Retina Display iPad 3 Would Have More Pixels Than Most Macs [Chart]



We’ve heard a lot about how the iPad 3 will finally get a 2048×1536 Retina Display, but it’s easy to forget exactly how many pixels that is. The scientific answer is “a gajillion.” Heck, when the Retina Display iPad 3 ships, it will actually pack more pixels than everything short of Apple’s 27-inch iMac!

The chart above comes from cloerner, but Paul Horowitz over at OS X Daily raises an interesting point that a Retina Display iPad 3 will make an interesting challenge for developers, who will be designing their apps on Macs that will very likely have an inferior resolution to the tablet their building for.

Of course, with HiDPI “Retina Display” Macs on the horizon, that’s probably not going to be a problem for developers for very long.