Spyshots Confirm Quad-Core iPad 3 Will Have LTE



We’re all hankering for Apple to announce its iPad 3, but some lucky so and sos already have their hands on the third-generation device. One of whom has revealed photographs of its internal specifications, which confirm it will feature a quad-core processor and global LTE capabilities.

The images were provided by a source for Boy Genius Report, and were obtained from a development tool called iBoot, which provides lots of information about a device’s internal specifications. We can see these devices have the model numbers J1 and J2 (iPad 3,1 and iPad 3,2), but they’re two different devices. One of them is a Wi-Fi-only model, while the other boasts Wi-Fi and GSM/CDMA/LTE connectivity options, compatible with all carriers the world over.

Both devices boast a quad-core A6 processor, according to the images, with the model number S5L8945X. For reference, Apple’s existing A4 and A5 processors sport the model numbers S5L8930X and S5L8940X respectively.

That A6 processor make this Apple’s fastest iOS device ever, according to BGR’s source. Though there’s no word on whether or not the device features that long-awaited Retina Display.

  • ddevito

    there goes your battery life

  • Aj Tk427

    Spy shots confirm??!?!?!? ha
    How about possible spy shots elude to a quad core processor
    Do you know they’re legit? Not faked from an iPad 2? And no duh it’ll be the fastest, it will have the next chip lol.

    “That A6 processor make this Apple’s fastest iOS device ever, according to BGR’s source.”
    That’s about as smart as saying that Intel’s i7 processor is faster than Intels i5 processor, fuck I should hope so.

  • BMWTwisty

    As long as it has a 7″ screen and costs $199 I’m in!

  • 300AShareMakesMeSmile

     Well, you’re out.  The doorman never lets cheapskates through the Apple doorway.  Only big spenders are welcome.

  • BMWTwisty

    Dang!  Well it’ll at least run Flash, right?

  • Cold_dead_fingers

    Really? Because if the iPad went from 10 hours to 8 hours, who’d be suffering? That’s excluding the possibility of a bigger battery. Must have eluded your feeble mind……no, that’s impossible.

  • 5aga

    stick meet dead horse

  • joewaylo

    If it was a galaxy note based iPad, it would be $199.