Use Bump To Instantly Share Contacts & Photos With Your Friends [iOS Tip]


  • lukebourassa

    I downloaded this when I first bought the 3GS, at the enthusiastic request of a friend. Haven’t used it since 2009.

  • Mostafa El Manzalawy

    Why would anyone use this app? You can send contacts and photos via text messages. Also they just removed the ability to send apps and music, which was Bump’s best feature. How come that wasn’t mentioned in this article? Read the reviews for the latest update and you’ll understand why this is definitely not worth a blog post on here. It’s posts like this that make me think this is more of an advertisement than a genuine app recommendation.

  • Alex

    Why would anyone use this app? “
    I’m sure it sounded good in theory when they came with is app years ago … But obviously it never caught on .

  • GH

    This app was neat in 2009, and now it’s useless.