Apple Planning To Launch TV Streaming Service By Christmas [Report]



We’ve heard whispers of Apple launching a streaming video service in the iTunes Store before, and now a new report from The New York Post claims that the company is “pushing ahead” to get such a service off the ground by Christmas.

According to the report, Apple “point man” Eddy Cue has been in talks with leading content providers to negotiate distribution deals for what will presumably pave the way for the mystical iTV.

For months, Apple’s point man, Eddie Cue, has been leading talks with content providers, which have largely balked at the tech giant’s efforts to exert control over all aspects of the video service, including pricing, sources said.

Apple’s negotiating stance can be summed up as “we decide the price, we decide what content,” according to one source familiar with the talks.

An unnamed media executive told The Post, “They [Apple] want everything for nothing.” It sounds like Apple is bulldozing itself into the market just as it did in the music industry.

The “channels as apps” concept Apple is proposing would either be offered in a packaged fee or an a la carte model. Streaming TV would be provided through Apple’s upcoming service to the current Apple TV set-top box and most likely the future iTV.

“They want to create the interface, and they wanted to work with the cable guys to manage bandwidth across the TV and broadband pipeline,” said one source familiar with the talks.

Apple is reportedly in talks with AT&T and Verizon to help get a foot in the door of the lucrative TV market. The carriers would presumably also help with streaming bandwidth costs over 3G if Apple’s new TV service made its way to other iOS devices.

The New York Post also corroborates previous reports that Apple will release a new Apple TV set-top box at its iPad event on March 7th.

Considering that Apple has been trying to get a streaming video service off the ground since 2009, we can’t wait to see what the company can get accomplished in 2012. Hopefully content providers are starting to realize that they need Apple if they want to stand a chance against the future of TV and movie distribution.

  • lobbin

    I still think a physical TV from Apple is a mythical product along with the smaller iPad.

  • FriarNurgle

    Apple should just work with OTA broadcast stations and stream that content for free like they do with radio stations and offer a DVR icloud service for a fee or free with maybe iAds?. Screw the cable companies. Enough people are cutting the cord and with Netflix and streaming of hundreds of global TV stations on the Apple TV/iTunes, I’m sure the Cable companies will be more willing to negotiate.

  • MacGoo

    I don’t even want CHANNELS. Just give me a solid Netflix replacement so I can dump that clueless company Eddy.

  • Gregintosh

    They keys to owning the market for cord cutters are:

    1. Must be able to access TV shows immediately after they air (if live option is not available), worst case scenario the next day.

    2. Must be able to access live sports or breaking news events.

    3. Must be able to pick and choose the channels or content in such a way that all your TV shows are viewable so you don’t have to resort to torrents or other means to watch things you previously had access to.

    4. Must be significantly cheaper than cable. I can get Cable TV for an extra $25 tacked onto my internet bill. If this costs $29 or $39 a month, then its no longer a “no brainer” for many families.

  • ddevito

    Professor Peabrain will chime in shortly to tell you to stop spreading false rumors which would be illegal

  • Mike Rathjen


  • John Howell

    You know, I don’t care about HBO as a channel, but I do want to watch Game of Thrones. What if there was a way just tO subscribe to a show, have it download new episodes as the show up, synch with my player, have liner notes and metadata, etc. you know, JUST LIKE A FRIKEN PODCAST DOES NOW?

  • Rob Alfonso

    Let me tell you how slighted I feel about my current Apple TV..The worst $100 I spent..They better update the existing ones to stream, im not buying another Apple.

  • Alex Crocker

    I’m sure you said the same thing about the pre-iTunes music industry, but look at the direction Apple is heading. They REVOLUTIONIZED the way people buy music by making  it so that one can buy songs á la carte, which is cheaper than buying an overpriced CD for $15. Even though it hasn’t stopped piracy (which can never be completely stopped), it has significantly cut down the number of illegal downloads (for music). The next logical step would be the TV industry, which is desperately in need of change for the following reasons:
    1) Cable/Satellite providers’ greed
    2) Complicated TV remotes
    3) Complicated TV/DVR menus
    4) Premium stations (HBO, Cinemax, etc.) are a rip-off and need to go. –> to be replaced by Apple’s iTunes Movie/TV show rentals 

    In conlcusion, if Apple can create a televison set that has a built-in DVD/Blu-ray player, iTunes rentals, DVR, access to local programming as well as national channels (one package for all customers, so no more bragging about how many channels one has), Siri, simple-to-navigate menus, and A simplified remote (notice I said A remote, meaning universal), all wrapped up in a sleek package with all the necessary components and ready to use right out of the box, then Apple would have created the perfect entertainment center.

    P.S. I do agree about the smaller iPad being only a rumor. I don’t see that happening at all!

  • Alex Crocker

    I got one for Christmas and so far I like it, i just wish the original iPad supported Airplay Mirroring. At least my MacBook will once Mountain Lion comes out.

  • Don Pope

    Really? I think mine is the best $100 i’ve spent on a gadget in a long time.

  • lobbin

    You don’t need a complete TV for that. The AppleTV is a perfect product for this and it works with all newer TVs that carries a HDMI-port. It’s small and cheap, and it also works with projectors.

  • lobbin

    Also, must be available world wide. Why should I have to wait 6 months for it to air on a Swedish channel if it even is aired at all.