Frozenbyte’s Gorgeous Mac Fantasy Game Trine Now On Sale For $0.99 [Deals]


Screen Shot 2012-02-21 at 5.45.01 PM

One of the most beautiful games on the Mac App Store, Trine, is on sale for a limited time only for just $0.99. You should get it.

The award-winning game by Frozenbyte Studios is an absolutely stunning fantasy action platformer based on interactive physics. It literally looks like a page from a storybook come to life, as you play a wizard, a knight or a thief trying to save the world from an army of the undead.

Trine’s a phenomenal game, one of the very best the Mac platform has to offer, and this is a steal of a deal: the game usually retails for $9.99. And if this $0.99 offering ends up catching your fancy, you can immediately make the link to the even more impressive sequel, Trine 2.

  • TheGuy FromIpanema

    Now why would I support someone writing for Playboy?..

  • Welly_eh

    Eh? How are you “supporting” someone writing for Playboy? He wrote *about* the game, not wrote the game.

  • Robert Pruitt

    Cool, great deal for $1.  Bought it!

  • lowtolerance

    I hope you don’t like Shel Silverstein, Roald Dahl, Michael Crichton or Annie Leibovitz, then.

  • Terry Ng

    Great game really

  • rawryree