Zynga’s Tiny Tower Clone Hits U.S. App Store And Employees Love It


  • Carolyn Hayes

    I was gonna download it just to give it a snarky rating: but I see many others have already done the job.

  • FriarNurgle

    F’ Zyngas

  • Andrew Leonenko

    No iPad Support…WASTE OF TIME IMO

  • mrweid

    don’t care clone no clone. it’s fun and it’s free. join me. My Dream Heights Tower Code: CSQIGGA

  • James Higgens

    Gee, I wonder what else is also fun and free…

    Tiny Tower perhaps?

  • CharliK

    crap is the word that comes to mind. they just copied Tiny Tower with their own art. didn’t improve any of things that are wrong with Tiny Tower.