What If The iPhone 5’s Design Was Inspired By The Magic Mouse? [Gallery]



Even when they are crazily off base, we’re fans of Italian conceptual studio CiccareseDesign’s work. At the very least, their mockups and renders of imaginary Apple products give some perspective to the whys and hows of the designs Jony Ive does choose.

Their latest mockup is of the forthcoming iPhone 5. What’s most interesting about the design they chose was that it is directly inspired by the Magic Mouse: not actually the worst idea for an iPhone, which like a mouse will sit in people’s hands all day. Here’s a gallery of the renders.

Of course, there’s a lot of practical reasons why the iPhone 5 won’t look anything like this, not least of which is that a design like this simply doesn’t have room for the iPhone’s battery and silicon guts. Plus, this thing would vibrate right off a table and smash into a million pieces. Still, if not the iPhone 5… maybe the iPhone 10? Wishful thinking.