Is The Best Way To Protect Your iPhone’s Display To Cover It With Tempered Glass?



What is the best way to protect your iPhone 4’s depressingly shatterable glass touchscreen? A InvisibleShield style plastic film protector? A rugged case? Wrong. It’s glass! More glass! What is this madness?

Spigen’s new all-glass protector is called GLAS.t, and they say that just another layer of glass is all that is needed to keep your iPhone scratch and crack free.

At only 0.4mm thick, GLAS.t tempered glass is easy to apply — just watch the above video — and doesn’t affect touchscreen functionality. It’s also resilient as hell, three times harder than plastic: again, watch the video above, where they try to mangle it with a box cutter to no avail. And even if the glass does break, the fact that GLAS.T is tempered means it won’t shatter, it will just separate into a handful of small pieces that aren’t sharp or pointy, and therefore can’t cut or hurt you.

Pretty amazing, especially at the price: $28, or about the price of an inferior plastic shield.

[via Gizmodo]

  • prof_peabody

    So cover your super-hardened glass screen with a slightly harder glass screen but one that shatters more easily than the original?  

    Yeah, that makes sense

  • gettysburg11s

    I am glad I am not the only one who thought this didn’t sound right….

  • Gregintosh

    If this can protect my screen and still give me the glass feel I am totally in!

  • FriarNurgle

    Might be a nice idea for my kid’s iPods. 

  • joewaylo

    Apple should buy out Glas.T and replace their iPhone glass with this type if it’s that durable. Looks like it’s more durable than Gorilla Glass 1 and 2.

  • fortninety

    I’m just curious; what are people doing that scratches up their 4/4Ss? I’ve been going without a case since day one and have zero scratches. Granted, I take care of my phone as well… don’t put it in a pocket with keys, etc.

  • Gerry Doire

    If the iPhone was made properly in the first place, it wouldn’t need all this extra protective crap, reminds me of windows needs virus scanners and all that protective crap to help it from going down like the Titanic…

  • Ronald Stepp

    What about this video was supposed to impress me?  I loved the dainty swipes they were taking, and when they actually hti it with something heavy, they cut away before you saw how the iphone stood up to it?  Really? This is the PR brainchild of who, exactly?

  • haineux

    it’s easy to replace this glass, but not easy to replace the screen itself. 

  • buggietechnica

    Yo dawg, I heard that you want to protect your glass so we put glass on your glass to protect your glass.

  • Clark Wallace
  • Clark Wallace


  • RyanTV

    I’ve used these on my DSLR screens for years. Rather than use the clunky plastic cover that always gets dust behind it, you stick on one of these and it protects the screen without messing up your view. Scratch the glass cover, just spend 10 bucks to get a new one and the camera’s screen is as good as new.

  • Luis Dominguez

    I am a union carpenter and a screen protector and case is def. needed.  A lot of people don’t work in a office situation and need that extra protection for there phones.  

  • lywell

    Seems a good idea.
    Hmm, would like to get and have a try as just got an iPhone 4S this holiday, and searching must have apps&games for it, thanks the iFunia iPhone column, gathers some nice resources for iPhone users. 

  • Sharon Peterson

    I just received my shipment of this, it feels as real glass since it is real glass as they advertise. It feels great, feels just as touching actual iphone screen. I love it! Btw I picked this up from and they offer free shipping on sgp items.

  • JoshObra

    Sometimes I put my keys and iPhone in the same pocket..

    Or when little children plays with my phone… it’s scary when they start banging it on the floor.

  • JoshObra

    I hope this is the end of Invisishield. I already went through like two sets of max protection which was like $20 a piece when it first came out and another front cover somewhere along the way, they all come off in the edges when I put a certain case or rolls right off without a case when I take it off my pocket.

    Been satisfied with $10 generic branded hard plastic covers that lasts much longer that comes with to front sets of covers from Frys.

  • Mike Rathjen

    Well naturally you protect the second layer of glass with a third layer of glass.

  • Rodolfo Obando M

    Just bought one, Since I’m from Costa Rica the whole “shipping+piece of glass super-deal” went to about $40, hope it doesn’t get lost in the way like many other items I ordered in the past. If it survives the handling process from customs I’ll be convinced that I made a good purchase.

  • Eric

    What I’m curious about is, does this glass screen protector diminish the quality of the retina display like all other screen protectors do? And what happens if u want to remove it? Is it fairly easy, without the silicon sealant affecting the screen?