In 1991, The FBI Investigated Steve Jobs’s Reality Distortion Field For George Bush



Back in 1991, according to a recently released FBI file on Apple’s iconic founder, Steve Jobs was considered for a sensitive position in the Bush Administration.

The file is quite long, and we’re reading through it now. But one thing that the file immediately makes clear is that even the FBI knew about Steve Jobs’s patented reality distortion field! In fact, it’s directly referenced in their file on more than one occasion.

Several individuals commented concerning past drug use on the part of Mr. Jobs.

Several individuals questioned Mr. Jobs’ honesty stating that Mr. Jobs will twist the truth and distort reality in order to achieve his goals. They also commented that, in the past, Mr. Jobs was not supportive of [redacted] (the mother of his child born out of wedlock) and their daughter; however, recently has become supportive.

Later, the same report says:

[Redacted] advised that he has been acquainted with Mr. Jobs since [redacted]. He characterized Mr. Jobs as a deceptive individual who is not completely forthright and honest.

Which would hardly have cut him out of a job of politics, if you think about it.

  • VGISoftware

    Wow. So few “get it” about his RDF. And they so didn’t “get it” back then, either.

  • aardman

    Comment made in error. Withdrawn by poster.

  • Gregintosh

    Damn. Steve Jobs should’ve been picked to redesign the post office. 99 cent stamps, sure, but at least it would work properly and turn a profit.

    Or better yet, head the IRS and create a simple tax system that makes you look forward to paying your taxes every year. 

  • Mathias Johnsen

    please enlighten us, then ! If you would be so kind… : )

  • CharliK

    The only thing worse than the way out of line hyperbolic headline is the “don’t miss” box in the middle of a freaking sentence. I can’t believe that no one at CoM has fixed that yet (has happened in several articles). 

  • al friede

    actually, what most people don’t know is that the usps is forced to make a payment of over $1T dollars a year to the fed govt, which in turn is why they can never turn a profit – they have to turn their profits over [read: stolen]! 

    i just found this out myself about two months ago and was like wtmf?!

  • VGISoftware

    OK, here goes. . .

    Agreements form the matrix of “reality” in the physical universe. What’s real or unreal depends upon what’s broadly agreed upon and what isn’t, respectively.

    The sad part is that it occurs to relatively few that one can indeed disagree with this group think without severe penalty. One actually HAS to in order to accomplish true invention or innovation. This “original thought” happens in a separate universe: one’s own.

    This personal universe is not only valid–it’s vital to one’s sanity, despite the psychs’ penchant to label it “delusion.”

    The trick is to keep them both separate and balanced with each other. You have to realize the purpose of and the respective limitations of each: Physical Universe: limited (though admittedly broad in scope) to mass agreement and in essence rooted in the past; Personal Universe: UNlimited by nature of the immortal human spirit, essentially independent of the PU, and in a sane person, focused on the present and future.

    Jobs impinged his personal universe–what others called his “reality distortion field” on Apple and those he worked with in order to bring into existence in the physical universe the real products he envisioned.

    At times, he pressed hard on others to break through the “group think” and beyond various agreed-upon realities in order to get them to do what they didn’t think could be done. This is NOT a bad thing–especially when those end products in the hands of Apple customers resulted in not only the current prosperity of the company, but in the enhanced lives of millions.

    His RDF also clashed with the concept of “focus groups”, which are, of course, merely concentrated consultations of this same “group think.”

    He got his ideas. He put himself in the place of the customer. He pictured how the customer would perceive and handle the conceptual product, and then went about getting others to execute that vision.

    This isn’t to say he didn’t make compromises  or mistakes. But at the end of the day, HE called the shots and was willing to live with the consequences.

    It takes BOTH intelligence and force and the constant willingness to wield both and to persist until the job is done.

    That’s my view of what has been called the RDF–an important and essential quality of the man, Steven P. Jobs. Though we never met or communicated, I’ll always consider him a friend and mentor.

  • Alex

    Or how about a more truthful headline. 

    The FBI conducted a background check on Steve Jobs for a possible presidential appointment.

    John why do you keep writing misleading headlines like this ?  You seem to do it all the time.  I’d really like to hear an answer form you …

  • ThaMayor

    Damn, this should be the “one more thing” chapter in the “steve jobs” bio, as opposed to that awful diatribe about why steve felt he was better than gates!

    Dude, who are you?

  • VGISoftware

    Just a guy with some perception.

    Though Isaacson did a yeoman’s job of SJ’s biography, it’s pretty ironic that Steve didn’t want to read it right away–and then passed without being able to! He might very well have been pissed as hell with the author’s unimaginative transcription of his sources’ collective accounts of the man, most likely with his penchant as a “Slime” hack– I mean, reporter–to pander to the “reality” of the masses in order to sell magazines.