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Is The Best Way To Protect Your iPhone’s Display To Cover It With Tempered Glass?



What is the best way to protect your iPhone 4’s depressingly shatterable glass touchscreen? A InvisibleShield style plastic film protector? A rugged case? Wrong. It’s glass! More glass! What is this madness?

Spigen’s new all-glass protector is called GLAS.t, and they say that just another layer of glass is all that is needed to keep your iPhone scratch and crack free.

At only 0.4mm thick, GLAS.t tempered glass is easy to apply — just watch the above video — and doesn’t affect touchscreen functionality. It’s also resilient as hell, three times harder than plastic: again, watch the video above, where they try to mangle it with a box cutter to no avail. And even if the glass does break, the fact that GLAS.T is tempered means it won’t shatter, it will just separate into a handful of small pieces that aren’t sharp or pointy, and therefore can’t cut or hurt you.

Pretty amazing, especially at the price: $28, or about the price of an inferior plastic shield.

[via Gizmodo]