Here’s What iOS Would Have Looked Like In The 80’s [Gallery]



Remember how cool Palm Pilots were back in the day, and that weird Apple Tablet thing called the Newton? Well what would the iPhone’s operating system look like if it was designed back in 1986? We were getting in touch with our feminine side on Pinterest today and found the answer. Behold, iOS 0.0.1 straight from 1986. Looks great, doesn’t it? Check out some more images below.


[via Repponen]



  • FriarNurgle

    Shouldn’t it have a little white powder on it?

  • ddevito

    Apple’s going back in time to sue themselves for patent infringement

  • James Liddy

    Someone in the jailbreaking scene has to make this as a theme now.

  • Sean Murphy

    what a stupid story, come on guys write something worth reading, please!

  • seelee

    You forgot the stylus!

  • MacGoo

    Dove into the quagmire that is iPhone custom themes for as long as I could hold my breath. Right before my eyes started bleeding, I surfaced with these “old school” themes, but nothing like that above. Looks like you’ll have to take a shot or wait a few days.

  • iDaBoss

    Someone please make this into a theme for winterboard! I would pay $2-3 for it

  • bolotohod

    Should say AMPS, not 3G : )

  • KillianBell

    As you can see from the other comments, this is worth reading to a lot of people. ;)

  • iDaveG

    Cult Of Mac, your creative team really went to town on the artwork. No really they did, it must have taken ages to google some Web 2.0 icons and turn them into gray-scale images.

  • fortninety

    Ummm, how is this a stupid story? It’s a cute little item, no harm, no foul.

  • Buster

    thanks iDaveG. But actually, see that little 
    [via Repponen] link at the bottom of the article? that means that the source of the article came from that place. Which also means that we didn’t make those cute pictures that you so easily decided to hate on. Which if you can make something better than that guy did, then we’d gladly post your super duper awesome pictures on our website. But if not, then stop hatin.

  • AlterThending

    in the 80’s there would be no movie watching on a black and white screen phone. I don’t miss those tv’s! 

  • Corey Watford

    I created this in Paintbrush 2 years ago

  • Yacko

    The screen is too white and clear. Should have a greenish cast to it and slight pixelation and blurring to be accurate.

  • Wes

    Real Journalists don’t respond to any hate that people dish out. You’re supposed to be professional at all times. I don’t disagree with you, but just ignore what anyone says and don’t stoop down. You’re making yourself vulnerable to more attacks….let us say what we want about whatever, as the “Journalist” you should stick to what you wrote and not have to defend anything. 

  • FatSquirrel

    Real Commentators don’t respond to Real Journalists responding to Hate. 

  • yahoo-IXJNJRZ75MN376SGSA2QB2P37Q

    I went there.. the first comment there is…

    ?????????????? ??? ????????? ????? 16 ??????!!! =)

    It translates to “it must have taken ages to google some Web 2.0 icons and turn them into gray-scale images.”

  • yahoo-IXJNJRZ75MN376SGSA2QB2P37Q

    Real Journalists posing as Real Commentators don’t respond to Real Commentators responding to Real Journalists responding to Hate.

  • Honyant

    Just like Finder today. :-(

  • Brandon Dillon

    As a blog, I don’t think the same rule applies. Regardless, even writers at Gizmodo reply to commenters frequently, and that is one of the biggest tech blogs on the net. Hell, there’s a tinychat where some of the editors hang with us. It’s not really a matter of professionalism. Most writers don’t respond, because they know if they respond to one, the commenters know that they are looking at the comments, and are ignoring them if they don’t respond to another.

  • Michael Dalessandro II

    wait what? you lost me.

  • John Branham

    pixelation is lacking. that’s what would make it 80s

  • iDaveG

    Dear BusterH, can I call you Buster?
    You have a point here and I do apologise if I offended the team @cultofmac. I am guessing you and the team have no sense of humour, but I assure you that no HATIN was intended.

    Also and I think a valid point, why would you accept this artwork/story if the content of the images were not correct for that time period? When in the 80’s did we have YouTube, 3G signal, etc. This has left your article open to criticism.

    Lastly –  No I could not create the images above myself, but as I work in a creative agency could get them made if I wanted to, but I would make sure the period content was correct before sending it out.

  • Abhishek Sarda

    3g in the 80s…..woah…

  • mmemichi

    Sure. Youtube with that display and in b/w! This MUST be FUN!

  • Jamie Bales

    Dear iDaveG, can I call you Dave?

    When, in the 80s (notice I used correct grammar there), did we have an iPhone 4/4S? It’s a bit of fun, stfu hatin’, bitch.

  • AndrewMclave

    thanks apple! for making products so simple to use that even the above dumb asses can have their 2cents! no really,…thanks for that!

  • liamgreen

    Would be so awesome if some released this theme out on Cydia :).