iPhone Users Get “Samsunged” For Not Choosing Galaxy S II & Free Turn-By-Turn Navigation [Video]


Did you choose to purchase an iPhone over the Android-powered Galaxy S II? Well, congratulations. Like many of us here at Cult of Mac, you’ve been “Samsunged!” 

In its latest ad for the Galaxy S II, Samsung shows off its free turn-by-turn navigation software while taking another swipe at iPhone users who wait in line for a device “that looks like last year’s phone.”

It’s the same approach the Korean electronics giant took with an ad back in November, which also mocked iPhone users for waiting in line for a new device. But I wonder what Samsung’s smartphones would be like now without the iPhone. They are simply refashioned replicas, after all.

And I wonder whether Samsung is a little jealous that customers don’t wait in line for its own devices.

What do you think of Samsung’s approach in its latest Galaxy S II ads?

[via 9to5Mac]

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92 responses to “iPhone Users Get “Samsunged” For Not Choosing Galaxy S II & Free Turn-By-Turn Navigation [Video]”

  1. Sergiy Tatarchuk says:

    > wonder whether Samsung is a little jealous that customers don’t wait in line for its own devices
    Knowing Android 4.0 is not coming to Galaxy S II I think they even don’t think about their customers.

  2. ppanah says:

    the point is that people are READY to stand in line for hours to get their hands on the real deal, the iPhone. As in all the other crappy replicas and ripoff phones no one stands in line for, because they are simply not that attractive and wanted by people. Simple.

  3. Ton Verhees says:

    pathetic, try to smash others into the ground to get higher themselves. If you want have better sales samsung…. don’t copy Apple or you will be just have the secondary iPhone 

  4. techgeek01 says:

    Android 4.0 IS coming to the GSII.

  5. Guest says:

    Yes, Of all my even paid Gps apps on myiPhone: Navigon, Tom Tom and others that none of them are better work than free google turn by turn on my wife’s GSII

  6. Corey L. Robertson says:

    Um, Mapquest for Mobile is free on the App store, and has turn-by-turn navigation, text -to speech, and will lower the volume of your iTunes Track to alert you, then turn it back up. Just sayin’…

  7. Guest says:

    There is no reason to get iPhon4S from As an iPhone4 owner why should I upgrade to a 4S? Same looking same OS no LTE speed and I am heavly depend on Google’s Gmail, calender, picassa g+ etc. NOW all I want is a Galaxy Note read reviews on Amazon.com, you like you iPhones than stay sample as that.

  8. Al says:

    I downloaded, er, two free turn-by-turn apps for my iPhone on the first day I got it.

    And I didn’t queue outside of any store.

  9. Jonathan Ober says:

    I think it’s funny how this ad portrays the Apple fans…looking like artsy beat-necks…I have a ton of Apple stuff and Im not an artsy unshaven knit hat wearing fat sit on the sidewalk for hours slob…So I wait outside to pick up the iPhone…least my wait is for something I actually want to use. I have tried out the other devices in the stores and they don’t feel great, in my opinion to hold in my hand and use. The UI doesn’t intrigue me to use the devices, just confusing layout and animations of things to try and ‘one up’. So the iPhone 4s looks like last years, honestly there isn’t much they can do with a rectangle to make it ‘different’. And I think the 4/4s have the best look of the iPhone yet.

  10. Jonathan Ober says:

    Galaxy user had to punch directions in to his phone to get to an Apple Store that was obviously on a main street…maybe Galaxy users aren’t that bright either…

  11. Guest says:

    Galaxy Note that’s all I want! Love your iPhone than no need to switch if you are fine without no speedy LTE, small screen

  12. gnomehole says:

    I’m surprised Samsung had an original idea and didn’t copy the “I’m a PC, I’m a Mac” commercials.   Then again some ad agency did this for them… 

    I think its only effective to the people who wouldn’t buy Apple anyway.

    I know a lot of people that have gotten Samsung’d by their Samsung phones… bummer for them.

  13. Jason Allen says:

    I’ve just bought a plasticy cheap feeling phone with a laggy OS.. . Oh wait I’ve been Samsunged

  14. techgeek01 says:

    After playing around/using a 4S and SGS II, SGS II is a far better choice. (Galaxy Nexus and Note can be included in that as well).  The displays on the Samsung Phones are just beautiful, and the larger displays just make it even better.  Apple’s retina displays are not as good as Samsung displays.  Besides that, the phones are crazy fast. Nothing lags at all.  Also with 4G connection, if you are on the go, surfing the web, uploading a photo, downloading a file is far faster on one of them.  And once getting used to it, you really can’t go back to the slower 3G on the iPhone.  Yes, the choice of materials may not be as premium as the iPhone, but far more durable.  Drop the iPhone, pretty much screwed. (Known way too many people with shattered iPhone 4 and 4S) Drop the Samsung phone, you’re are not, unless you did something really stupid.  And software wise, the Samsung phones (Nexus, note, GSII) are amazing as well.

    iPhone 4S is a good phone, but hands down the SGS II, Galaxy Nexus and Note are far, far ahead.  Samsung Galaxy S II is turning, shortly, 1 year old.  And for a one year old phone, It’s one of the best phones out there. And, with the Samsung Galaxy S III coming out within the next month or two, the bar is going to get raised even further. HD display, far faster Exynos CPU, faster 4G connectivity, NFC, far better camera (looking at a 16MP sensor), far better battery life; this phone will be a beast.  There may have been a time where the iPhone was indeed better and innovating, but that time has gone.  Samsung has passed Apple and never has looked back. 

  15. FriarNurgle says:

    It’s a clever commercial, but it will not change the minds of people who are willing to stand in line at the Apple store. Regardless it also wont change the minds of true Android fans either and the people in the middle are uneducated consumers who don’t care and will get whatever the sales reps at the store tells them… also isn’t MS offering cash incentives to sales reps to push the Windows 7 phones?

  16. Luis Dominguez says:

    I can tell you this feature is one I really miss when I had Android.  Googles nav. is by far the best nav. and is integrated in the ui very nicely.  There are a couple of GPS apps in the app store but none come anywhere close to Google Nav.  Hope Apple has something in the pipeline for this in the future.

  17. David Matthew Morin says:

    P.S. That is not an actual apple store in Austin, Texas. Again, Samsung lying to the masses. And btw not all apple users are hipsters. 

  18. AppleKilledMobileFlash says:

    Did you try licking your SGS II. I’ll bet it tastes better than the iPhone, too.  We don’t need or want any cheaply-made and fragmented Android smartphones, thank you.

  19. Blake Schnitkey says:

    There is more to a phone than navigation – most of my cars have a GPS unit either built in or installed (like many cars these days), so I’ll take the lack of that and keep my iPhone’s amazing OS, non-shoddy hardware, and better overall user experience. Not having turn-by-turn navigation is a pretty crappy reason to want a Galaxy S….but, I suppose it’s the only crutch they can stand on in a sea of crappy Android devices.

  20. Christina Polonia says:

    i like the GS2 better ive had the iphone 4 loved it but once i switched to the GS2 it was over for me love the big lcd screen, has basically all the same apps the iphone has, its super fast, and you can do alot more on that phone then the iphone 4

  21. barBEARianS says:

    “far, far ahead” & “far better” should be left to comparisons like…let’s see…I dunno…comparing walking to New York versus flying to New York.  Yes…it’s “far better” to fly to NY than to walk there.

    But saying your android phone has “far, far, better” anything is completely wrong.  Your phone isn’t teleporting you anywhere and it’s not predicting any winning lotto numbers for you.  Here are your advantages:  you run widgets on a slightly bigger screen.  And information that any widget you get can easily be obtained on my phone through an app.

    So please, phandroids…can you stop with the “OMG, why would anyone buy iCrap when an android phone is far, far, FARRRR BETTER!!!!!”

  22. marcomeneghello says:

    Really, who cares?
    I will not buy a Samsung Galaxy after this ad.
    These ads target only Samgung owners, not new customers.

  23. techgeek01 says:

    Cheaply-made?  Just because it’s made out of plastic that makes it it cheaply made?  You do realize that the plastic that is used to make the Samsung Galaxy S II makes the phone FAR MORE DURABLE than the iPhone?  Drop your iPhone, unprotected on concrete, it’s gonna shatter.  Drop your Samsung Galaxy S II on concrete, at the most it will have a minor scratch or two.  Yes, your glass may be made out of a premium material to my plastic cup, but once dropped, your glass will be a thousand pieces over the floor while my plastic cup will be undamaged. Phones live a rough life.  They have to be durable.  Yes, you can be like several of my friends who put these big honking cases to protect their iPhone, but have you seen them? size wise, they are a size of a brick! The case more than doubles the size of the phone! Fragmented?  Fragmentation exists everywhere you go, not just the Android world.

  24. lowtolerance says:

    The commercial GPS apps(for iOS or Android) are leagues better than Android’s stock Navigation app, which can easily leave you in a bind if you lose signal. Still, it would be nice if Apple included a decent navigation app. Maps is worthless.

  25. ramunasbl says:

    I’ve been using 4 Android phones in a raw trying to convince myself that it is the best OS for a phone one could get. However, poorly updated and supported OS, after some time of using continuous errors when updating apps or even inability to update ones because of various errors made me sick of Android and now I am happy iPhone user. I am not talking about syncing an Android devices with Apple computers which is almost impossible to do without swearing.
    How durable is Android new users will see after one year of usage. In one year an Android device will look like a scratched piece of crap with paint coming out even on the places where it seams was no paint at all. I am telling this not because I am an iPhone fan, but because I know it from real life.

  26. Eric M Bleau says:

    Paid turn by turn Nav apps??  ummm MapQuest app is FREE and works great. Turn by Turn Nav and voice prompts.

  27. cyberb0b says:

    I love the way people always claim they can do so much more with their Android than they can with the iPhone; yet the never really qualify what that is exactly other than widgets and icons. Plus, there are so many iterations of Android running around out there, you really have to tell us the hardware and what version of Android, and what which manufacturers “skin” is on top of it. That being said, you may be able to do far more with your new Android that some poor sucker who bought his two months ago can do because his hardware is now outdated and he’ll probably never see more than one update if he’s lucky. 

  28. cyberb0b says:

    Just in time for the hardware to be outdated.. yay… Oh, and why not share with us the exact time frame it’ll get the update, and which carrier will and will not push it out, since unlike iOS, updates must be “carrier” approved with the exception of the Nexus series.

  29. Charles Langerher says:

    Because nobody knows where they are. Ever. And they need to be TOLD when to turn. All the time.

    Maybe someone who travels a lot needs turn-by-turn navigation, but that’s what in-dash navigation systems are for.
    Even then, I travel once or twice a year on average, and I can always find my way with the iPhone’s maps. That’s an accomplishment too, especially since the streets in downtown Seattle are confusing as hell.

  30. Nonnu says:

    The iPhone and the Galaxy are two great phones.
    But Samsung has got a point “waiting in line” to BUY a phone? Get real.
    I love Mac, I love the my iPhone, but this herd mentality is really weird for me. I mean: you’re waiting in line to fill a Corporation’s pockets. It jut silly. And Samsung is just showing (in their bad or good, way) how brainwashed those people are. 
    I say it again, I love my Mac and my iPhone, but the rest… people waiting in lines, jumping up and down, exited and drooling for a PHONE… there more important things to wait in line then that.

  31. cyberb0b says:

    It’s only a better choice for you. If you like it fine, but don’t try and sell your FAR better choice opinion. You may think LTE is the shit but for many of us, we’d rather have a battery that can last the day than to download a email at 30mb. You also can’t’ compare the SG3 which has not been released to existing iOS hardware. I can almost guarantee you that the iPhone 6 will be better than your GS3.. duh. 

    Go back to the goofan forums fanboy..

  32. cyberb0b says:

    Google maps are shit because of the cheap GPS radios that the manufactures stick in their cheap ass hardware. I can’t remember the last Samsung device that was released that didn’t have serious GPS issues. 

  33. marcomeneghello says:

    I agree with the first part: it’s silly to wait in line for a phone.

    But Samsung is not pointing to that. Samsung is trolling Apple lines because there aren’t Samsung lines. I bet that Samsung would love to show long lines of people begging for a Samsung phone. That’s not happening, it’s just that.

  34. marcomeneghello says:

    I paid for a Nav app about 3/4 years ago and I’m still using it. That’s why I like Apple iPhone: every cent I spent on App Store is worth even now.

  35. ddevito says:

    Yeah but the iPhone appeal is the experience right? That is what iOS fans tell me.

    If the iPhone had it and Android didn’t don’t tell me you wouldn’t gladly point it out to Android fans.

  36. lowtolerance says:

    It isn’t just Samsung, either. I’ve owned phones by Samsung, HTC and LG and all of them had GPS issues to varying degrees, with LG being the worst by far. GPS would actually freeze the phone(which was a cheap-o Optimus, to be fair) frequently, which required a reboot, and then the Navigation app wouldn’t remember my last location, so you had to re-enter the address and wait forever(Google Navigation is really, really *slow*, too). This is a royal pain-in-the-ass, to say the least.

    There isn’t much point in having a GPS if it’s not reliable. You might as well just print off the directions before you head out.

  37. ddevito says:

    You want a list. Chew on this iSheep:

    Can you unlock an iphone with
    your face? Nope.

    Can you surf the web with LTE
    speeds on an iPhone? Nope.

    Can you get turn-by-turn GPS
    directions on an iPhone? Nope. Still can’t.

    Can you install widgets on a
    home screen on an iPhone? Nope.

    Can you view movies in HD on an
    iPhone? Nope.

    Can you install apps from the
    web onto your iPhone? Nope.

    Can you sideload apps from
    anyplace outside the app store on an iPhone? Nope.

    Can you always have access to
    the same navigation buttons no matter which way you turn an iPhone? Nope.

    Can you video chat over 3g\LTE
    on an iPhone? Nope.

    Can you video chat over 3G\LTE
    with up to 9 people at once on an iPhone? Nope.

    Can you have all your media
    stored in the cloud without a cap restriction that was taken on your iPhone?

    Can you unlock the bootloader on
    the iPhone? Nope.

    Can you install custom ROMS on
    an iPhone? Nope.

    Can you configure the kernel to
    change the speed on an iPhone? Nope.

    Can you run live wallpapers on
    your iPhone? Nope.

    Can you develop apps for free on
    an iPhone? Nope.

    Can you develop an app without
    getting approval from Apple that doesn’t cost a dime on an iPhone? Nope.

    Can you use Swype on an iPhone?

  38. lowtolerance says:

    Why don’t you drop your SII facedown on concrete and let us see the results?

  39. Nonnu says:

    Sure there aren’t Samsung lines. So what?
    Apple sell 2 or 4 phone models. Samsung sells 10 or 20. who cares? In the end of the day Samsung users and iPhone users, love their phones.
    This is more of a “fan base discussion” then ti is a “corporate” one.
    And this is not new. Advertising in US has always been more permissive then on other countries.
    Remember this:
    and this

  40. ddevito says:

    Do you always talk out of your ass?

    GPS chips work great on any android phone. Okay, you don’t like Android. Fine. But stop talking yourself into believing Apple is king of everything

    iSheep iSheep iSheep
    Blind Blind Ignorant

  41. ddevito says:

    Google maps are shit. Right. That’s why its been built into iOS from the beginning.

    Are you seriously that ignorant or just severely stupid?

  42. ddevito says:

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

    Best. Phone. Ever.

  43. ddevito says:

    iPhones are smartphones for dummies. I guess there are a lot of stupid people in this world.

  44. ddevito says:

    does your car’s navigation system update itself (for free no less) with new maps? Does it automatically re-route you if you lose a signal? Does it automatically have saved maps that you saved from your computer? Does it have 3D layers in cities?

    I didn’t think so

  45. lowtolerance says:

    GPS chips don’t work great on any Android phone. That’s a fact that is backed up by every tech blog out there. 

    You don’t like iPhone? Fine. But stop talking yourself into believing that Android gets everything right. BOTH platforms have faults. If you could admit that, then your opinions here would hold a lot more credibility. RIght now, you just look like a defensive jackass.

  46. ddevito says:

    You’re a blind fool. Android has faults but turn-by-turn navigation just isn’t one. I’ve owned or tested the phones listed below and all locked in immediately. The only phone that didn’t in my experience is my wife’s Droid Charge- but a software update fixed it.

    Motorola Droid
    Droid X
    Droid X2
    Droid Bionic
    Droid Razr

    And now the Galaxy Nexus has a barometer which now is used to detect altitude. It’s insane how fast and accurate it is.

    So no I’m not talking out of my ass or defensively. Like I said, we all have tastes and preferences but 95% of the time you iSheep are intolerable.

    And I’m here to spread the truth. When this site and its blind ignorant iSheep stop spreading falsities I will leave.

  47. lowtolerance says:

    Worst. Fanboy. Ever.

    Seriously, man… It’s disgusting.

  48. marcomeneghello says:

    This is a nerd-only list, do you know that?
    Normal people really don’t care about all that stuff.

    Really, should I buy a phone because i *know* that a nerd could “configure the kernel” or ” install custom ROMS” on it?

  49. techgeek01 says:

    Matter of fact, that has been done already. Unlike the iPhone, which completely shatters, the display on the Samsung Galaxy S II barely has a scratch. Isn’t that suprising, your cheap plastic made phone is far more durable than your premium materials made iPhone! 

  50. ddevito says:

    Deal with it. The iPhone is a great toy for people who don’t know how to use a phone.

    2 year holds can master the iPad – and that’s great. But when I sheep say Android is too complicated it makes me chuckle.

    Why can’t you sheep accept that the Galaxy Nexus is a great phone. Android 4.0 proves Google is serious.

    Prior versions had issues I don’t disagree. But the game’s changed.

    And I’ll stop the trolling when the iSheep aren’t so blindly ignorant anymore.

    Until then:

    Galaxy Nexus. Best. Phone. Ever.

  51. lowtolerance says:

    I’ve owned four Android phones, and all four have had GPS issues. You can call me a blind fool all day long, I don’t give a shit, and it doesn’t contradict my experience with Android in any way, nor does it make your experience outweigh my own.

    The Nexus One, which had several issues related to GPS, ranging from inaccurate location to a failure to initialize the GPS radio. This was never really fixed by Google or HTC.

    The Samsung Galaxy S, which made GPS in the Nexus One look good in comparison. Did you forget about GPS-gate?

    The LG Optimus V, which had the freezing issue I mentioned above. This was never fixed.

    The Samsung Galaxy SII, which is my current work phone and which you seem to be so disgustingly obsessed with, needs to be reset about once a week with A-GPS in order to lock in properly. This is supposedly a firmware issue.

    You’re not spreading “truth”, what you are doing is confusing your own experience with Android with actual facts. There is a difference, but I don’t expect a fanboy to be capable of making the distinction. 

  52. Harvey Lubin says:

    When the guy in the commercial with the Samsung phone brags about his free navigation app (which is no big deal, and not as good as Navigon or other real navigation apps), the people in line should ask: “Let’s see your Siri AI”, “Let’s see your AirPlay”, “Let’s see your malware-free app store”, “Let’s see you upgrade your Android OS a year from now”, etc., etc. ;-)

  53. Karolis Makrickas says:

    Too bad, there is no Tom Tom on Android :) And speaking about USA – you don’t have 5 bars like 80% of the time. You can’t use Google Maps when you driving.

  54. Karolis Makrickas says:

    @Jurassic:disqus ddevito – You are in idiot :)

    Can you unlock an iphone withyour face? Yes (you can find app in Cydia)! Can you unlock Android with your face? NO! We so this on presentation, this function don’t work :) 

    Can you surf the web with LTE
    speeds on an iPhone? Just by LTE modem, and cary in your pocket. And.. mhm :) You know, that Android phones with LTE will dry battery like after 15 minutes of using? 

    Can you get turn-by-turn GPS
    directions on an iPhone? There is like 20 apps for that. And OH! We have TomTom! Where is TomTom on Android? And how you navigate with your turn-by-turn when you don’t have connection? :D 

    Can you install widgets on a
    home screen on an iPhone?Yes, cydia. But only idiots use widgets. 

    Can you view movies in HD on an
    iPhone?It was possible on the first iPhone in 2007 using VLC! Man your idiot or what?

    Can you install apps from the
    web onto your iPhone?All apps comes from the web :) You don’t have to buy CD idiot ;)

    Can you sideload apps from
    anyplace outside the app store on an iPhone?Usually we don’t need viruses, or trojan horses. Apps, that call paid numbers so that you can get $2000 bill. But if you like – cydia, Installous and etc.

    Can you always have access to
    the same navigation buttons no matter which way you turn an iPhone?There is only one button on iphone. And he’s in the same position no matter how you turn your phone. Something wrong with your brain :)

    Can you video chat over 3g\LTE
    on an iPhone?Skype, idiot!

    Can you video chat over 3G\LTE
    with up to 9 people at once on an iPhone?Once again! Skype, but you can also make Facetime work on 3G, just search in Cydia.

    Can you have all your media
    stored in the cloud without a cap restriction that was taken on your iPhone?

    Yes, just buy NAS drive, attache it somewhere and you will have your personal cloud. Try Buffalo Link Station Live.

    Can you unlock the bootloader on
    the iPhone? Yes, if you are not idiot. There is no software unlock, but you can do it hardware.

    Can you install custom ROMS on
    an iPhone? Yes, it’s IPSW files! You can add fucttions from 5.x to first gen iPhone. Google before saying stupid things.

    Can you configure the kernel to
    change the speed on an iPhone? You really believe you can do that on Android? MAN it’s only numbers, and all iphones work withou lag. You don’t have to fix them :)

    Can you run live wallpapers onyour iPhone? Yes, and it was in 2007

    Can you develop apps for free onan iPhone? YES! Idiot :D

    Can you develop an app withoutgetting approval from Apple that doesn’t cost a dime on an iPhone? YES, CYDIA!

    Can you use Swype on an iPhone? YES!

  55. SupaMac says:

    why does everything always have to be some sort of rivalry? It’s annoying as shit. Why can’t people just enjoy what they bought without having to tell someone else how much better or worse their phone or device.

    honestly, most people don’t really give a fuck except for the fanbois on either side

  56. SupaMac says:

    about 90% of that list was wrong

  57. Harvey Lubin says:

    Wow, there sure are a lot of “dummies” in the world (about 200 million). It’s nice to know that you are the one intelligent person that everyone can rely on.


    The definition of insanity is thinking everyone in the world is insane, except for you.

  58. SupaMac says:

    You can whine all you want, but you aren’t going to change anyone’s mind on this website fanboi

  59. SupaMac says:

    This commercial highlights one of the biggest problems with phones running the Android operating system. It comes pre-loaded with a bunch of crap apps that you don’t need or want.

    If one really needs a turn-by-turn direction app (an app that clearly hinders the innate human prowess), then just download one.

  60. Karolis Makrickas says:

    In fact – you can upgrade all navigation system in cars. And 3D layers in cities was before Android. And you don’t have to save maps from your PC, you have all of them. 

  61. Karolis Makrickas says:

    At that time Apple thought that Google is her friend, and did a favour – uploaded their shity maps. Now Bing is like 10 times better

  62. Karolis Makrickas says:

    GPS sometimes don’t work on Android at all! Google man! Use google

  63. Karolis Makrickas says:

    All Android phones lags by default. It’s how they build! OK! I dosn’t lag in begining, but just open 10 apps in background and try to work then :) 

  64. Karolis Makrickas says:

    that video is fake :) Everybody knows that, except you :) ha ha! If you drop facedown iphone everything will be ok. The only one way to destroy gorilla glass – to drop on the side and maybe like 10-20 times.

  65. Karolis Makrickas says:

    Keep telling that yourself :) In Barcelona Samsung will announce S3, and only that phone will have 4.0

  66. lowtolerance says:

    Not only are you attacking a straw man, but you are every bit as arrogant, self-righteous and blindly ignorant as the iSheep you complain incessantly about.

    I can accept that the Galaxy Nexus is a great phone. It is, without a doubt, one of the best phones ever made. I haven’t played extensively with ICS, but it’s undoubtedly a step forward. Personally, I think ICS(and Android in general) is ugly as sin, trying way too hard to be “futuristic”, but at least it is pretty easy to customize, if you’re into that. I’m not.

    The iPhone 4S is also a great phone. It is, without a doubt, the best phone I’ve ever owned. It performs really, really well and does practically everything that I need for it to do, though I do wish it had a stock navigation app.

    You may not like Apple or the iPhone or iOS, but on some level you have to understand that its just a matter of personal preference, not a competition.

    When you speak in absolutes like “apps NEVER crash on Android”,  “GPS works great on ANY Android phone”, or “Best. Phone. Ever.”, you are exposing yourself as a fanboy. These are not objective facts(though you probably believe them to be), they’re just perverted opinions based on your overly-emotional reaction to a product.

    You are the product of successful marketing. Congratulations, sucker.

  67. David Walker says:

    If the Galaxy S II is such a good phone why is it stuck with Android 2.3 for life?
    With Samsung, like most Android phone makers, you have to be willing and able to root your phone if you ever want an OS upgrade.
    Eric Schmidt’s claim that everyone will be developing for  ICS by June isn’t going to come true. Look what happened at CES. 20 brand new Android phones, all of them running 2.3. Google may be looking into the future, but unless and until they can get the manufacturers and carriers to join them developing for Android will always be about last year’s OS.

  68. techgeek01 says:

    All Android phones lag by default.  You must have not played with any of the high end ones.  They don’t lag.  Well, no more than your iPhone lags. 

    But if you have x amounts of programs running, naturally anything will run slower.  Same has having 20 applications open on a mac.  ;)

  69. techgeek01 says:

    Oh my dear friend, I have friends who have had their iPhones shattered because their phone accidentally fell on the sidewalk, once.  That being said, I have friends who have accidentally dropped their android phones MULTIPLE times on the same material and the most they have is a scratch. 

  70. Harvey Lubin says:

    In reality, Samsung and other Android phone manufacturers are getting “Appled”.

    Reported in the news today:

    Consumer Intelligence Research Partners finds some 36 percent of consumers buying the iPhone 4S between October and December 2011 were abandoning other platforms, such as Android or the BlackBerry. CIRP’s latest figures indicate an increasing number of consumers were picking the new iPhone over other platforms, with the percent rising over time. The 36 percent of platform switchers has doubled from the firm’s previous figure of 18 percent.

  71. lowtolerance says:

    What is amazing to me is that there are STILL phones being sold with Froyo or even Eclair. Google needs to have some standards in place to keep manufacturers current, otherwise they just end up cannibalizing their own marketing efforts — it doesn’t matter how awesome ICS is if no one is willing or able to put it on their phones. ICS came out three months ago and how many phones have it right now?

  72. imajoebob says:

    Congratulations all you suckers who waited in line for hours to get Green Day tickets.  I didn’t wait behind anyone for my Gary Glitter tickets (and got a really “boss” fanny pack as a bonus!)

  73. imajoebob says:

    Yeah.  Only dummies buy the best phone with the best OS and the best infrastructure.  It takes a real genius to buy your most important communication device that comes with a fractured, buggy, under performing OS without a reliable support system.  (Hello, Google? I have a problem with my Android phone.  Hello?  Hello??)

  74. imajoebob says:

    True.  EVERYONE seems to be able to master using the iPad.  Too bad almost NO ONE can master the Android Tablets, and the ones who can end up spending all their time making it work right. That is to say, make it work like an iPad.

  75. imajoebob says:

    Give it up. Go away.

  76. techgeek01 says:

    The Samsung Galaxy S II is NOT stuck with 2.3  It WILL be upgraded to ICS.

    Here is how it goes: Google makes update.  update rolls to manufactures. Goes to carrier and then lands on your phone. Naturally, it will take some time, especially when it is known that carriers hold back software updates. 

  77. Ian Ku says:

    I and many others I know didn’t have to wait in line for the iPhone 4S.  And we got it the same day as everyone else when it came out.  I do agree that just like there are Android/Samsung fanboys, there are also many Apple/iPhone fanboys.  I personally have nothing against the Galaxy, it’s a much improvement from it’s predecessors.  And if I really believed it is a better phone than the iPhone, for what I need it to do, I would most certainly own one.  But in MY experience with side by side comparison and testing for what I need from a smartphone (using my friend’s, who by the way is now thinking about switching to an iPhone 4S…but that’s another story), the iPhone wins considerably.  I don’t believe ANY device is worth camping out for.  Unless of course the first 100 people get the phone for extremely cheap or better yet, FREE.  ;-)

  78. Ian Ku says:

    Very true.  Even after copying the look of the their phone, their commercials, their marketing strategy, even hiring the same actor for their commercials, they still can’t get people to switch over.  lol

  79. Peter says:

    Consumer Intelligence Research Partners finds some 36 percent of consumers buying the iPhone 4S between October and December 2011 were abandoning other platforms […]

    Another way to look at that is that 64%–a pretty good majority–of people buying the iPhone 4S already owned iPhones.  So that number, by itself, is useless.  How does that compare with people buying Android phones or Windows Phone 7? 

    Note they also don’t mention the percentage leaving Android vs. the percentage leaving RIM.  They just combine them into one number to make it bigger.

    Personally, while I have (and like) an iPhone 4S, which was upgraded from a 3GS, I love those Samsung ads.  I think they’re pretty entertaining, poking fun with stereotypes.  “I can’t buy Samsung–I’m creative.”  “Dude, you’re a barrista.”  Absolute classic!

    I love how many of these people who loved the “I’m a Mac” ads and berated those who got bent out of shape over them are now whining because they’re the targets.  I think they’re funny–just like the “I’m a Mac” ads–and that there’s a small amount of truth in those ads that is getting overblown in a fun way–just like the “I’m a Mac” ads.

  80. Joshua Bryant says:

    Where’d you get best from? Last time I checked Android owns 48% of the smarthphone market compared to iOSs 27%. That’s purely an opinion you are trying to pass off as fact. I own an iPhone 4. It’s at home, on my shelf, collecting dust with no charge. Why? Because in my opinion, I’d rather use an Android 2.3.6 powered SGSII than an iOS5 powered iPhone 4. It’s just a better experience to me. And Jurassic, enjoy those iCloud features while they last. Motorola is suing Apple for their implimentation of cloud service, and Motorola is likely to win. Not so original anymore, huh? Get off your high horses. You just got Samsunged.

  81. ddevito says:

    the definition of insanity is expecting a different iPhone every year, only getting the same one.

  82. ddevito says:

    the definition of insanity is expecting a different iPhone every year, only getting the same one.

  83. kyle_gibson says:

    The chances are that the poeple who actually know and care enough about an update in OS version will root their device (not that difficult) and flash newer versions made by private devs anyway. There are some promising ICS betas for pretty much every android phone thats capapble of running it right now.

    – Former iphone 4 owner now using HTC Inspire running on ICS <3

  84. kyle_gibson says:

    Chances are the people who care that much about an update WILL root their devices. It really isnt that hard. Most cases it’s as easy or easier than jailbreaking.

  85. kyle_gibson says:

    No you use the actual “Navigation” app thats preloaded on every android device and is intended to be used inside a car. And no you dont always have great signal but phones now almost always use actual GPS hardware, not the data connection and cell phone towers to triangulate your positions.

  86. imajoebob says:

    Android owns 48% of the smartphone market?
    Quote: “That’s purely an opinion you are trying to pass off as fact.”

  87. Gigi_Extreme says:

    “and not as good as Navigon or other real navigation apps”: Care to back up that claim? It has the same features offered on most standalone GPS units, and it’s built into all Android devices, not just Samsung ones. It pre-caches routes, can avoid tolls and highways, has all the usual points of interest (gas, parking restaurants, etc.), has multiple display layers (satellite, traffic, etc.), supports different travel methods and speaks turn-by-turn directions.

    “Siri AI”: You mean relatively useless and niche voice assistant? Android has those too, like Speaktoit, only Speaktoit can do more useful things like interact with 3rd party apps and update statuses, and understands more languages and accents than Siri, and works in more locations than Siri. It can also seamlessly integrate with the turn-by-turn navigation mentioned above.

    “AirPlay”: You mean DLNA? Yep, Samsung devices have DLNA and the Galaxy S2 also has HDMI out.

    “Let’s see your malware-free app store”: The only difference between app market security is that the App Store gives users a false sense of security, even though malware has gotten through Apple’s screening process before. Android users don’t get malware unless they download shady, hard-to-find (unless you’re looking for porn) apps or sideload pirated apps from some foreign blog. Let’s see your exploit-free browser (Safari and Safari mobile are the quickest-to-be-exploited browsers at Pwn2Own competitions, whereas Google’s software has yet to be exploited).

    “Let’s see you upgrade your Android OS a year from now”: This entire argument is useless, as the platforms have a completely different update process. Apple works on iOS updates for their recent devices (then they release buggy software with battery drain issues and Siri stripped from all but one device). Google works on Android versions for recent Nexus devices (since they’re the only devices Google works on) and releases them when they’re done, then releases the source code. Now every manufacturer has access to source code for Nexus ROM’s, and they must write their own ROM, kernel, drivers, modems, frameworks, etc. for their own hardware, proprietary interface stacks, customizations, carrier specifications, etc. Having a lot more devices on the market and quicker update cycle, they weigh their options on device launch software and device updates accordingly, since it takes time to make their own update after Google releases source. Most popular and capable devices are kept up to date by manufacturers and devs (my almost-2-years-old Galaxy S is running a stable build of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich).

  88. Gigi_Extreme says:

    Actually, Android has over 50% of the smartphone market.

  89. Gigi_Extreme says:

    You don’t need 5 bars to use the Android Navigation map. It works like any standalone GPS system.

  90. Gigi_Extreme says:

    So buying a GPS-capable phone shouldn’t come with a GPS-capable app? Why does the iPhone come with email and alarm apps then? Not everyone uses them, so you should just be forced to download some ****ty 3rd party ones instead.

  91. Cpt_Slim_Jim says:

    That outdated hardware already trumps the iPhone 4S.anyway.

    It isn’t Androids problem with the delays, its carriers who put their bloatware.

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