Ditch Mobile Web And Load Pages In Their Entirety Using Dolphin For iPhone [iOS Tip]


  • MacHead84

    Plenty of browsers have desktop mode….or many sites now let you choose which you want to access even in safari. But as far as Dolphin Browser goes I always found its way to responsive at pulling up the side menus at the slightest of touch. Got to annoying for me, had to delete. Now I just stick with Safari

  • iDaBoss

    Most third party browsers have this option. I alternate between Atomic Browser and Dolphin, and I’ve also tried Mercury.

  • PaintTheSkyGrey

    I used to use Dolphin as my main browser, but I’ve just been having too many issues with it lately. I realized that Mobile Safari was greatly improved in iOS 5, downloaded some tweaks (Jailbroken) for it, and haven’t looked back.