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ION Guitar Apprentice Transforms Your iPad Into An Axe-Shredding Beast



Photo: Cult of Mac

I’m undoubtedly the least musically inclined person I know, which makes me furiously jealous as I watch my guitar playing friends pick up a guitar and serenade girls à la John Mayer. I need to learn how to play guitar, which is why I’m excited about this new iPad guitar accessory we came across at CES.  Ion Audio, makers of the iCade iPad arcade machine, unveiled their newest accessory that helps users perfect their guitar shredding chops on the iPad, so that even those of us without musical talent can look cool playing guitar.

The Guitar Apprentice is a full-size guitar iPad accessory that snuggly holds your iPad in place while docked to a 30-pin connector. With a lighted fretboard, users can follow the LEDs to learn how to pluck notes and strum chords just as rockingly as Slash himself. There’s a built-in speaker with volume control so kids can annoy their parents in the middle of the night with their riotous playing, or plug in to the headphone jack for silent practice.

Even though Guitar Apprentice comes with its own app with built-in effects, it’s also compatible with dozens of popular iPad apps, including GarageBand. We’ve seen some amazing videos of users shredding on the iPad, so we’re curious to see what kind of awesome, face-melting guitar riffs we’ll be introduced to once the Guitar Apprentice hits stores.

Guitar Apprentice is just one of many music learning app-and-controller accessories that Ion Audio is introducing to the market. Their Piano Apprentice and Drum Apprentice accessories were receiving a considerable amount of attention at CES and the company is currently developing accessories for other instruments as well. Availability for the Guitar Apprentice is expected for later this year at a price tag around $100.


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