President Obama In The Oval Office Getting Briefed On An iPad 2 [Image]



According to this official White House picture, “President Barack Obama receives the Presidential Daily Briefing from Robert Cardillo, Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Intelligence Integration, in the Oval Office, Jan. 31, 2012. Part of the briefing was done using a tablet computer.”

Oh really? I assert that President Obama isn’t using a “tablet computer” in this picture at all. A tablet computer is a vague term for some crummy, half-baked Android thingie like the Motorola Xoom or Transformer Prime. No, what President Obama is using quite openly and proudly here is an iPad 2.

Hey, Android fans! Does your president use an Android device? Ha, just kidding, obviously the answer is no.

[Thanks, Tim!]

  • Ara Rubyan

    don’t be a hater!

  • Armen Grigorian

    My president is too tech educated to use a dumbed down reader.

    Anyways, by the looks of the current political situation he’s probably playing Angry Birds

  • Gregz0r1


  • ddevito

    “Look Mr. President, I reached a new level in Angry Birds!”

  • Clark Wallace

    Obama looking pro using his iPad whilst the other guy proceeds to finger bang his device.

  • justin


  • Timothy Murray

    If its good enough for the President, it is good enough for me.

  • steffenjobbs

    It probably wouldn’t look good for an American president using some South Korean- or China-based tablet.  Supposedly, in his position, he should be able to afford the best tablet which certainly is the iPad.

  • ddmcd

    I wonder if the case has a presidential  seal on the outside?

  • tekunoloji

    Was going to say the same thing.

  • MacHead84

    Shouldnt he be working on something that matters? He’ll have plenty of time to use that sucker after November….VOTE HIM OUT!

  • Class_Warrior_2012

    FoxConn’s iPad 2 made under the Apple trade-name… 

    FoxConn’s Asian slave labor makes some nice products, and then sells them to Apple so they can put a huge markup on them and sell them to us! The first rule of capitalism is: “whatever the market will bear, plus 10%”…

    but can you imagine if it was Apple that actually MADE the product it in the USA (as they should – since Apple is a US company)?

    this would result in several hundred thousand additional jobs in OUR economy, including the supply chain!

  • John Schoettler

    HA!!! He’s just playing a round of ‘Words with Friends’ with GW Bush, and apparently it’s a close game.


    I don’t like his new case. What happened to his DoDo case? Those things are nice.

  • supertino

    Aww, feeling hurt that Apple is so successful? Here, have a biscuit.

  • prof_peabody

    Your just an old bigoted dinosaur.  Foxconn has the best manufacturing business in Asia and is more like the mercedes Benz of Asian manufacturers than a “slave labour” place.  Apple is also a multinational company not an American company and currently sells more product outside of the US than in.  

  • Ed_Kel

    You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about. Check your facts before you look like a blinded liberal idiot again.

  • Ed_Kel

    Presidents must surrender their monies before taking office (credit cards, bank accounts, etc.) so if anyone paid for it, it would have been us Americans. None of this, however, matters in this case because it’s well known that Steve Jobs personally gifted Obama the iPad 2 that he uses.

  • Mile L.

    that wasn’t a liberal comment, it was a republican / conservative one… learn the difference. liberals are intelligent, and understand why idevices can’t be made here. it’s only republican voters who think a leader can just flip a “switch” and these jobs will return… sorry, it doesn’t work that way…

  • MacHead84

    Liberals are intelligent? Thanks for the laugh!

  • Ed_Kel

    Excuse me? Are you being serious? Who protests companies that outsource jobs? Who develops minimum taxes for companies that choose to hire overseas? LIBERALS!

    Do you even know the real reason why Apple products are made overseas? Or do you agree with this dumb Liberal in that FoxConn sells the iPad to Apple for them to markup and sell to us?


  • Ed_Kel

    I know right? I can’t believe what I just read. I’m seriously in shock that someone can be this stupid.

  • Marcello Ciaramitaro

    anyone know what the other guy is using for a case?

  • facebook-602274890

    wait,,, repugnicant’s use Macs?  Who knew?

  • Timothy Murray

    Yeah, POTUS with an IPAD.  Now thats what I’m talking about!

  • Ed_Kel

    Liberals can afford Macs? Who knew?

  • Class_Warrior_2012

    go ahead and vote him out… 

    as soon as the reTHUGlicans actually put forth a “candidate” who can actually string some words into a reasonable coherent sentence… 

    what we have seen so far (in 20 debates) is a group that can’t find their asses with both handslosers :)

  • facebook-602274890

    that’s all you have?  really?  You,,, have no concept of the music, movie or entertainment industries do you?

  • Class_Warrior_2012


    conservatives are intelligent… that is how they found the WMD in Iraq…

  • facebook-602274890

    Did you want to try and refute what Mile L. had to say, or not?  

  • Class_Warrior_2012

    Dear Professor:
    FoxConn may have the best manufacturing business in Asia, but if we claim that America is the center of innovation, then maybe we should develop jobs here for those whom Santorum wishes to prohibit from attending college / grad school

    Apple was started here and IS an American company that owes (or should owe) some allegiance to America and its people for creating the environment for the initial success… they succeeded not only of their own creativity, but also because others came before them, build bridges and roads and internet to bring products to market… It is high time for them to “give back” to the country from which they come…

    The Old Bigoted Dinosaur

  • CharliK

    hey John. Since you are not an American you might not be aware that there are rules about the wording of such captions and one of them is to avoid naming brand names (sense of fairness or some such). That is why they said “tablet computer” and not ‘iPad’

    Well that and perhaps because it is hard to tell if that really is an iPad or the latest Samsung ‘inspiration’. Not to mention the rather bizarre rules about system security 

  • Timothy Murray

    Looks like an IPAD to me. You can even tell by the cases. You need to get your vision checked. 

  • Ed_Kel

    Stupid comments that lack depth deserve stupid replies that lack depth. I mean, how could one truly believe and imply that only Liberals use Macs? That’s about as dumb as saying that all Actors and Musicians are Liberal. This begs the question in kind, really? That’s all you have? It’s understandable, however. The entertainment industry lacks the grasp of reality more than anyone else; must be the absence of sufficient brain capacity that led you to reply the way you did – assuming, of course, that you chose the brilliant and artistic path of music…

  • Ed_Kel

    Tell that to your President that thinks the way to pronounce Marine Corps is that of a dead body. While you’re at it, correct him on how many states there are.

  • Ed_Kel

    Nevermind the fact that Apple employs more in the U.S. than anywhere else.

    Please elaborate on your Santorum comment with facts and sources. Bigoted opinions don’t win debates.

  • CharliK

    I didn’t say it was or wasn’t an iPad. I said that there are rules about calling such details out no matter what they are. 

    And given that a freaking Samsung lawyer couldn’t tell the difference at ten feet and we can’t see the UI on the screens you can’t prove that what it looks like to you is true

  • Bob Forsberg

    Al Gore being on Apple’s board was bad enough.

  • Bob Forsberg

    The Deputy Director of National Intelligence wirelessly streaming top secret data to the President…..not reassuring, Apple iPad or not.  Yeah, yeah, yeah…proximity, security, etc.

  • Mohy

    Just by looking at the way an article is written in COM, we can clearly identify whether its an handiwork of Mr.Brownlee or not, who else can write articles in such a degrading manner about other platforms and devices…COM undoubtedly would become a better place when Mr.B leaves…

  • Don Kique Dueñas

    What kind of cases are those?! I like the brown leather one that the other one is using..

  • Class_Warrior_2012

    really ed?

    almost 6000 of our boys and girls killed searching for Bush’s WMD…

    tens of thousands of our boys and girls hurt and maimed for life searching for Bush’s WMD

    hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians killed while Bush was on his excellent adventure searching for WMD

    over TWO MILLION displaced to other nations as refugees, kicked out of their homes by opportunists, by religious violence unleashed as soon as Saddam lost control over Iraq, people who worked and saved all their lives to only be thrown out of their homes with just the clothes on their backs… for going to war in search of WMD?

    really, ed? are you really that much of an asshole that you would compare President Obama to that thief Bush? The one who ruined the economy, giving tax breaks that were not paid for, Medicare Part D that was not paid for, two wars that were not paid for…

    or are you just simply an ignorant insensitive dweeb?

    Just like the Supreme Court appointed Bush to the Presidency, President Obama, who won the election convincingly is YOUR president as well…

  • Class_Warrior_2012

    the only thing I would contest with Mile L is his contention that iDevices cannot be made here. It is (probably) true that TODAY this may not be possible, but tomorrow is another reality…

    These devices could (and should) be made here, and would be if companies like Apple would invest in building the infrastructure – which they SHOULD do… 
    There is nothing wrong with companies making money – but that money should be spent wisely building the “next big thing”. However, companies like Apple like to have a big pile of cash to sit on ($100B). Companies like that SHOULD pay for highways, infrastructure, education to hold this nation together and keep it moving forward… After all, they use the highways to move product, they use the infrastructure to take orders and payments, and they use educated people to create “the next big thing”… They can give some back to society…However, companies like Apple like to have a big pile of cash to sit on ($100 Billion?).Again, there is absolutely nothing wrong in making a profit, but making an obscene profit is another issue altogether… especially if it involves slave labor in Asian countries as a precursor to enlarging profits made for the company…

    unless you do not consider such conditions as were present in the US at the break of the 20th century (before unions went in to support the worker against the robber barrons) to be slavery… 

    and I completely agree with Mile L that liberals are intelligent… by definition you simply cannot have an “intelligent conservative”… people have been looking, all over the place, and, …,  nuthin’…

    you certainly have no “conservative arts” programs in universities, because to be a conservative, there is really nothing much to learn: you just bare your fangs like a Doberman and indiscriminately attack!reTHUGlicans and conservatives constantly bitch about morals, but when these morals and human rights get in the way of them making an extra nickel, they forget these “core principals”almost instantly…sad.

  • Class_Warrior_2012

    You are CORRECT (finally):
    It IS the liberals that protest companies that outsource jobs.

    It IS liberals that develop (at least) minimum taxes for companies that hire overseas… reTHUGlicans would eliminate those taxes altogether…

    Apple products are made overseas because it is CHEAPER to have them made there than here, a sure way of maximizing profit…(profit being the difference between what I pay to get something done, and what I can get you to pay me for it)…

    Thus, by choosing NOT to invest in the American worker, American facilities, American education, and American infrastructure, these companies maximize profit (which is the bottom line) irrespective of what they say about principles, ethics, morals, etc. These companies TAKE and TAKE of American creativity, but give nothing back…

    “Thems just werds, mate”

  • Jim
  • facebook-602274890

    One does not truly believe that.  Derp Derp.  (stupid comments / stupid replies)

    You’re really on a Mac blog site bitching about your failed ideology?  To a bunch of people who probably overwhelmingly poll as liberal, or at lest left of your and your American Taliban ilk.

  • Christian Park

    Omg. Ed_Kel. You’re talking about the comment you replied to as being a “Stupid comment that lacks depth… how could one truly believe and imply that only Liberals use Macs?” You do realize there is more then just 2 political parties don’t you? It is okay for a Republican to not understand so I think I will let you slide on this one Champ. Next time please do your research. Thanks.

    Educated, freedom loving, Proud Liberal American

  • Christian Park

    Hey at least he knows how to read from a teleprompter… Unlike his predecessor. Oh and Bush saying “OBL is not of concern to me anymore I will not try to continue to look for him” after about 6 months of looking for him. Basically giving up on those 3000 people who were innocently killed on 9/11. Yeah very American of him. Oh and waiting about 3 months after Hurricane Katrina struck before helping people suffering in New Orleans was really constructive, wasn’t it? Oh and the Patriot Act that involves monitoring citizens without a warrant was real American and totally not a slap in the face to those who have fought and denied for our country. 

  • Shaun Green

    I bet they’re playing Angry Birds Iran edition. Weeeeeee there goes the nuclear reactor.

  • Ed_Kel

    By definition you can’t have an “intelligent conservative”? I won’t waste my time on that comment.

    You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about, once again. Apple builds their products in China because it makes more business sense to build products where the components are made. More notably, in the information age, there is absolutely no possibility of manufacturing jobs, especially that of components, to make its way back to the U.S.

    You call us thugs and robbers, yet you back it up with absolutely no factual evidence. If you did take your time to check your sources, you would see that there are more Liberals in the 1 percentile of wealth than there are Conservatives, which in and on its own debunks your entire comment. I could go on and on proving how undoubtedly blinded you are to the facts, but there is no sense.

    Winston Churchill once said that if you are 20 and not a liberal, you don’t have a heart; but if you’re 40 and not conservative, you don’t have a brain. The facts are stacked against you, yet you still choose to walk down a beaten path full of factual inaccuracies and arrogant opinions. Call me unintelligent all you want, preach your opinions and bash all whom don’t agree. Us Conservatives will stick with facts and reasonable judgement all the while, pray for the lost and despaired like yourself in hopes that one day you’ll wake up and no longer be a useful idiot.

  • Ed_Kel

    Of course I know that there are more than 2 political parties. More important, what in the world does that have to do with anything that we’re talking about? Lay off of drugs and come back to Earth before you give your input, ok?

    Educated? Then you must know that it’s more “than”, not more “then”, right?

  • Ed_Kel

    Apple products are made in China because the components are made in China, not because it is cheaper. Apple has said time and time again that keeping production jobs overseas has nothing to do with labor costs; it has to do with sound business practice in that you build where the parts are.

    You still bash Apple for not “invest[ing] in the American worker” but still refuse to acknowledge that Apple has more employees in America than anywhere else.. You my friend, are a true idiot. Again, check your facts before you run your mouth off at the (in your words, unintelligent) opposition.

  • Class_Warrior_2012

    Yes, Ed… I [obviously] have NO idea what I am talking about. 

    I am sorry for advocating for business investment in this country, and for ignoring the fact that it makes “more business sense” to do stuff in China.

    I am sorry for proposing that companies should spend some more of their profits in promoting better working conditions, livable wages, etc. After all, the ONLY criterion that is important is the company’s bottom line, everything else be damned. The quality of life of the worker is of no concern to a company so long as the worked has the strength to produce and the company can reimburse him at ever decreasing levels. The only concern of the company for the worker is to see him as an expense that needs to be minimized to increase the overall profit.Investing for this country’s for its future certainly cuts down a corporation’s immediate profit and thus does not make business sense. In that case, please do not say that creativity comes from America, because one day this [unsupported] stream of ideas will dry up. I am so relieved: I finally understand you neo-Cons!

  • Class_Warrior_2012

    Hey Ed:

    The price of gas is up over 20% in just about a month and a half. This is presumably due to markets responding to an impending war with Iran as they attempt to block 30% of the oil shipments leaving Hormuz.

    This is certainly good for the speculators and business in general, as money flows from the masses to the few. If it turns out that there will no war with Iran – should ALL of the gas purchases made as the price of gas is increasing be entitled to a refund from the gas companies? 

    Probably not, because that would be burdensome on the job creators (who- like Apple- create jobs overseas) and we certainly do not want to affect what makes good business sense…

  • Class_Warrior_2012

    Hey Ed: “What IS is about working men and women that YOU sind so offensive?”

    Here is one for you: Businesses should be allowed to deduct travel expenses ONLY AT THE LOWEST possible fare for the specific trip. No “full deductions” for business class travel if the employedd could get there at 105 of the cost on the same plane at the same time… As a conservative, you certainly would want to DISALLOW deductions for opportunity that benefit only the few and shift tax budren to the many…someone posted this some time ago…either that, or companies should be REQUIRED to fly ALL employees at elevated clases of service… as a conservative you certainly DO support EQUAL OPPORTUNITY for all…at least that is what your type says…

  • Ed_Kel

    I have no problem with you advocating business investment in America as I do too. I do have a problem with you not understanding how business works. Agree with it or not, businesses are out to make profit and with our corporate tax structure being one of the highest in the world a corporation simply can’t conduct business the way you advocate here in America. Why is it so hard to understand that if you want to spur economic growth, you need to CUT TAXES. Higher taxes = higher cost = less employment = less spending on goods and services, not to mention higher product costs for the consumer. You want a sound Government? CUT SPENDING. How long will your household last if you borrowed 40 cents of every dollar you spend? It’s unsustainable and Conservatives are the wackos for understanding this…?

    FoxConn’s Working conditions are some of the best in China. Recently, there was an ABC(?) documentary confirming this. Where are the horrible conditions you speak of? Don’t get me wrong, China in general have horrible working conditions (which gives their Government the opportunity to undermine the world economy, though I digress.) but the company in question here, Apple, has proven that working conditions are an up most priority. Again, where are the facts to your opinions?

    And I’m not a Neo-Con as democratic capitalism doesn’t work. Only in a Republic will Capitalism be allowed to cycle. On that note, you seem to advocate for a socialist democracy, shall I call you a Neo-Nazi? Or can we agree to keep things civil?

  • Ed_Kel

    There is no logic in this comment. If a business flies you somewhere, they should put you in a higher class seat? Like it’s a basic human right to fly first class; something we all should be entitled to in a business scenerio? Maybe I’m reading your comment wrong as, from what I gather, what you said has no logic to it whatsoever….

  • Class_Warrior_2012

    You read me wrong. It is not a basic human right for upgraded travel. It is also not a basic corporate right for the US taxpayer to subsidize some employees company paid for business class travel. What I said was that if a company flies someone (presumably CEO or some other executive fat ass) in business, they should only be allowed to deduct “business expenses” for the lowest priced seat on the plane. If they want to give someone a perk, fine, but it should come out of their bottom line, not out of the taxpayers’ pockets… Our country is n massive debt and it needs revenue. Let’s not shortchange it by allowing ridiculous business expenses for bug companies! :)

  • Class_Warrior_2012

    components are made in china because it is cheaper to make components there than here, ergo, and since you said that apple products are made in china because that is where the components are (because it is cheaper to make tem there) then apple make components in china because it is cheaper.

    Its called a transitive property – look it up!

    Apple may have more employees in US then anywhere else, because the people working for subcontractors in china that actually make apple stuff atre not considered apple employees! Apple could certainly becaome a leader and invest in our country reviving manufacturing, etc, but GREED sets in!!!

    IF apple products are non-US origin they should be tariffs and taxes upon import. If I want to buy goods made in Chine when I am in Canada and then bring them back, I am subject to tariffs because they are not in a free trade zone… the same is true for importing directly from china… :)

  • Ed_Kel

    Revenue is not the problem. Check the numbers; the U.S. Gov. is bringing more revenue than ever, taking into account its ratio to GDP. It’s spending that’s out of control. See how an entitlement society has screwed Europe?

  • Ed_Kel

    It’s not Apple’s fault that components are cheaper to make in China. If tariffs and and tax were placed, who do you think would flip the bill? Import tax is directly placed on the consumer; exactly why a Benz is more expensive to buy here than a Chevy and vice versa in Germany. Taxes and tariffs would have no effect on job hires or business models, other than the retail cost of a product.

    I get were you’re coming from, I really do, but would we be having this very conversation if your utopian business model actually worked? It’s not, and not to bash Liberals (once again), but do you really think that the Government could help in any way shape or form? As a business owner, I would love to employ more people and make more money, but when the tax placed upon me to hire a new employee is more than the cost of benefit enrollment, it discourages me from hiring. When politicians try to intervene in business, they only make it worse and I see that first hand. As a Conservative, I’d rather see my Government limit themselves and stay the hell out of my way so I can do what I do best. Safe havens and benefits for the less fortunate are a noble thing for any Government to do, but at the rate we’re at, we’re only promoting laziness. Does it make Conservatives wackos for wanting to teach you how to fish rather than feed you? To promote personal responsibility and success rather than acknowledge that you will never have the capacity to become successful? Would you get a job if the Government paid you more than an honest paycheck? These questions can go on and on.

  • Class_Warrior_2012

    As a conservative, you would like the government to “stay the hell out of my way so I can do what I do best”. Of course. That was the idea behind GE and the dumping of tons of PCB into the Hudson River in NY. Why would they do this? Because it was cheaper then “proper” waste stream removal.

    Eventually, it was determined that they need to pay for the cleanup, and they “spun off” the business unit (with all liabilities) so that the GE mothership is no longer responsible for the clean-up. it becomes the problem for the spin-off, which does NOT have the finances to do so, so it goes bankrupt, and the taxpayer gets stuck with the bill.

    GE got the profits, they did really well, Jack Welch was compensated and made a name for himself as a corporate leader. In the meantime, people who have no grasp on the surface chemistry of the PCB (solubility, lifetime, etc.) made the decisions based STRICTLY on the bottom line. 

    Were they right? From the point of view of their shareholders, sure. They made money, ans as long as money is the only goal, any avoidance of regulation and responsibility is a good thing. What about the people who are now drinking PCB contaminated waters, suffering health damage, shortened lives, etc…

    Even that jewish architect of this Great Recession – Alan Greenspan – he finally agreed that he was wrong when he siad that he previously believed that we must “leave business alone” and that “business will regulate itself”. Business will NOT regulate itself, as long as the judgement of success or failure is “the bottom line”. Absent ENFORCED regulation, it is too easy to sweep the bad stuff under a rug, and then sell it (and your responsibility for it) as a bankrupt spin-off…

    You either have ethics and morals, or you don’t. If you don’t, then you NEED someone to enforce regulations. You NEED the cop catching speeders on the highways, otherwise everyone would drive 100. I know I would!!! :)