Please LEGO, Make This Miniature LEGO Apple Store A Reality




If you love Apple and LEGOs then here’s a project you’ll want to get behind – The Lego Modular  Apple Store. With roughly 800 pieces, the Lego Modular  Apple Store seeks to replicate your shopping experience by helping Lego fans build an Apple Store replete with iPhones, iPads, iPods, MacBooks, iMacs, and even a little Steve Jobs Lego man.

It isn’t in production yet, but with your help it could be. Created by Lego Cuusoo user gotoandbuild, the Lego Modular Apple Store is currently being voted on and only needs 9000 more votes to have Lego consider it for a design review. Features of the mini-Apple Store include a Genius Bar, accessory shelves, fanboys to line up outside, and a skylight in the form of a bitmap Apple logo.

Head over to Lego Cuusoo to support the project so everyone can experience the closest thing to being like Steve Jobs.

[via AppAdvice]

  • joewaylo

    That looks awesome. My suggestion is to use the Apple Logo adhesive that comes with every new iPad and iMac instead of the C shaped lego one. Maybe even some more space and ten tables.

  • IamJAd

    Add about 80 more Lego people in that space, and you’d have it right.

  • KateMacVerde

    Apple would never allow that.

  • Alex

    Why does Lego have to make it a reality ? Since its Lego,  download ” Lego Digital Designer” and order the bricks and build it ….

  • Skytron

    Yeah, order the bricks:

  • Skytron

    Yeah, Order the bricks: