Slick New VLC 2.0 Finally Fit For the Mac


Like an ugly duckling transforming into a beautiful swan, VLC 2.0 for Mac also comes in black. Image Felix Kühne/Flickr

VLC, the cross-platform play-everything-and-we-mean-everything video client is about to go 2.0 on the Mac. And amongst all the new features is one very welcome change: A completely re-designed interface that makes it look a lot more at home on Apple hardware than the open-source v1.x ever did.

VLC, or Video LAN Client, started out in 1996 as a school project at the École Centrale Paris in France. It has since become one of the most useful video apps anywhere, able to open and play almost any video file ever made. Even if you only watch DVDs you should grab it: you’ll never have to watch a trailer or anti-piracy ad ever again. It works almost anywhere, and even existed as an iOS app for a short while.

The new video-playing window has quick access to everything you need. Image Felix Kühne/Flickr

V2.0 for Mac has reached “final design” stage, and will be available later this week at the official site. The most obvious new feature is that it is no longer ugly, with a sleek new design by student Damien Erambert. While it doesn’t exactly match the look and feel of OS X Lion, it certainly looks like a Mac app rather than some horrible Linux abomination. You can even switch between regular Lion gray or a slick black style reminiscent of some of Apple’s pro-apps.

And Lion users will be pleased to see a proper Lion-compatible full-screen option.

Under the hood the changes are legion, but it’s the new UI that has us excited, especially with its navigation sidebar which makes finding the media on your Mac and your network dead easy.

It looks so good I’m tempted to go back to watching movies on my Mac instead of my iPad.

[via Macstories]

  • Guest

    I have the iOS app on my iPhone I think it’s great I don’t have convert my avi movies into itunes but does anyone know why it was taken off the app store? I would love an update so I could use Airplay with my Apple TV with it. 

  • Emanuele Pane

    People eager to try it can download it from the dev zone at the vlc site! It’s great!

  • Aaron

    There was an “incompatibility” between the open-source license and the closed-source content. This caused a battle among the developers of VLC, so they just pulled it. If you still have it, as I do, consider yourself lucky.

    I’m glad they updated the desktop version. I hope they did some work with the multi-processor/multi-core/Core Image compatibility too. While my Core i7 hackintosh can handle decompressing a 1080p stream with one core, I would like it to be better multi-threaded.

  • Felix Kühne

    We added multi-threaded decoding for the major codecs in this release, so VLC can finally make use of all the available CPU cores!

  • Mike Rathjen

    I really, REALLY appreciate what VLC has done for the community.

    And I’m glad to see the UI finally looks nice.

    But still with the traffic cone icon? Really?

  • MoodyRiviera

    Happy to hear this. VLC makes all others look sick.

  • Daibidh

    Nicely done.  Be sure to donate to this non-profit if you enjoy the app.  It’s so easy to take for granted, I know, but if we’ll plunk down a buck for Angry Birds, I’d hope we’d be willing to throw a few these guys way.

  • Alliancemd

    “horrible Linux abomination” – seriously? In what year are you, did you see Linux now? I find Mac gray nice cause it looks clean but the design(the frame of windows, those 3 ugly close, maximize, minimize buttons…) look like a very old computer. And btw, Mac uses Linux software but with their own skin and a little bit of addition(file manager for example, they only added Cover Flow which came a few weeks later in Linux too), what’s your problem with Linux software in this case?