This Quad Lock Case Will Mount Your iPhone On Literally Anything



The Quad Lock case is a universal mount and case for the iPhone 4/S. Wait. Where are you going? This case is actually very cool. I promise, especially if you have a home, a car or a bike.

There are three main parts to the Quad Lock: A sleek and slimline polycarbonate case holds the phone, and has a small raised bayonet mount on the back. This marries up to either the a flat mount or a bar mount. The flat mount has a sticky back, plus a countersunk hole for a screw should you require a more permanent setup. This mount is ideal for a wall, refrigerator or car dashboard.

The other mount is the bar mount, which click-fits to the case in the exact same way as the flat mount. It comes with rubber o-rings and a cable ties, and is designed for a bike’s handlebar, a shopping cart or a kid’s pram. If you ever used a Sigma bike computer, you’ll be very familiar with the way it works.

We’ve seen other iPhone mounting cases, but this one looks to be the most versatile. It’s also reasonably priced. $40 gets you the standard set, with a pair of flat mounts and a case, $64 gets the bike set, with a case and a bar mount, and $70 will get you the deluxe set, with all of the above.

The Quad Lock project has already received double its required funding on Kickstarter, and can be pre-ordered now from the Quad Lock site.