Apple Announces iPad 3 Event For March 7th In San Francisco



It’s here! The long awaited iPad 3 Event has finally been announced. Apple just sent out invites to a special event that will take place at 10:00am on Wednesday, March 7th, 2012 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. The tagline on the event invite reads “We have something you really have to see. And touch.” Apple is expected to announce the iPad 3 that will have a better processor, improved graphics, and a new Retina Display.

Also rumored to be unveiled at the event is a new Apple TV that might be 1080p capable. CNBC tweeted earlier this morning that the iPad 3 will have a quad-core processor, but they also claimed the event will take place in New York City (which was proven false minutes later), so it’s doubtful that their information is accurate.

One curious thing about the announcement of the event is that it invites were sent out as Google’s Eric Schmidt took the stage for his keynote at Mobile World Conference. Coincidence? Or was Apple distracting the world while Android was trying to gain the spotlight?

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16 responses to “Apple Announces iPad 3 Event For March 7th In San Francisco”

  1. JackWoodmansey says:

    AWESOME! Shame I can’t afford it for a couple of months :(

  2. ZeroLeonheart says:

    I had no idea. This is a complete surprise to me. All joking aside, I’m glad they’ve finally announced it. Also, look at the pic in the invite. That’s not an ordinary iPad screen baby.

  3. ddevito says:

    Nexus tablet what? $200? Quad Core? Oh wait

  4. Pawel Tomasz Dlugosz says:

    I can already feel it in my hands. That tax refund came in just in time ;) 

  5. Tim Malinowski Jr. says:

    No home button.. neat 

  6. Greg Smith says:

    I’m sure it’s just the way they did the photo – but you can’t see a home button on that.  hm.


  7. Greg Smith says:

    First thing I noticed too. Maybe they just photoshopped it out to make the design look neat?

  8. Greg Smith says:

    First thing I noticed too. Maybe they just photoshopped it out to make the design look neat?

  9. loveMCR says:

    I have a final account meeting on Thursday and the balance is roughly $6,000!!! Oh shit son, new 17″ MacBook and iPad 3 for Stephen :D

  10. Gregintosh says:

    Here’s what I am thinking:

    Something you have to see = Apple TV
    Something you have to touch = iPad 3

  11. Whathappenedon Thefishingtrip says:

    well done greg, i think you are the only one to get it so far;-)

  12. Cold_dead_fingers says:

    My hands are sweaty as I type! This is amazing news

  13. gerardosalas93 says:

    Anyone noticed that the icons in the image are too big compared to the hand?

  14. jrod180 says:

    I cant wait.  I was going out today to buy another Ipad 2 for my wifes birthday but now Im going to wait for the ipad 3 to come out..  I think I will benefit more, ;-)

  15. appdevelopers says:

    I thought about getting the iPad, but then the iPad 2 was rumored so I
    decided to wait. Then the iPad 3 was rumored so I decided to wait again.
    I’d get the iPad 3, but then I’d be out the cash for the iPad 4 next
    year. Congratulations Apple, you’ve effectively made me a perpetual

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