Apple Announces Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Coming This Summer [Breaking]



In our review of OS X 10.7, we wrote that Lion was the first great PC operating system of the Post-PC age, and that any future update of OS X would continue to blur the lines between the Mac and the iPad.

Looks like we were more right than we could have imagined. Apple has just apparently announced Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, which will make its first appearance as a developer preview today ahead of an official debut this summer.

According to Apple’s official page, new features will include baked in iCloud support, iChat being replaced by iMessages, Reminders and Notes coming to OS X, Notification Center, baked-in Twitter support, Game Center, AirPlay Mirroring for the Apple TV (finally!), and GateKeeper, a new anti-virus security technology.

The Verge has an extensive preview up, with multiple videos.

Expect Mountain Lion to be released this summer.

No word yet on how much Mountain Lion will cost, but if Apple is going the once a year route, expect it to cost $29.99, like Lion. The developer preview will be available later this morning, and we’ll have a hands-on preview then. More details on Mountain Lion coming through the morning, so stay tuned!

  • rockinrors


  • FriarNurgle

     AirPlay Mirroring for the Apple TV (finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  • MacHead84

    Hope we can skip over Lion and go straight to this n save 30 bucks….but Id doubt it!

  • ddevito


    10.6 was the best, Lion is weak and filled with crap no one needs. 10.8 doesn’t look any different, they’re just trying to spruce up the OS X side of their products.

  • ddevito

    Yeah, only it will work with the (not-yet-released) Apple TV, not the one you own.

    So sorry

  • Al Dwayne Pastrana

    Wait isn’t Mountain Lion another name for Puma? O.o

  • berianlowe

    Just from that screenshot, solves at least half of my, “I wish Lion could do this” rants. Hopefully they’ve also made Versions and Resume a tad more user friendly!

  • macgizmo


  • TradeGothicBold

    I feel the EXACT same way.  I don’t know what the hell is going on with this merging of the two OS’ together, but I’m getting sick of it.  Lion messed up a really good thing IMO, and it’s not as stable as Snow Leopard by any stretch.  As a long time Mac user, I’m horribly disappointed with this direction, as it looks like another version of the OS that I’ll not be able to recommend to my family / friends / colleges.  I use OSX for work, iOS for play, and I don’t need one dummied down just to satisfy the people that want to have a laptop or desktop that they just play on.

  • TradeGothicBold

    That looks like the only thing that I’d be interested in, but seems like something that could be included in an update, not a “new” version of the OS.

  • ddevito

    Sadly, it just shows that Apple is catering to the iOS crowd, not their longtime hardcore fans (or power users in general). It’s a shame because I switched to OS X in 2007 and haven’t looked back, but there aren’t any new features geared towards power users.

    OS X used to be (well, still is) the most advanced OS, period. But if they keep this up it won’t be for much longer.

  • FriarNurgle

    I doubt that especially if it’s just airplay of video and not screen mirroring/expanding (wireless monitor). 

  • baby_Twitty

    Yes!!! Yes yes!!

  • ddevito

    They’ll need a reason for people to buy the Apple TV 3, this will undoubtedly be it.

  • MacawMan

    No, a Mountain Lion is another name for Cougar, so this was written by older women trying to pick up younger guys…or for older women to use while they try to pick up younger guys! :-)

  • 5imo

    Yay!!!!!! im thinking it could be free for lion users. im so glad I thought apple was moving to get rid of OSX as development had slown

  • Rob Bowers

    There you go, sounding like an Android gear maker. Apple TV support is not qualified in the announcement, it is safer to expect support with current ATV.

  • Shane Bryson

     Don’t hold your breath on that “free for Lion users.” HIGHLY doubt that.

  • Shane Bryson

     You might be an idiot if you think this way.

  • Shane Bryson

    Wow, most uneducated comment I have ever seen.

  • Rob Bowers

    Bigger picture is how Apple is viewing the world these days. The unclean masses are not interested in granular functionality that many of us Power Users covet. They want simple, seamless and safe. 

    Using an iOS approach enables Apple to sell a common branded solution with a variety of interfaces into the Apple Store infrastructure. It will appeal to the masses who still find computers a bit more complicated than necessary. As long as they leave access CLI and files systems to fulfill our geek needs, they know that they won’t offend too much. 

    Besides, just because the newer versions lose some of the geek factor, is it enough to switch to Winders? I think not! It remains the best OS in the world, just less so than in the good ole days for some of us, but far more attractive to the masses.

    GateKeeper will give the average consumer the kind of secure feeling that iOS offers. Peace of mind without having to geek out. That is 90% of the market, so Apple is obviously playing the numbers smartly!

  • Jordan Clay

     Yeah,  but the Apple TV is a $100!! who cares.  Move the old one to the bedroom and put the new one out in the livingroom.

  • Erik Maier

    Says the Android developer to Mac nerds who actually know what they’re talking about…

  • Ricardo Morgado Ferreira
  • ddevito

    I completely agree with you – I’d still never go back (to Linux) – I haven’t used winblows personally since Windows 98 SE was released.

    But it still hurts to see OS X getting dummied up for the masses – but of course it’s also an inevitability 

  • Shane Bryson

     If you go to the preview page on Apple’s website for Mountain lion and look at the Airplay app for said OS, the picture shows the current Apple TV, so you are wrong.

  • ddevito

    Oh, so you see the robot and assume I hate Apple? wrong. Uneducated comment? wrong again.

    If you think Apple ISN’T tailoring to the “simplified” user crowd then YOU’RE the uneducated one. 

  • ddevito

    True. Point taken

  • brandon_t_davis

    I really get tired of “hardcore” Mac users getting angered of the iOSification of the Mac. I consider myself pretty “hardcore” and guess what, it’s a strategy Apple has implemented and just because a certain graphic, wallpaper, icon, app, etc is implemented on an iPhone or iPad first doesn’t make the Mac less important, it may just mean it takes a bit longer to implement on more demanding OS. It appears Apple is making a user experience where one can go from their Mac to their iPad to their iPhone to their iFuture devices and have a familiarity. What’s wrong with that? I embrace the evolution where I can hand my daughter, wife, friend, parent, etc an iPad and then steer them towards a Mac and they are comfortable.

    Change isn’t always a bad thing… if it were you’d be reading this 8 months from now on a piece of parchment after dropping you horse and buggy off at the stable.

  • CGJack

    I disagree. I like the way Apple are moving forward with OS X, especially with Launchpad, Mission Control, Mac App Store and Gestures (oh, and no stupid scrolling bars). I can see the reasons you’d dislike it, but for every feature you dislike; someone else’s day has become easier.

    Just my two cents.

  • CSMcDonald

    Mountain Lion (Puma concolor)

  • crateish

    Hard to take a Fandroid seriously. Why are you here, anyway?

  • ddevito

    What does Android have to do with OS X? What OS do you think I use to develop Android apps? I use eclipse in OS X (I also use it on Linux and my winblows work PC) – but mostly OS X 10.7.

    An Android fan can like OS X, it’s allowed ;-)

    I switched from Linux to Mac in 2007, 24″ iMac, love it. Still runs great. I then bought an iPhone 3G – YES, it’s possible for someone to use Android and iOS. I now have an Android and write apps – why is this so hard for Apple fanatics to believe?

    Why do you think I surf this site??

  • David Miller

    Or the next AppleTV will look exactly like the current one.

  • alex_heinz

    They should finally improve the graphics-engine, so game companies can start to make killer games like Dead Space and Crysis for the mac. Only gamecenter??? Is that all???
    After five minutes of playing Angry Birds or whatever with a friend on its iOS-Device you will get bored! So everyone who wants to play some REAL game will have to use bootcamp again.

  • Michael Ajoodan-Poor

    ddevito is on the money 100%, the Final cut pro saga and the lack of AppleMac updates should show us that in fact the OS is becoming more “advanced” but also being stripped of things like ….. settings …. and therefore power users will lose lots of the flexibility they need

    but tbh the OS seems to just be getting gimicky stuff that we currently rely on third parties for, which has rightly been pointed out in a newer article :)

  • Michael Ajoodan-Poor

    You are right, it is just funny to see how Windows seems to be doing the same thing. “Tiles” etc, we as power users need to just use the OS now with our software to utilise the mass of rendering ability with these machines. People seem to be forgetting that these machines are so superbly powerful ! 

    what will a normal consumer do with an i5 processor ? check their Facebook …

  • shherr

    Without an iPhone, most of these new features don’t
    make a huge difference for me. Currently rockin a dumbphone thanks to
    poverty. Annnd I sold my ipod touch (also thanks to poverty). If they made
    resume disable-able I’d be into ML. I’d be even more into it if sometime
    before the release they get rid of the leather, ripped paper, and linen

  • Ed_Kel

    Mountain Lion looks tight. I love knowing that my computer is becoming more and more versatile like my iPhone and have no problem with Apple integrating the 2 OS’s. Keep the changes coming!

  • baleara

    You can already disable Resume, can’t you?

  • bigpics

    Technology and “whither OS X?” aside (and I share some of the concerns about its evolution posted here), the “Mountain” Lion name is a clever re-use of the adding a subspecies to Leopard gambit, btw. Had they come up with it earlier, the Tiger follow-on might have well been “Bengal” to conserve the limited supply of big cat names!

  • Connor Mulcahey

    I like it, it gives each application its own identity. Though there should be a system preference to turn off all the textures of people who don’t like it. Your not the only one, many of my friends complain about it too.

  • Connor Mulcahey

    looks great though I was really hoping they would call this one House Cat!

  • bigpics

    I’ve seen it speculated that this would be priced at $29.99 a la Lion, but coming so soon on the heels of Lion, I’d hazard that as Snow Leopard was to Leopard (unless memory fails), it might be free to Lion users and $29.99 to 10.6 users (and therefore 59.98 to 10.5).

    But I just read on the Verge that Apple’s also talking up committing to a schedule of more frequent (i.e., annual) – if more incremental – updates, so maybe their goal is to extract $30/year from many pockets – or possibly $19.99(?) for each.  
    On the other hand, people are also calling Lion “Apple’s Vista,” because while it’s sold well, it’s led to more user disgruntlement (as reflected on all the Apple blog forums – often in the form of many reports of downgrades back to Snow), so it might be a one time event.  

    Having each release around for a few years simplifies learning curves, support issues, consumer clarity (i.e., is more “Apple-like” – and small feature adds can be handled by “point” releases.  Ergo, Mountain Lion may be (whatever the Reality Distortion Field is projecting from Cupertino), mainly the user experience they hoped Lion would be.  

  • JorgeMaat

    This is great!!! I can only imagine what OS XI will look like!

  • ralphtweety

    When you add your pov to interestingly and quickly forgotten facts like Apple’s dumping of one of the best industrial strength storage sysytems ever done, I begin to see a longer term road map that has Apple going so hardcore consumer that drops everything but handheld devices and iTV. Oh, I forgot the fact that they’re slowly and quietly letting their one and only tower slip slowly into the abyss. Apple’s got the resources and minds to do business and desktop well, but it get’s ever clearer to me that this is not their direction. The real threat to me in the long term is being faced with having to go back to Windows in the workplace after decades of struggling to get and keep Macs as a viable alternative.