Finally: A Free Mac App For All Your Meme-Making Needs [Review]



Then you should get Meme Generator from the Mac App Store

It's software: you know, for kids

It like makes memes and shit

Make all the memes!

It's free on the Mac App Store dammit

Obligatory Forever Alone ending etc

Unhelpful High School Teacher: Hands up if you like memes!

Advice Dog: Then you should get Meme Generator from the Mac App Store.

Tech Impaired Duck: It’s software. You know, for kids.

Scumbag Steve: It like makes memes and shit.

X All The Y: Make all the memes!

Business Cat: It’s free on the Mac App Store. Dammit.

Forever Alone: Obligatory Forever Alone ending etc.

  • waynerod

    Sweet! If I had a mac, I’d definitely get it!

  • GH

    And this is why I don’t read this blog anymore..

  • Leiryv

    And now all I need is ragecomic generator for mac

  • jaathan

    haha love this!

  • TrifleTrifle

    What are Meme-Making needs? Don’t understand. What is this App and what good for is it? I don’t see for what to use this thing. What is it all about ?

  • Kate

    Unless you go to Reddit, you wouldn’t understand.

  • Kate

    It’s about time the Mac has an easy way to make Advice Animals.

  • Kate

    Obviously you are reading it…

  • Alexander Colombo

    Ironically, I got this app for my iPad 2 today right before I read this article. It’s great, don’t get me wrong, but it somehow has only 3 stars. It does deserve more, because it lets you choose from 50+ different memes, plus images from Camera or Photo Library. I recommend it, personally.