What If The iPhone 5’s Design Was Inspired By The Magic Mouse? [Gallery]



Even when they are crazily off base, we’re fans of Italian conceptual studio CiccareseDesign’s work. At the very least, their mockups and renders of imaginary Apple products give some perspective to the whys and hows of the designs Jony Ive does choose.

Their latest mockup is of the forthcoming iPhone 5. What’s most interesting about the design they chose was that it is directly inspired by the Magic Mouse: not actually the worst idea for an iPhone, which like a mouse will sit in people’s hands all day. Here’s a gallery of the renders.

Of course, there’s a lot of practical reasons why the iPhone 5 won’t look anything like this, not least of which is that a design like this simply doesn’t have room for the iPhone’s battery and silicon guts. Plus, this thing would vibrate right off a table and smash into a million pieces. Still, if not the iPhone 5… maybe the iPhone 10? Wishful thinking.

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25 responses to “What If The iPhone 5’s Design Was Inspired By The Magic Mouse? [Gallery]”

  1. John Chu says:

    I’m not sure where I read it before— but imagine if the back side of the iPhone also accepts gestures to scroll up and down— reading one handed would be pretty cool.

  2. gettysburg11s says:

    ummm yeah, thats true, but its important to be able to use the iPhone when its on the desk….a flat phone back is needed.  No way I am buying that.  I’ll switch to Windows Phone! (I’d never switch to Android).

  3. ajendus says:

    I dig it. Only thing I can think would turn me off it the “rocking” while it is on a table. That was my only gripe with the 3GS was tapping buttons should it be place on a table. Not a huge deal but ya know. I suppose, with Siri, I wouldn’t need to touch it as much. Maybe…

  4. Claudiu C. says:

    I think it would be a good idea, the design would look very nice on the new iPhone and it would be a complete makeover. But then again I think gettysburg11s comment is true in that you need a flat back for your phone.

  5. prof_peabody says:

    Looks very cool, but is actually a very poor design (design is not about how something looks).  

    For starters unless the body of the phone is carved out of glass, there doesn’t seem to be any way the front glass is attached.  Secondly, that curved shape would decrease the inside volume by about 60% which is just foolish.  A design like this will never happen.  

  6. Ed_Kel says:

    If this were the iPhone 5, I would buy a Galaxy Note.

  7. fluffballjo says:

    You can already read one handed…

  8. Ed_Kel says:

    I love how you’re analyzing a third-party rendered design like it has the capability of seeing the light of day.

  9. Ed_Kel says:

    I get what you’re saying and I agree, it would pretty cool to scroll behind the screen.

  10. weltraumpirat says:

     LOL … Indeed, that’s a nice idea and the Galaxy Note looks more professional… 5″ – That’s a display… If you ever try a 5″ or a smaller 4,3″ display you will miss it, when you switch back to the old tiny iPhone size! ;)

  11. Ed_Kel says:

    That’s what I was getting at. I would never switch, but I would definitely consider it if Apple started releasing phones that look like toys. Haha

  12. joewaylo says:

    The only problem with that design is that it’s slimmer than the iPhone 4 series. Making it improbable to put in the parts it needs. Unless they happen to shrink the part designs to a thinner chip set, they’d be going with more of a 3GS body.

    And unless they happen to make the glower a low power LED, it’ll drain the power more. Plus shine through like the MacBook sunlight.

  13. ddevito says:

    Why don’t you go ahead and tell everyone how illegal it is to use the Apple logo without their consent?

  14. ddevito says:

    yeah, Androids are too difficult for an iSheep like you to use.


  15. ddevito says:

    That phone would rock, literally. 


  16. Athanasios Karalias says:

    If it has a bigger screen then the size would be bigger abd parts could fit (in theory).
    But it sure is a beautiful design no matter what!

  17. Mike Rathjen says:

    Worst iPhone concept ever.

  18. Mike Gagos says:

    That would be stupid because it would wobble on the table while you tried to use it. The 3 was notorious for that and it wasn’t even as curved as this. But cool looking nonetheless

  19. recyclops117 says:

    The Motorola backflip has a small touch sensitive pad on the back for scrolling. One of the many reasons it’s not a good phone.

  20. maccid says:

    you’re lying if you didn’t pick up your magic mouse and put it up to your ear to see what this phone would be like.

  21. HerbalEd says:

    I must say I think the design of the Magic Mouse is beautiful …. simple elegance. However, there’s no way I want my iPhone to rock back-&-forth when it’s laying flat on my desk or table.

  22. Eddie Yu says:

    after looking at my magic mouse, would it be THAT bad if the screen is curved? holding it horizontally gives it a nice touch for your thumbs. holding it vertically allows your thumb to go up and down smoothly as well. the screen is small enough the a little curve wouldn’t really matter would it?

  23. chriswtburke says:

    If the iPhone looked anything like this, it would get laughed at more than the new galaxy… Though I do wish the apple logo lit up

  24. Alexandre Nozawa says:

    I would like to see something other brands can’t copy

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