Apple Is Working To Revolutionize Batteries In Time For LTE iPhone 5



Two of the reasons Apple’s iPhone is yet to adopt LTE connectivity is that existing LTE chips are just too large for the iPhone’s slender form factor, and they eat up so much power your new iPhone 4S wouldn’t even last the six hours that you currently get if it was hooked up to an LTE network.

However, a new Apple patent application reveals that the Cupertino company has already set about revolutionizing its batteries to make them thinner and more efficient — possibly making way for LTE connectivity in the iPhone 5.

Future iOS devices and even MacBooks could benefit from better battery life thanks to revolutionary batteries built up of electrode sheets of varying dimensions. The batteries could lose their traditional rectangular shape in favor of a custom design tailored to the device.

For example, your new iPhone could feature an L-shaped battery that fits in around its components, providing greater capacity and better efficiency.

Apple’s patent, which was discovered by Patently Apple, includes a number of battery designs in all sorts of shapes and sizes. In one example (above), Apple uses an iPad to demonstrate a battery that fits behind the device’s bezel and extends all the way around the edge of the device, leaving the entire center open for the device’s other components.

Not only do the batteries save space inside each device, but they could allow for thinner, lighter devices that maintain the lengthy battery life we’ve become used to from iOS devices and MacBooks.

[via iDownloadBlog]

  • recyclops117

    That was exactly my thought, make the battery into anyshape to fill up any and all unused spaces. It doesnt have to be a rectangle

  • Erik

    Is there a reason the community is still calling this an “iPhone 5”? It’s an iPhone 6… Why would they release their 6th model and call it a 5? 

  • Matt Staggs

    I have been saying that all along. Its like they are saying they should have named the iPhone 4 the iPhone 3.

  • Erik


  • prof_peabody

    Three things:

    1) “your new iPhone 4S wouldn’t even last the six hours that you currently get …” my iPhone lasts considerably longer than 6 hours and always has.  Try 8 or even 10 hours.  

    2) Quite a stretch to take a story about batteries and claim it’s actually to do with LTE. 

    3) It’s “the 6th gen iPhone” or “6th iPhone”or “iPhone 6” *not* “iPhone 5.”

  • Al

    Great article.

    I wondered for many years why no one has done this before.

    I guess since Apple keeps the same basic design for many years, in only one model, they can invest $$$ in this sort of thing. On the other hand, other companies release ten or so different models each year, meaning the custom shape would have a limited lifespan and a limited market, making it impractical cost-wise.

    At this time, only Apple is positioned to pull this off, if they choose to do it.

  • Katie Karla

    Does anyone have any idea when the new phone might come out?

  • recyclops117

    iPhone 4S is the 5th gen iPhone. iPhone 3G was the second gen iPhone your logic doesnt make sence

  • recyclops117

    He meant 6 hours if you had LTE
    Read it carefully

  • venasque

    iPhone.  iPhone 3G.  iPhone 3GS.  iPhone 4.  iPhone 4S. 

    Why wouldn’t they call the next one the iPhone 5?  It doesn’t have to do with it being the 6th phone.  It has to do with what makes sense to the GENERAL PUBLIC. 

    You two are Apple nerds (like myself) so you know the generation history.  The general public are not.  People know the most recent is the 4S.  They will expect the next to have a 5 in the name, not a 6.  If they released it with a 6 then too much time would be spent explaining why it’s the 6th and that how not iPhone 5 was ever even made.  That is a marketing failure. 

  • Daibidh

    Why would they release their 5th model and call it a 4s?

    Leaping from 4s to 6 seems equally odd regardless of which generation phone it is.  Personally, I think they may decide to return to the idea behind “iPhone 3G” and name it something more descriptive like the “iPhone LTE” or similar.

  • Erik

    Fair argument. I just think it’s more likely for them to stick with the correct model number rather than call a 6th model a 5.

  • Erik

    Your spelling of the word sense doesn’t make sense.

  • Erik

    I couldn’t disagree more. Going with your general public theory, jumping from an iphone 4 to an iphone 6 would be a marketing win to the average dumbdumb who doesn’t know anything. 6 is even more awesome than 5 according to everyone I’ve ever talked to. 

    I see your point though, but I really will shit bricks if they call it an iPhone 5. I’d bet everything that they won’t. 

  • recyclops117

    One freakin mistake you got the point why the hell does it matter god damn

  • venasque

    Well I’m not arguing that 6 is a better number than 5, just that jumping from something with 4 in the title to something with 6 in the title will cause confusion among those that don’t follow the news that closely. 

    I can already imagine myself having the same conversation with multiple people, explaining to them why it’s 6 and not 5.  I think it’s that exactly issue Apple would want to avoid.  It’s wasted time and energy that could be spent on talking about how cool the phone itself is. 

    Still I don’t really care about the name to be honest.  More the specs.  I’ll be ready to upgrade next fall and I’m looking forward to it, whatever it’s called.  I don’t really understand why you’d be so angry if it was called 5.  “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose.  By any other name would smell as sweet.”

  • liam go

    Why did they call their 2nd model the 3G?

  • marcwitteveen

    The existence of shapeable batteries is out there for a couple of years… it’s very strange that apple will get a patent for this, let alone the shape of the batteries.

  • Daibidh

    Because it had 3G connectivity.  The original iPhone was then nicknamed the iPhone 2G because of its 2G EDGE only capability.  The third generation iPhone, the 3GS, included the “s” for speed.  So technically, the only iPhone named after its generation number was the iPhone 4.

    Considering that 4 out of 5 times Apple has named the iPhone after something other than its generation number, my bet is they come up with something different than iPhone 5 or 6.

  • alucia

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