iPhone Users Get “Samsunged” For Not Choosing Galaxy S II & Free Turn-By-Turn Navigation [Video]


Did you choose to purchase an iPhone over the Android-powered Galaxy S II? Well, congratulations. Like many of us here at Cult of Mac, you’ve been “Samsunged!” 

In its latest ad for the Galaxy S II, Samsung shows off its free turn-by-turn navigation software while taking another swipe at iPhone users who wait in line for a device “that looks like last year’s phone.”

It’s the same approach the Korean electronics giant took with an ad back in November, which also mocked iPhone users for waiting in line for a new device. But I wonder what Samsung’s smartphones would be like now without the iPhone. They are simply refashioned replicas, after all.

And I wonder whether Samsung is a little jealous that customers don’t wait in line for its own devices.

What do you think of Samsung’s approach in its latest Galaxy S II ads?

[via 9to5Mac]