Supertooth Disco Sequel Goes Stereo [MWC 2012]


SuperTooth's prototype Mini speaker is cute, cute, cute
SuperTooth's prototype Mini speaker is cute, cute, cute

BARCELONA, MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS 2012 — SuperTooth, the company behind the excellent, beat-pumping SuperTooth Disco, are ready to boost their product lineup like their speaker boosts your music’s bass. First will be the imaginitively-named SuperTooth 2, followed by the dinky SuperTooth Mini, and some SuperTooth Bluetooth headphones.

We only saw a production preview of the SuperTooth Disco 2, but SuperTooth VP of Marketing, Yves Le Reun, says it will be quieter than the original, and lighter. It also looks like a flower vase.

But v2 has another trick up its sleeve. Buy two of them (for $100 each) and they will talk to each other over Bluetooth and become a pair of stereo speakers, each outputting either the left or right channel. The company is currently tweaking the software to let you use this trick even when you hook up your phone or MP3 player via cable. The Disco 2 should be in stores sometime in April.

Much later, but possibly this year, we will also see this super-cute SuperTooth Mini (name not finalized). It’s a little, orange palm-sized speaker which also runs on Bluetooth, but thanks to its diminutive size there is none of the fancy wireless stereo business. You might still want to buy a pair, though, for when you lose the first one. Price is unconfirmed, but the output is around three watts. Expect to find teenagers using these to annoy you even more effectively when they blast out tinny cellphone music.

The new headphones look better than they sound

Finally, there are the headphones. Comfy, cool-looking and maybe as cheap as $80 (but definitely no more than $100). They have a built-in mic for calls, and volume buttons, too, so the only cable you’ll need is the one to charge them. I tried the pre-production version and it sounds terrible, though. Although that might just be the awful HI NRG techno that was playing through them. The headphones will be out sometime later this year, and we will be getting some to check out with real music.