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iDesk: The Ultimate Home Office Concept For Apple Lovers



Microsoft’s super expensive Surface table doesn’t have anything on the iDesk, a stunning concept by the editors at MacLife and illustrated by Adam Benton. The iDesk’s Minority Report-like interface would allow you to sync your iOS devices by simply placing them on the table. Not only that, but the whole desk could serve as a trackpad. Talk about gestures.

MacLife explains:

The desk could sync with your Mac or potentially have a Mac built in, perhaps with a portion of the desk’s surface angled upward to serve as a display. Tactile keyboards could likewise be replaced by a digital touch-sensitive version (endlessly configurable to your preferences for individual apps), and any part of the desk’s surface could be cordoned off as a trackpad area. Files could be transferred easily between Macs, iPhones, iPads, and so on by sitting the devices on the desk and swiping file icons across its surface from one device to the other. Shared files could be passed between coworkers via digital inboxes, designated digital “trays” that collect documents sent from other iDesks. And of course, the desk would wirelessly sync to your iCloud account to keep calendars, contacts, and other data updated across all your gizmos.

You could even skin your desk’s look to match your office. Like the look of woodgrain? Change the iDesk’s theme. Want to work on top of a constellation? There would be a theme for that too. Trippy.

(via 9to5Mac)