Why Wait? Download OS X Mountain Lion’s New Hi-Res Default Wallpaper Here



Like most OS X updates before it, with Mountain Lion comes a new default wallpaper. Like Lion, Mountain Lion’s wallpaper keeps with the galaxy theme, but we think this one’s far more beautiful, with a softer blue tone that is quite calming and peaceful to look at. Anyone know which galaxy this is?

Here’s a link to the high-resolution, 3200×2000 pixel wallpaper. You can download the Mountain Lion High-Res Galaxy Default Wallpaper (2.3MB) here.

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51 responses to “Why Wait? Download OS X Mountain Lion’s New Hi-Res Default Wallpaper Here”

  1. berianlowe says:

    I’ll be taking that, thank you very much!

  2. Ben Ward says:

    have been searching the web for this for the last 20 minutes! 

  3. UncleSpellbinder says:

    Thanks! Downloaded and set. 

  4. Paul Ward says:

    Looks like a rather airbrushed image of Andromeda.

  5. GeekJenJen says:

    I think it is M81 aka Andromeda again. But from a different angle than in Lion. 

  6. FrozN says:

    @google-b8ccb5758f020ba0c96767e377e9d7ac:disqus , yeah. That’s Andromeda galaxy.

  7. magicturdd says:

    do you guys feel cool that you know what galaxy that is?

  8. The Apple Deals says:

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  9. The Apple Deals says:

    what is the High resolution pictures size ?

  10. Jakub Žitný says:

    At first i thought Sombrero galaxy, but i suppose it’s Andromeda, isn’t it?

  11. Shaunathan Sprocket says:

    Yes, we do.

  12. Antje Wolter says:

    M31 is known as Andromeda Galaxy. M81 is also a galaxy but does not look like this mountain-lion-adaption of a galaxy. Furthermore, a picture of M31 would also show M32 and M110. And now think, how you would take a picture of a galaxy from “a different angle”?

  13. Jakub Žitný says:

    You would photoshop it.. http://www.cultofmac.com/10859… .. just like Lion’s Andromeda.

  14. Jim Gerard says:

    The new galaxy is NGC 3190, with a little enhancement and addition of foreground stars. http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap10

  15. Darren Swanson says:

    Drive to the other side of it. Duh. Ha ha. I asked myself the same question when I read that other person’s comment.

  16. waseefakhtar says:

    Thanks! xD

  17. Kevin Gill says:

    Awesome… thanks.  Any other new wallpapers???

  18. GeekJenJen says:

    Please return your GeekCard on the way out. It has just been revoked and rendered void.

  19. GeekJenJen says:

    Oops I meant M31…

    (shame on me)

  20. GeekJenJen says:

    Yes, you are so very correct. Mea maxima culpa. 
    I mixed up the numbers. Shame on me. May I keep my GeekCard. Pretty please?

    different angle : it’s obviously a CGI pic. Not a Hubble telescope image.

  21. Chris Baier says:

    When you are taking pictures of objects that are that far away, you can’t just simply get a new angle. I have no clue what galaxy this is but I doubt it is Andromeda again.

  22. George Lafflin says:

    but its only low resolution, what about 1024

  23. Jim Gerard says:

    This is the spiral galaxy NGC 3190 found in Leo. Here is a(n almost identical) picture from NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day: http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap10

  24. berianlowe says:

    Try clicking on the link below the image.

  25. Ross Smith says:

    It’s not M31/Andromeda and it’s not CGI. The galaxy is NGC 3190: see

  26. GeekJenJen says:

    Yes, you can. The magic sauce is called CGI. 

  27. arkhan11 says:

    thx. the only one offering this chance.

  28. Jakub Žitný says:

    Anyone with the original picture?

  29. James Katt says:

    It’s beautiful!

  30. gort56 says:

    This is the galaxy NGC 3190 in Leo. Linked is an almost identical image from the Hubble Space Telescope. http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap10

  31. art2arch says:

    It’s a photograph of Steve’s new playground…

  32. Jakub Žitný says:

    Well, are you sure about Andromeda? This could be Black Eye http://www.google.cz/search?cl… .. 

  33. danielrmitchell says:

    Is this massive resolution an indicator of retina display Macs in the pipeline?

  34. David Alexander Harrison says:

    When you are taking pictures of objects that are that far away, you can’t just simply get a new angle.”

    Unless you tilt the camera…

  35. Wirehedd says:

    the waiter snipped it in half as soon as those words were typed.

  36. Wirehedd says:

    the only way to keep that card is by a providing shining example of geekitude and by publicly explaining your true geek-cred bona fides. You also have to know how to pronounce bona fides without help. :)

  37. Wirehedd says:

    only until the iphone 6 when they put the new 4K Retina displays in the phones at 3.5 inches. :)

  38. robertdavidac says:

    it looks like NGC 3190 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/N

  39. mohdakram says:

    The galaxy is NGC 3190. It looks like it’s photoshopped from this – 

  40. mochi01 says:

    The picture is a “composite” image of NGC-3190:


  41. thalamoose says:

    30 comments and no clues….

    This wallpaper was the Astronomy Picture of the Day for 3 May 2010.The APOD caption is: Spiral Galaxy NGC 3190 Almost Sideways.Oh, and you will never guess what constellation this galaxy is located in: Leo!See apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap100503.ht… for the full description.

  42. mochi01 says:

    This is a mosaic image of NGC-3190 using Hubble pictures.  It has probably been “enhanced” by Apple to give it the blue glow.  Also, the star field around the galaxy looks like it has been manipulated as well.  Here is the site which has the mosaic upon which the desktop picture is based:


  43. BruceTechGuy says:

    The comment re ‘Andromeda, but from a different angle’ is funny!    As if we had any way to view a galaxy millions of light years away from a different perspective.
    (though I grant computer modeling may simulate such…)

    The new Snow, I mean Mountain Lion wallpaper is very good, and seems to be NGC 3190, the largest member of the Hickson 44 Group, located near the constellation Leo (Lion).
    Ref: http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap10

  44. Sid Pena says:

    It’s not the Andromeda galaxy.  It’s Spiral Galaxy NGC 3190. http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap10

  45. mochi01 says:

    The galaxy is called NGC-3190 and the picture is a mosaic of Hubble images assembled and processed by Robert Gendler.  Additionally, the wallpaper version looks like it has been composited over a different star field background.

  46. jake hamby says:

    I think i see Naboo 

  47. Anurag Bakshi says:

    This is not even a picture but an artist’s drawing.
    No satellites are this far away from earth to get a picture like that.

  48. Ferry Simatupang says:

     nope. it’s NGC 3190 from APOD: http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap10

  49. DjMighty Umair says:

    awesome wallpaper

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  50. hollandjacklyn says:

    Thanks! i like this one.

    You can find beautiful high resolution wallpapers here – pc background wallpaper.

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