Can Apple Earnings Still Surprise Wall Street?



What sort of numbers should Apple report later today for the first quarter of 2012? The third quarter surprised all analysts as Apple announced a rare under-performing quarter due to the late introduction of the iPhone 4S. Stung by that rebuke, professional analysts are offering conservative projections for the first quarter of 2012. This sets up a classic pros versus independents cliffhanger.

The consensus forecast of institutional investors for Apple’s quarterly revenue is $39.23 billion, slightly above Apple’s $37 billion guidance finance head Peter Oppenheimer issued in October. Professional analysts also expect Apple will have sold 30 million iPhones, 13.62 million iPods, 13.29 million iPads and 5.09 million Macs.

By comparison, independent analysts are expecting the Cupertino, Calif. company will announce $43.14 billion in quarterly revenue, higher than both the pros and Apple. Indy analysts are also forecasting 33.35 million iPhones, 14.63 million iPads, 14.43 million iPods and 5.24 million Macs sold during the quarter.

Apple announces the actual figures later today, after the markets close.

  • ddevito

    Maybe if they didn’t spend billions of dollars on all the patent trolling perhaps they’d have a bit more cash on hand.

    Just sayin

  • DaReality

    Coming from a “Proud Samsung Galaxy Nexus owner”…..
    You steal much?

  • ddevito

    You don’t see Google suing Apple for adding pull-down notifications, OTA updates, wireless sync, voice recognition, etc – do you?

    Who’s stealing from who iSheep?

  • chabig

    Maybe Google isn’t suing for those things because a) they aren’t patented, or b) they’re licensed.

  • agusta675

    i am sure that idiot is looking for something to come back with.. i like competition but the only reason i don’t support Google is cos they really are the biggest IP thief in the market and has no respect for any other company..

    To ddevito (brainwashed f*ck) follow the link below and you might find some reality of whats really goes in the court room and stop trolling..