Apple To Start Producing 7.85-Inch iPad By Third Quarter Of 2012 [Rumor]


How would a smaller iPad fit into Apple's iOS product lineup?
How would a smaller iPad fit into Apple's iOS product lineup?

According to a new report from Taiwanese publication Digitimes, Apple is gearing up to produce a 7.85-inch iPad. The rumored device is reportedly set to enter mass production by the third quarter of this year.

According to Digitimes:

Makers in Apple’s iPad supply chain have started delivering samples of 7.85-inch iPads for verification, with volume production likely to begin in the third quarter of 2012 at the earliest, according to industry sources.

The price of the 7.85-inch iPad is likely to be set at US$249-299, since Apple is also expected to release an 8GB iPad 2 for US$349-399, and has lowered the price of the 16GB iPad 2 to US$449, the sources noted.

Another report from Digitimes just said that Apple is also set to release a 8GB iPad 2 model alongside the iPad 3. If you ask us, it doesn’t make much sense for Apple to sell a 8GB and 16GB iPad 2 unless there’s a big difference in price point.

The ‘iPad Mini’ rumors haven’t seemed to die over the last several months, and many still believe that Apple will inevitably introduce a smaller, cheaper iPad to take on the likes of the Kindle Fire. The Wall Street Journal recently said that Apple is prototyping a 8-inch iPad, so it’s probably true that such a device exists. One should remember that Apple prototypes all kinds of products simultaneously, and that what’s being played with in the Cupertino labs may not necessarily hit the store shelves anytime soon.

  • Artoo

    Here we go again, and I still don’t believe it.

    Was Steve Jobs really that indispensable? Was he the only one who “got it”? Kindle is only successful because it’s cheap! A $300 8″ iPad is NOT a good idea. It’s not innovating, it would be too small to compete with the full-size iPad, too big to compete with the iPhone and too expensive to compete with the Kindle.

    If Apple goes that route they will prove to me that Steve Jobs really WAS Apple, and without him, they are just another gadget maker.

  • Brandon Dillon

    I read this article and then scrolled straight down to leave an almost exact comment. Well stated.

  • Steve A

    your beef exceeds the need.  

  • giriz

    So, if Apple sells millions of 8″ iPad, will that mean Steve Jobs was really clueless about what customers wanted ?

  • cassandralite

    I think I read somewhere that Steve had died and some other guy was running the company now.  Is that true?  If so, he might have other ideas, remembering back to all the times when Steve wasn’t right about something.  

  • Artoo

     thanks, Bra.

  • Artoo

     that’s what she said…

  • Artoo

     hmmm…. no… It will mean I am clueless.
    Jobs statements had to do with cutting edge tech and were time-sensitive.
    He said, about the iMac G4 that a vertical disk drive was a bad idea, but that soon changed.

  • Artoo

     that’s what I’m afraid of… “the other guy” and his ideas.

  • just_guillermo

    well when Steve Jobs was around, there weren’t so many many 7 inch tablets. this was just a matter of time

  • WVMikeP


  • Allan Cook

    Just because companies X, Y and Z have brought small tablets to market doesn’t mean Apple will. Apple doesn’t follow, it leads.

  • FriarNurgle

    Interesting rumor, but I’m highly skeptical. 

  • ddevito

    This is due from one word: Android. 

  • ddevito

    Why isn’t an 8″ tablet a good idea? I’d love to know why. 

  • ddevito

    Why isn’t an 8″ tablet a good idea? I’d love to know why. 

  • ddevito

    Do you peabrains honestly believe Jobs didn’t approve this? Do you think it’s that simple and quick to turnaround a design and manufacture it? Do you think this smaller tablet (if true) didn’t spend time in Mr. Ive’s R&D lab?

    If not you’re all simpletons.

  • sir1jaguar



    He made lots of wrong decision, so he’s not really that good…

    He was really lucky from 2007 iPhone then the luck didn’t stop there…

    I have the original iPad and iPad 2 but me and my wife likes the portability of 7-8 inches screen tablet…

  • Scott Gerber

    Apple needs a larger iPod Touch, not a smaller iPad.

    Doing so would diminish the iPad name and hurt sales. But, making a larger iPod Touch would be a great media consumption device and be huge for gaming. Apple is already hurting Sony and Nintendo in portable gaming without much effort. Imagine what a larger iPod Touch could do.

  • Scott Duval

    it means theres alot of people who wil buy it and be unsatisfied with it… 

  • Scott Duval

    I would hate to buy it… the ipad is perfect the way it is… the right size to fill the need for a book or magazine… portable television… anything smaller would suck… 

  • Artoo

    It’s not a bad idea per se, I think it’s a bad move for Apple to make one.

    People expect Apple to lead with innovation, another mid-size tablet would be just following the trend of what everyone else is doing. And at $300 it would be too expensive to compete with all the mid-size tablets out there.

  • Artoo

     Yes, I remember, he was thrown out of Apple once.

    And after he was gone, Apple started going down, down…

    Until they realized they had made a mistake and called him back, because he WAS that good.

    Congrats on having the iPad and iPad 2.

    I’m not saying that some people wouldn’t want a 8″ iPad, but I doubt it would be a sales success compared to the iPhone or full-sized iPad.

  • Artoo

     Agreed, if anything, I would like a bigger iPad!

  • sir1jaguar

    We are here not to be against of APPLE but we have to realize that everyone one of us have different needs…

    As a nurse anesthetist I like the 7-8 screen size with better OS…

  • Artoo

     Remember: this is still a rumor. If Apple does decide to make an 8″ iPad and if it turns out to be a big success, I will admit I was wrong, and more power to them, I just hope that if they do, they make it inexpensive enough to compete with all the other small tablets already out there.

    Always before Apple has been the first to put out a product. In this case they would be the last to enter an already crowded market, and that’s not usually the best position.

  • Mike Rathjen

    I would love an iPad in that size. I doubt it will happen though.

  • Alex

    Well we have already seen what Apple was like without Steve Jobs …. 

  • CharliK

    Is it successful? The only sales figure we’ve ever gotten was 3 million Kindles (of all models) with the Fire said to be the most popular of the models. That was just before Christmas so perhaps we could just double that figure to account for any last minute orders. But then what about returns. I’ve been seeing more than a small handful of folks on various sites saying they or a family member for a Fire and hated it too much to keep it, despite the cheap price. 

    The same could be said for any one of the Samsung tablets. We have gotten channel sales but what about end user sales. What about returns. 

  • CharliK

    Very true. Folks like to dredge up that “that’s not what Steve said” but they forget that Apple doesn’t talk about the future. They talk about now, especially Steve. 

  • CharliK

    You might want to learn your history. He was thrown out once. And then after they totally screwed the pooch they begged him to come back and fix things. 

  • CharliK

    Tim Cook was hired and trained by Steve. He knows a hell of a lot more about Steve’s logic and reasons than you or any of us do. And I highly doubt that Tim is going to take a piss on all of that to ditch what Steve was planning simply because the dude is dead etc. 
    And remember that tech doesn’t happen over night. A short turn around from idea to product is 3-5 years. Steve was probably working on stuff we won’t see for 10 years, certainly for the next 5 to 6. And Tim isn’t stupid enough to trash all the prep etc just to prove the point that he’s the big man on campus and he can do what he wants. The Board would have him ejected like the previous one did to Steve

  • CharliK

    And why would they. Because they need to compete with the Fire etc. No need since the iPad sells more in a week than the Fire is reported to have