With This Rugged Case, Your iPhone Could Go Camping Alone


The AQUA TEK S has a face even a mother couldn't love
The AQUA TEK S has a face even a mother couldn't love

Apple’s designs constantly prove that beauty and practicality can exist in the same place, but that’s clearly not the only way to do things. Take a look at the AQUA TEK S, which manages to be possibly the most practical and the most ugly iPhone case ever. It bills itself as “the first ever battery powered, solar charged, rugged under water iPhone 4/4S case on Kickstarter.”

The AQUA looks more like Silent Running‘s maintenance drone, Huey, than an iPhone case, but a case it is. The polycarbonate and rubber shell is waterproof down to 20 feet, lets you bounce the phone without damaging it and even packs in a backup battery and solar panel to keep things powered when you’re in the great outdoors (or standing in for Bruce Dern in an endless voyage across the galaxy aboard a giant domed garden).

How much for this visual monstrosity? If you pledge on Kickstarter, you can get one for $100. Wait for them to launch officially and you’ll pay $130. Of course, by then we could be looking at a newly-shaped iPhone 5.

[Thanks, Madison M!]

  • Ryan VanDenabeele

    Not sure I would love having this in my pocket, but it looks cool as hell and has great features.

  • FriarNurgle

    I could see the military buying these up. 

  • Bob Whipple

    It would be a great option for Appalachian Trail through hikers!

  • pdjjw

    Somewhere Jony Ive just threw up in his mouth a little bit.

  • r3tali8

    Love the Silent Running comments, I have to go get that now…

  • Griffincomputers

    This would be good for boaters. I may get one for Kayaking and/or fishing.

  • Andreas Haase

    Thank you the support of this product!  While it will not win many beauty contests and I suppose any Ultimate Fighter would have the same chance to be Miss America. Our product serves a purpose and that is to survive.  Thank you for supporting Snow Lizard.