When It Comes To iOS Apps, IT Needs To Rethink Volume Purchasing


  • m_hardwick

    Worth pointing out that VPP is only available in the states. Secondly, it does tie the apps to the accounts the purchases are allocated to (the ones who “redeem” the code), if this is a personal account and that user moves on you’ve effectively lost that app (or that is the way Apple have led me to believe it works, but without being able to test the system as I live outside the states, I can’t confirm). That still leaves the people trying to deal with an estate, such as myself, at a loss as to what to do.

    The way we’ve gone about it is giving everybody an Apple account which is tied to their work email address. We then use a corporate account centrally to purchase gift codes for users for apps we are willing to pay for. For these, we have come to terms with the fact that part of giving an iPad to a user (part of the cost if you like) is the cost of iWorks and one or two others to these users. Even though the user will hand the iPad back at the end of their contract/term the Apple account and it’s purchases will have the email address changed and be that users’ – and any apps that they want to purchase (outside of iWorks etc.) they do so at their own cost.

    For the iPads that are kept internally for specific tasks, only IT know the password and there is a “corporate” account that purchases the apps as gifts they are then redeemed on which every iPad.

    This is workable, but certainly isn’t an ideal solution.

  • ddevito

    Great article.

    Which is one of the many reasons iOS won’t dominate the workplace.

  • r3tali8

    Really, when you think about it, a lot of these apps cost $9.99 or less. More will probably be spent on office supplies and other expenses over the course of that worker’s employment. So if they walk away with a copy of Pages, not a huge loss. Usually, we just have the worker purchase apps under their personal iTunes account and get reimbursed from their departments. The morass of having two accounts (one for personal and one for business) is just too problematic. Because lets be serious; people are going to use these devices for fun stuff as well as business, it’s just easier to keep under one account. And if they leave,we keep the device anyway, so they may still own the app but now they have to buy their own device to use it.