iPhone 5 Will Get Traditional June Unveiling At WWDC 2012 [Report]



Apple broke from its traditional June unveiling for the iPhone 4S, choosing instead to launch the device at a dedicated “Let’s talk iPhone” event in October. But we may not have to wait until October of this year to see the iPhone 5.

According to one analyst, the sixth-generation device will get back its traditional June announcement at Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference in 2012.

The story comes from Daiwa Securities — via the Commercial Times — which claims that Apple’s next iPhone will get the same WWDC unveiling given to the iPhone 3G, the iPhone 3GS, and the iPhone 4. Furthermore, the company claims the device will utilize “glass to glass” touch panel technology that will be supplied by TPK Holding and Wintek.

The report isn’t a huge surprise to most, who didn’t expect the Cupertino company to make its October iPhone event a permanent fixture. Many reports circulating before the launch of the iPhone 4S last year claimed 2010’s iPhone event was simply delayed so the company could perfect its iPhone 5, which was postponed at the last minute and substituted for the iPhone 4S.

Apple is yet to announce the date of its WWDC event for 2012, but a previously leaked calendar from San Francisco’s Moscone Center suggests it could happen between June 10 and June 15. This week was held for a “Corporate Meeting,” which is the name typically used for Apple events.

[via MacRumors]

  • sn0wball

    more rumors. on another note; a pre-holiday release(like the iP4S) always made more sense to me but whatever

  • hurtle24

    What is “glass to glass”?

  • Samuel Shallenberger

    I think it should read “2011’s iPhone event” in the next to last paragraph, though I may have read it wrong

  • sn0wball

    these rumors are just that rumors. Apple won’t release a new iPhone so quick while ip4s sales are still o so strong. if apple learned anything from the ip4s launch it is that pre-holiday release bring in way more cash. these rumors negatively affect ip4s sales

  • sn0wball

    sounds like it’ll still be glass(at least in the front) and will be the same size except the screen will be from one side to the next. this will keep the same phone dimensions but with a bigger screen

  • ADimensionOfMind

    Surely they’ll stick to October now, sales have been awesome so close to Xmas and the iPhone4s is still opening in new markets as of now.  Another phone in less than five months is unlikely.  The 4s is hardly a failed product in need of a sudden upgrade.

  • larrymadill

    I’m still guessing that it will be an announcement and break out of iOS6 only with iPhone 5 to be announce Late Sept / October. Unless something in Apple’s internals suggest that iPhone 4S sales are in steep decline. 

    Or if we are about to see Tim Cook’s version of an announcement where they breakout iOS6 and iPhone 5 a couple months before release. 

  • premonition

    If its true, better for me, been stuck with my phone for a while and my contracts up in june. Also why is it hard to believe apple will release the iphone 5 in june, I mean for example, how long did Verizon have the iphone 4 before the 4S was introduced? Thats around 8 months not a year like usual, so i can see it happening again just so they can get back on their release track, most fans are use to it anyway. So lets say Oct 2011 to June/July 2012 that would be 8/9 months

  • Srose428

    Intro of next iOS, roll out tons of new enterprise support, and continued education focus.  I think the days of a new iPhone in the summer is over.

  • sn0wball

    that was dif. thats when the att exclusivity with apple ended

  • premonition

    Still wasnt a big deal when the 4S was introduced 8 months later. Plus if it were to release in june Iphone 4 users from the first launch contract would be up as well and due for an upgrade. Regardless iphone would most likely sell whenever it is released, and if it does come out this summer, i doubt people would cry…

  • ddevito

    All the iSheep are upset because they just purchased the iPhone 4.5

    HA HA – how’s it feel?

  • ddevito

    they can release a new device every month and still make MORE money. Deal with it.

  • ddevito

    they won’t release a new version of iOS again without it being on a new device. It was a mistake last year.

  • ddevito

    Bigger screen eh? I thought all the iSheep were convinced 3.5″ was plenty? Guess they were wrong, as usual.

    Just sayin

  • Srose428

    So there is not going to be an iPad 3 then?   

  • Srose428

    3.5″ is plenty but if you can fit 4″ into the same size device…now we are talking.  

  • ddevito

    there will be, but iOS will never flagship on an iPad. The next iOS will ship with the new iPhone

  • Brandon Dillon

    Obviously unsuccessful troll is obviously unsuccessful

  • Brandon Dillon

    Also, Android phones haven’t caught up to iPhone 3.5 yet.

  • ddevito

    Really? Even the great Woz said he wished his iToy did as much as his Android did.

    Learn from Woz iSheep

  • Luis Dominguez

    I don’t think it would be an iPhone event.  It will probably be a refresh of the macbook line up.

  • Rodney

    Seriously, your iPhone envy is a bit extreme even us Android people can see it

  • Brandon Dillon

    I’ve used several major Android phones in the past few years, and none have come close to providing the experience that my iPhones have. When you are a company that creates the desktop, laptop, and mobile devices, you have a level of quality control that nobody else has. One device is in sync with all the others. Android, it is a lonely OS that has different people making everything to do with it. Integration with anything is really a disappointing experience.

    Also, you have terrible manners; even for a Fandroid.

  • HerbalEd

    Is that what you “thought”? Then you are obviously the one who is wrong. 

  • Edgar Rios

    37 million people won’t buy it

  • CharliK

    I suspect so but not because of the whole Christmas thing. WWDC is the perfect place to reveal the new IOS and waiting until Oct gives developers time to update their apps. 

    I think that anything that would be spoiled by talking about IOS6 will be ‘unveiled’ at WWDC but otherwise it and the actual phones will turn up in the fall. 

  • CharliK

    The two are independent and it is more likely that the iPad will be announced and released by the start of the Back to School promo launch if not sooner (so Late May or before). and the promo might actually include a discount on the iPad for students to go with the whole textbook thing.

    The teachers in my family wish that Apple would open up that discount/promo all ages. Perhaps they will for at least a discounted iPad since they want to encourage elementary and middle school ibooks texts, leave the computers for the Grade 9 and up kids (which would be better than now which is just college kids)

  • Arturo

    I was told by someone ‘on the inside’ (at Sprint) that the iPhone 5 will be released October.  Furthermore, a certain network will have the exclusive rights for the first few months.  Just putting it out there, I have no idea myself..

  • Arturo

    I think you’re right.