Run Windows Apps On Your Mac With Wine [Video How-To]



Even though OS X supports more and more applications every day, there’s still some software out there that can only run on Windows. That’s where Wine comes in. Wine is a free application that allows you to run many Windows applications on Mac OS X. While it’s not flawless, and it doesn’t support all applications, it’s pretty neat, and can be helpful if there’s a certain piece of Windows software out there that you really need to run on your Mac. Heck, it even runs Minesweeper. In this video I’ll show you how to get Wine up and running, as well as how-to convert Windows applications into OS X apps.

You can download wine here.

Here are some apps that work with Wine.

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20 responses to “Run Windows Apps On Your Mac With Wine [Video How-To]”

  1. Robert Ballard says:


  2. peterkirk369 says:

    I think only my kids would try to play this Minesweeper in my Mac.  Nuts and Bolt will be fine then, strategy game for my kids.

  3. Michael Steeber says:

    you could run high end games, or even extensive Windows applications on here. It’s not just limited to old games. 

  4. Ryan Wien says:

    Awesome video. Can you please share where you downloaded that sweet desktop wallpaper from?

  5. vanmacguy says:

    You can get it from here:… , you need to register. I downloaded a zip file with a bunch of different sizes and resolutions in it. It’s awesome.

  6. Jreshow says:

    Wish I could get it to work for spadesters

  7. Dillon Schultz says:

    could this possibly run windows 95?

  8. Michael Steeber says:

    no, it can only run windows app, not the OS.

  9. martinberoiz says:


  10. Honyant says:

    Bootcamp needs you to buy a copy of Windows and this doesn’t.

  11. poppa1138 says:

    I used whine on Linux,did not realise you can use it on OSX..

  12. RyanNesbitt says:

    Im looking to run steam on linux using wine and i dont have
    do i need windows to run windows apps on linux using wine or do i not?

  13. Mitchell Busby says:

    Use VMWARE fusion or virtualbox.

  14. Matthijn says:

    Wineskin is imho much better than WineBottler. Wineskin can be used with any Wine version of your choosing, even custom compiled ones.

  15. Dan Wellman says:

    I love macs

  16. Dan Wellman says:


  17. Mike Rathjen says:

    Bootcamp actually works for all applications whereas Wine pretty much works with Minesweeper and 14 other applications you don’t care about.

  18. Marce Castro says:


  19. Honyant says:

    If you have one Windows program that you need to use and you can get it to run in Wine then it is both cheaper and more convenient. Being able to run it within OSX is much better than having to turn off the computer , restart in bootcamp, run program, turn off computer, restart in OSX. As you suggest ,it may not run in Wine but if it does you are much better off.

  20. KhaledsCorner says:


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