitation is a separate product? what if it were that mythical,,, touch iMac, with that special sliding hinge???? and new i life support for touch???

  • shannon_f

    Very good point, would the iPad after this one be called the iPad HD 2? Sounds long and clunky

  • bondr006

    No doubt in my mind it will be iPad 3. No logical or compelling reason for it to be anything but.

  • prof_peabody

    The fact that we will get used to whatever it is anyway (and probably even come to like it), is not really an argument for it being name a, b, or c.  The fact that people unfamiliar with the situation pick “HD” is also irrelevant.  

    Anything could happen, but the fact that only *once* have they ever used anything other than (name) or (name plus s) for their iOS devices (the iPhone 3G) means that it’s more likely to be “iPad 3” or “iPad 2s.”   

    Personally, I prefer “iPad 2s” but people take that as a negative lately, so it’s more likely to be plain old “iPad 3.”

  • Radtech51

    I don’t see Apple giving up the number 3 indicating it’s the 3rd generation iPad. However I would venture the idea that it will be called an iPad 3 HD. Guess we will find out soon enough.

  • Joel Tague

    Thats what she said…

  • Joel Tague

    I hope that someday they drop the sub name differentiator and just call them the iphone and ipad.  Think about it, they dont call it the macbook pro 3 or iMac HD, or even ipod touch 4.  They just stick with the name of the model.  I think that eventually apple should just drop the names after the products.  It will confuse the hell out of my iphone customers but its worth it!

  • Son1ze

    Meh. MacBook Air Pro HD please.

  • David Casey

    People will simply know it as the ‘New iPad’, same as the one out next year and the year after etc lol