Monster’s N-ERGY Headphones: All Style, No Substance [Review]


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Monster collaborated with rapper/actor Nick Cannon to make the N-ERGY “high performance in-ear headphones.” I put the last part in quotes because the N-ERGY headphones ($70) are neither “high performance” nor “in-ear.”

I’m not an audiophile, but I appreciate and know good sound when I hear it. It took a total of 15 minutes for me to realize that the “NCredible” (yes, that phrase is used to market the product) N-ERGY headphones are awful. They look great, but they’re about as painful to listen to as Nick Cannon’s comedy.

I’ve been happily using Shure SE210 earphones for a couple years, and while they’re a little more than double the price of the N-ERGY buds, it’s difficult to not notice the huge difference in quality. If there was one word I could use to summarize the N-ERGY headphones, it would be clangy. The sound lacks a decent amount of bass in most cases, and the treble always sounds a little too high.

In terms of design, the N-ERGY buds look pretty hip and trendy. The cords feel super thin and pretty cheap, but they’re easy to fold. Despite offering three sets of earbuds for different ear sizes, I could never get them to stay in my ears. Although I wasn’t expecting noise cancelation, the buds did a pretty terrible job of overpowering ambient noise around me. One thing I did appreciate was that the buds can magnetically clip together.

The little ‘ControlTalk’ button works with the iPhone to let you play/pause music, answer a call, etc. There’s no volume rocker, so don’t expect a hands-free listening experience.

Unfortunately, the best part about purchasing the N-ERGY headphones is opening the box.

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

  • antoshka_t

    The last line is just wonderful! Thanx, laughed))

  • rocksinger

    I would have to say “stay away from Monster Headphones” I have had nothing but problems with the Turbine line that they produce, I’m on my 4th pair and getting through to these people on the phone is like trying to buy tickets for a sold out concert. Once you get through after at least a 30 minute wait they are helpful the only problem is it’s hard to get the loop of computer muzak out of your head all day.

  • Austin Buell

    your wrong monster has proven over and over with dre beats, the worlds best selling, best sounding headphones, that they kick ass. Where as apple (the cult of mac) is the worst company i have ever bought a product from and i will never buy a single thing from apple again. They have the absolute worst customer service and always are finding ways to get out of honoring their warranties… ill stick to my reliable pc:)

  • Joseph Joel

    You are a dumbass. Beats by Dr. Gay are THE worst, as any audiophile would tell you.

    And why do you hate Apple?

  • btoe83

    This has got to be a bot…. I’ve got the ibeats and they’re decent, but to make the claims that you made is ridiculous.

  • Mike Rathjen

    But Monster headphones have higher bandwidth for faster 1080P’s, right?

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