On Location For Apple’s iPad 3 Event Prep At Yerba Buena In San Francisco [Gallery]


the Apple logo centered around a colorful background
the Apple logo centered around a colorful background

We decided to visit the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco to get a peek at the signage Apple is currently putting up for its iPad event next week. The colorful look and feel reminds us of the original iPad launch back in 2010.

Workers started installing the signage this morning.

A TV truck around the side of Yerba Buena. Lots of Apple security and local police around.
Akamai is here. The press is going to be using a ton of bandwidth come Wednesday.


Looking secretive inside Yerba Buena...
Staffer moved some crates before we could get a good look.
Getting ready for the big event!
A beautiful day here in San Francisco.
It's done!

  • Samuel Kenneth

    ok…just posted this same comment on 9to5mac…taking a closer look at the signage, it looks like a giant eyeball.  almost exactly the same as the retina display icon used on apples own website, not that we needed any more confirmation on the retina display coming to the iPad.

  • facebook-100000670318505

    well done

  • TeeJay1100

    So what… No one cares about a retina display…

  • facebook-100000670318505

    yes everyone dose 

  • Brandon Dillon

    Wow good eye there Samuel. If this is coincidence, it’s crazy.

  • Bridger Lowe

    You, my good sir, are a very ignorant person.

  • TeeJay1100

    Yo momma

  • CharliK

    I’m sorry but first off why did you even try to see in. Everyone tries that so of course they would have it ropped off. Heck that’s why the giant ‘blackouts’. 

    second. are you really this desperation for hits that you would post about something so bleach. Especially with hourly updates. Even one of those annoying and lame tip videos from Michael would be better than this nonsense