SoulCalibur Now Available In The App Store For iPhone And iPad


  • Blake Beavers

    wayyy too much for this seeing as how the Xbox Arcade version is $10 and has more features and better graphics, and Soul Caliber 5 comes out in 10 days…

  • Elsic1975a

    Sure, but it’s Soul Calibur in your pocket. That’s just…wow! Already unlocked all the characters. Here’s hoping multiplayer and mission modes are added in soon.

  • PaulJohnsons

    Thanks for helping me out. I’ve decided to use
    nightmare. So far he is an excellent character choice, and I Found some
    armor that suits him perfectly. Thanks again for all your help.

  • Mystakill

    Typical Namco over-pricing.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see them add in-app purchases for additional content (characters, levels, etc.) which wasn’t in the original, or appears in subsequent SC games.  Taito and Konami are both guilty of over-pricing and in-apping as well.