Jetpack Joyride Is The Best App Ever At This Year’s MacWorld / iWorld



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9 responses to “Jetpack Joyride Is The Best App Ever At This Year’s MacWorld / iWorld”

  1. tchaten says:

    John Browniee you do know it is not MacWorld it is Macworld – big pet peeve of mine – you write for a Mac site – at least know a bit about the biggest expo/event out there for the Mac

  2. alejandrot4893 says:

    Maybe it would be the best app if they could answer why my badge scores reset randomly…

  3. ctt1wbw says:

    A GAME is the best app ever?  How sad.

  4. MacHead84 says:

    Hardly, its a good game, but there are plenty better

  5. Phil says:

    Do you guys get paid for writing these articles. I don’t think it’s a bad thing. But if you don’t you should. This is a perfect way to make money. Every time you guys post an article about an app I go and download it. Thanks for showing me flipboard.

  6. MacHead84 says:

    You take CoMs advice on apps…..hope ya aint run off and buy the battery fix they were drooling over 3 days ago…

  7. bethangeles1979 says:

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  8. Phil says:

    Nah, I only download the free ones or if they are really interesting. There was an interesting app called launch center that I wanna look into. 

  9. Michael Robinson says:

    Congratulations to the winners. We’re very happy to be involved creating award plaques.

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